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1. Apparatus for playing a competitive business game of (simulated) entrepreneurial/mathematical skill, comprising a plurality of imitation money notes in a plurality of denominations, a plurality of different
coloured (preferably p.v.c.) money wallets, a matching number of matching coloured smaller (preferably p.v.c.) envelopes, and a pack of (preferably 48) cards. Printed on one half face of each card is a different illustration (or picture) of a "wealth producing business element", or "MONEY SPINNER" (i.e.
a picture depicting either business personnel, or materials, or plant, or property, etc., associated with commercial offices, factories, or the
building trade), printed in the middle of the other half of the face of each card is a plural number (or multiplying factor representing the productive value of each card), and also printed on one, two, three, or four sides of the multiplying factor, is a coloured dot which is either, a green dot, or a blue dot, or a red dot, corresponding to whether the illustration is directly associated to an office, a factory, or building trade respectively.
2. Apparatus as described in 1., but instead of, or in addition to the use of dots on the cards, a coloured multiplication symbol x is provided on the face of each card.
3. Apparatus as described in claims 1. and 2., but instead of, or in addition to coloured dots, and/or multiplication symbols, an additional symbol (for the benefit of people who are colour blind) is provided,
comprising of a circle for factory connections, a square for office
connections, and a triangle for building trade connections, the said symbol being printed around the multiplication sign, or beside it.
4. Apparatus as described in claims 1., 2., and 3., but on all the cards bearing an illustration of a business capital asset (such as business property, plant, vehicles etc.) the letter "R" is printed to denote the work "RETAINABLE".

5. Apparatus as described in claims 1., 2., 3., and 4., but
cards illustrating either land or property, i.e. factory buildings, office buildings, etc., the letter "M" to denote the work "MORTGAGEABLE" is printed on the card.
6. Apparatus as described in claims 1. to 5., but in addition there is provided a plurality of clear polythene sleeves that slip snugly over a card (described in claim 1.), on which is printed the work "MORTGAGED".
7. Apparatus as described in all the above claims, but in addition, there is provided a cardboard box provided with a 'vacuum formed' plastic
compartmentalized tray for wasy access during play as well as storage of all the apparatus that make up the game, and also a lid, the inside face of which is provided with the printed rules and instructions on how to play the game, and the outside adorned with printed illustrations showing different cards that are supplied with the game, preferably in typical combinations that are used during a game.
8.. Apparatus as described in all the above claims, except that instead of paper imitation money notes, there is provided plastic erasable slates to record in writing the amount of money at any time in the possession of each of the players.
9. Apparatus as described in claims 1., 2., and 6., except that instead of imitation paper money, plastic tokens or poker chips in various
denominations are provided.