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A01B 33/08
PCT/JP2015/073788KUBOTA CORPORATION 株式会社クボタYAMAJI Ippei 山地 一平
Provided is a skid apparatus for a rotary tiller capable of removing straw or grass from the surface of a field. The rotary tiller is provided with: a rotating shaft that rotates about an axis; a plurality of tiller blades attached to the rotating shaft; a rotary machine frame that supports the rotating shaft at one end and the other end, in the axial direction; a skid provided on the lower part of the left-side part and/or the right-side part of the rotary machine frame; and a guide tool provided on the front part of the skid. The skid has a main body part, and a front skid part having an inclined shape that inclines upward towards the front from the front end of the body part. The guide tool is formed in the shape of a mountain that becomes thinner toward the front, is affixed to the front surface of the skid front part so that the ridge line is vertical, and forms, on the tiller blade-side surface of the guide tool, a guide surface that guides straw to the tiller blade-side.

C04B 24/32
PCT/CN2015/082417KZJ NEW MATERIALS GROUP CO., LTD. 科之杰新材料集团有限公司JIANG, Zhuojun 蒋卓君
An ether polycarboxylic acid slump-retaining agent and preparation method thereof, the preparation method comprising: performing esterification with an unsaturated carboxylic acid and/or anhydride and an unsaturated carboxylic acid hydroxyl ester to prepare a difunctional monomer. Compared with a method for preparing the difunctional monomer by performing esterification or amidation with a diamine or diol and alkenyl acid, the preparation method of the present invention prepares the difunctional monomer only via a unilateral esterification reaction, the reaction being easier to carry out and faster.

G06T 7/00
PCT/JP2015/004013KUDA, Yasuhiro 久田 康弘KUDA, Yasuhiro 久田 康弘
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a fingerprint authentication system, a fingerprint authentication program, and a fingerprint authentication method that are capable of high speed processing. A fingerprint authentication system 100 comprises: a hierarchy of index data including a plurality of tiers (n + 1); a registration unit 400 which registers fingerprint data FD as fingerprint data TFD according to the index data; and a verification device 600 which verifies given fingerprint data FD against the registered fingerprint data TFD according to the index data. Since the fingerprint data TFD can be divided into groups, it is possible to increase processing speed even if the number of individual pieces of registered fingerprint data TFD is large.

B01F 3/08
PCT/JP2014/075340WORLD BUSINESS CO., LTD. 株式会社ワールドビジネスMATSUO Masayuki 松尾 正行
Conventionally, mixed fuels produced by adding an emulsifier to a fuel oil and water not only are expensive because of the high cost of the emulsifier but also are milky-white and do not look to be fuel oils. In order to eliminate such problems, provided is a device wherein: water to be mixed is pretreated in a water softening part (2), a water purification part (3), and a water ionization part (4) to make the water strongly alkaline and have a negative value of oxidation reduction potential, and this water is sent to a mixing part (7); an oil to be mixed is pretreated in an oil ionization part (5) and a potential impartation part (6) to make the oil positively charged and have a positive value of oxidation reduction potential, and this oil is sent to the mixing part (7); and in the mixing part (7), the water is negatively charged and sprayed and the oil is positively charged and sprayed so that these sprays join each other to mix the water and the oil. The mixed liquid is in a microemulsion state and has the same color as the original oil. A cost reduction is attained because of nonuse of an emulsifier.

B05D 3/00
PCT/JP2015/064412NIPPON PAINT MARINE COATINGS CO., LTD. 日本ペイントマリン株式会社KAJI, Hirokazu 鍛治 弘一
 Provided is a method for forming a dry coating film on the surface of an object to be coated, the method including: a step for setting a dry coating film thickness T of 300 μm or higher; a step for preparing or using a colored coating that contains at least a binder resin and a colored pigment, the colored coating satisfying the conditions that (a) a flaky pigment having an average particle size of 10-300 μm, an average thickness of 2-50 μm, and an aspect ratio of 2-100 is also contained, (b) the flaky-pigment content is 5-45 vol% in the coating film-forming component, (c) a coating film having a film thickness T covers the surface, and (d) the color difference between a coating film of film thickness T and a coating film of film thickness 0.7T is 2.0 or greater; and a step for applying the colored coating until the surface is covered. Also provided is a coating used in this method.

G06Q 30/02
PCT/KR2015/008021KANG, Chan Go 강찬고KANG, Chan Go 강찬고
The present specification discloses an online market service providing apparatus and method, which can perform, with a purchaser's terminal, a price haggling game through which a price discount coupon can be acquired. The price haggling game is aimed at making a score which is matched to particular points or falls within a particular point range while points are sequentially lowered from start points. The online market service providing apparatus according to the present specification may provide a price discount coupon when the purchaser wins the game. Here, according to the purchaser's selection, the purchaser may purchase a product for a discounted price using the coupon or may replay the game. When the purchaser wins the replayed game, the purchaser can acquire a coupon having a higher price discount rate.

7. WO/2016/035490 THROWAWAY TIPWO10.03.2016
B23B 27/14
PCT/JP2015/071765SUMITOMO ELECTRIC HARDMETAL CORP. 住友電工ハードメタル株式会社TOMODA, Yuji 友田 裕士
Provided is a throwaway tip equipped with a diamond-containing blade section and excellent chip-processability. The throwaway tip is provided with a main body and a blade section provided on the main body and having a cutting edge. The blade section comprises at least 80 volume% of diamond. The blade section comprises a land surface extending along the cutting edge and a chip breaker with a recess located on the side opposite the cutting edge when viewed from the land surface. The side surface of the recess has a slanted surface that recedes continuously as distance from the land surface increases and has the same shape as a portion of the side surface of a solid of revolution.

C08F 283/06
PCT/CN2015/081810KZJ NEW MATERIALS GROUP CO., LTD. 科之杰新材料集团有限公司FANG, Yunhui 方云辉
Disclosed is a low-temperature method for preparing high-adaptability ether polycarboxylic acid water reducer. The method comprises the following steps: formulating unsaturated carboxylic acid, unsaturated sulfonate, unsaturated phosphonic acid, a chain transfer agent and water into a mixed solution A; formulating reducing agent C and water into a mixed solution B; adding unsaturated polyoxyethylene ether, buffering agent and water into a reaction vessel; adjusting the reaction temperature to 10-40 ℃, adding an oxidant at one time, and dissolving by stirring; respectively and simultaneously dropping the mixed solution A and mixed solution B; at the end of the dropping, adding 0-0.5 parts of reducer D at one time, continuously reacting for 1-2 hours; and adding 10-20 parts of 30wt% sodium hydroxide solution to neutralize, thereby obtaining the polycarboxylic acid water reducer. The method of the present invention is simple. The prepared water reducer can have high dispersibility by low doping amount. The low-temperature high-efficiency reducer is introduced to implement low-temperature polymerization of the polycarboxylic acid, thereby enhancing the conversion rate of the product..

9. WO/2016/024428 CHUTEWO18.02.2016
B65G 11/16
PCT/JP2015/064855SUMITOMO METAL MINING CO., LTD. 住友金属鉱山株式会社GOTOU Tetsurou 後藤 徹朗
Provided is a chute that achieves a longer service life by improving wear resistance. A chute (1), which is installed at a downward incline to a conveyor (50) that transports objects (g), is provided with a retention means (10), which retains a portion of the objects (g) that fall from the conveyor (50), on the sliding surface of the chute (1). The retention means (10) has a storage section (13) formed into a lattice shape by a combination of a plurality of vertical crosspieces (12) that extend in the longitudinal direction, and a plurality of horizontal crosspieces (13) that extend in the width direction of the chute (1). Since the retention means (10) is lattice-shaped, an appropriate quantity of objects (g) that have fallen from the conveyor (50) can be stored and retained so as not to slip off, so there is little occurrence of retained objects being replaced by other objects. Thus, the retained objects themselves function as a sacrificial cushion material over a long period of time and can prevent the occurrence of points of wear/damage on the chute (1), thus decreasing repair frequency.

B62D 25/20
PCT/JP2014/071052HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. 本田技研工業株式会社ICHIKAWA, Shuji 市川 修司
A vehicle body (20) includes: left and right rear side frames (21, 22) located at the left and right ends of the rear section of the vehicle body and extending in the front-rear direction; a rear end cross member (25) extended between and joined to the rear ends of the left and right rear side frames (21, 22); and a cross member (24) extended between and joined to the left and right rear side frames (21, 22) at a position in front of the rear end cross member (25). A first longitudinal member (26) and left and right second longitudinal members (27, 28) are extended between and joined to the cross member (24) and the rear end cross member (25). The first longitudinal member (26) is located at the center in the width direction of the vehicle. The left and right second longitudinal members (27, 28) are located between the first longitudinal member (26) and the left and right rear side frames (21, 22) and are formed in an arch shape such that the center portions of the left and right second longitudinal members (27, 28) in the front-rear direction protrude upward.

Results 1-10 of 29,370 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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