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1. Electro thermal fuse, comprising a tubular casing (1) consisting of electric insulating material, which is on each of its terminal portions (1 1, 12) closed by a cover, which is also functioning as a contact member (1 10, 120) consisting of an electric conductive material, which is suitable for integration of the fuse into each disposable electric circuit, while an electric conductor (2) is inserted throughout the passage (10) within said hollow casing (1) and is during the normal operation of the fuse, namely when the electric current is allowed to flow through said electric conductor (2), via at least one soldered contact (3, 3') electrically interconnected with said contact members (1 10, 120), but is in the case of the electric overload within said circuit and generated heat and consequently melting and interruption of said at least one soldered contact (3, 3') displaceable away from at least one of said contact members (1 10, 120) by means of a spring (4), by which the electric current through the fuse is then interrupted, characterized in that said tubular casing (1) consists of ceramics, and each of said contact members (1 10,

120) is furnished with at least approximately centrally arranged throughout passage (1 1 1, 121), so that the electric conductor (2) is inserted through said passages (1 1 1 ,

121) within said contact members (1 10, 120) and is by means of solder (3, 3’), which is located on the external side of the fuse, firmly and electric conductively connected with each of said contact members (1 10, 120), wherein said conductor (2) is in the one terminal area of the fuse extended and ended with appropriate thicker portion (20), so that a spring (4) is placed around said conductor (2) and is inserted between said thicker portion (20) and the belonging contact member (120) with said solder (3’), and wherein the residual volume within said passage (10) in the casing (1) of the fuse, namely the area between said conductor (2) and the casing (1) as well as between said contact members (1 10, 120), is filled with a pre- determined quantity of arc preventing filler (5) of the basis of properly granulated silica.

2. Fuse according to Claim 1, characterized in that said conductor (2) is a wire consisting of copper and having a pre-determined circular cross-section.

3. Fuse according to Claim 1 or 2, characterized in that a washer (6), which is suitable for supporting said spring (4), is inserted between said spring (4) and said thicker portion (20) on the conductor (2).

4. Fuse according to anyone of Claims 1 - 3, characterized in that said spring (4) is a compression helical spring.

5. Fuse according to anyone of Claims 1 - 4, characterized in that said quantity of filler (5) on the basis of properly granulated silica is determined in such manner, that the volume of the filler (5) as such corresponds to approximately 90% of the whole disposable volume around the conductor (2) within said passage ( 10) within the casing (1).

6. Fuse according to anyone of Claims 1 - 5, characterized in that the melting point of said solder (3, 3’), which is foreseen for connection of the conductor (2) with each corresponding contact member (1 10, 120), is adjusted within the range 105 - 1 15°C.