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Arrangement f*σr manoeuvering of a part in a game
The present invention refers to an arrangement for manoeuvering of a part, eg a player, in a game, eg a sportgame, such as
hockey, soccer, tennis, boxing i.e.

The purpose of the invention is to achieve an effectiv turning and moving of the player simultneous with a reduced turning
resistance and friction against the playground.
Two prefered embodiments of the invention, according to the
above mentioned purpose, are described in the following in
connection with the attached drawing, fig. 1-4.

15 Fig 1 showing a complete manoeuverarrangement including a
hockeyplayer and a non magnetic playground SP. Fig. 2 a plan- view of the magnet disc MB-2. Fig. 3 in larger scale the magnet disc MB-1 according to fig.l. Fig. 4 an alternative embodiment of the magnet disc MB-2 in fig. 1. The main disc MA-2 is
20 combined with another disc MA-3 to raise the magnetic power.

In fig 1 and 2, S is a player with a stick K, connected to the upper magnet disc MB-1. Lower magnet disc MB-2 with connected
manouverstick MS for direct handmanoeuver by the playing
25 participant, cm central magnets, m outer magnets, with the
central magnets cm in contact with the playground but the outer magnets free above the playground. The distance A may be 0,2
mm. In fig 3, m-R is outer magnets and cm-R is a central
In fig 4. MA-l,MA-2,MA-3 consisting of magnetic susceptible
material, eg iron. SF connection part for the players foot (in dotted lines) .
35 FUNCTION: By preferably direct handmanoeuver of the manoeuver- > stick MS the player S can easily be moved over the whole
playground SP and also be effectively turned for shooting a
puck or a football i.e.

40 The invention hereby descriebed must not be limited to the
showed examples, but rather include varations, combinations or
applications which will fall within the scope of the claims.