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1. Additive manufacturing synthesis method to form a component comprising a metal matrix nanocomposite, the method comprising the steps of:

- Reactive plasma ignition in the chamber preferentially on a Me powder bed, where the Me powder is a metal comprising powder and simultaneously applying an electrostatic potential of several 100 eV in the melt zone via the build platform

- Laser rastering on the powder bed to cause molten pool formation very locally

- Electrostatically driving reactive gas ions X+ as for example (N+, 0+, Si+, B+, and/or C+) into the molten pool with an energy of several 100 eV.

- Causing chemical interaction between the molten feed stock and reactive gas ions to form ceramic compounds such as carbides, nitrides, oxides, and/or silicides insitu for example by the following reaction path way: {Me (I) +X+ (g) --> MeX (s)},

- Solidifying and thereby forming the metal matrix composite with nanoscale dispersion.

2. Method according to claim 1 , characterized in that the laser power and or rastering speed and/or bias voltage is tuned to influence plasma reactivity and/or hydrodynamic forces and/or fluid recirculation pattern of the molten feedstock to cause nitride precipitates break down preferentially to nanoscale before the liquid pool solidifies.

3. Method according to one of the claims 1 and 2, characterized in that reactive gas ions X+ are N+ ions.

4. Method according to one of the claims 1 to 3, characterized that Me is Ti and/or Al or a mixture thereof.