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1. (WO2015111375) FUEL PUMP MODULE

Pub. No.:    WO/2015/111375    International Application No.:    PCT/JP2015/000073
Publication Date: 30-jul-2015 International Filing Date: 09-ene-2015
IPC: F02M 37/10
F02M 37/00
F02M 37/22
Inventors: MUKAIDANI, Akiyoshi
向谷 晶吉
AOYAMA, Yasuhiro
青山 康宏
 A flange (20) has a plate part (21) and a cylinder part (22) extending cylindrically from the outer edge of the plate part (21), the flange (20) being provided so that the end of the cylinder part (22) on the side opposite the plate part (21) is positioned inside a fuel tank (1) and an opening (3) formed in the vertically bottom side of the fuel tank (1) is closed off. A fuel pump (30) is provided on the inner side of the cylinder part (22) of the flange (20). A filter (40) has a flat first filter part (41) provided between the plate part (21) and the fuel pump (30), the first filter part (41) being connected to an intake part (31) of the fuel pump (30) so that the surface direction is parallel to the plate part (21), and a flat second filter part (42) the outer edge of which is connected to the outer edge of the first filter part (41), the second filter part (42) being formed integrally with the first filter part (41). The filter (40) is formed so that the angle (θ) formed by the first filter part (41) and the second filter part (42) is a prescribed angle.