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2. (US20170034592) Sequential delivery of advertising content across media devices

Número do pedido: 15219264 Data do pedido: 25.07.2016
Número de publicação: 20170034592 Data de publicação: 02.02.2017
Número da concessão: 09980011 Data da concessão: 22.05.2018
Tipo de publicação : B2
G06Q 30/02
H04N 21/81
H04N 21/258
H04N 21/41
H04N 21/442
H04N 21/45
H04N 21/845
H04N 21/414
H04N 21/44
H04N 21/2668
G06Q 30/0251
G06Q 30/0275
H04N 21/25866
H04N 21/25883
H04N 21/25891
H04N 21/2668
H04N 21/4126
H04N 21/41407
H04N 21/44016
H04N 21/44222
H04N 21/4532
H04N 21/812
H04N 21/8456
Requerentes: VideoAmp, Inc.
Inventores: Debajyoti Ray
Ross McCray
David Gullo
Jay Prasad
Mandatários: McDermott Will & Emery LLP
Richard G. A. Bone
Dados da prioridade:
Título: (EN) Sequential delivery of advertising content across media devices
Resumo: front page image

The technology relates to sequential or tailored delivery of advertising content across a plurality of media conduits. The invention achieves sequential story telling for advertising campaigns in place of single-series advertising, by delivering over a period of several sessions on a variety of devices. An advertiser can air a campaign on a consumer individual's cell phone device, continue the second portion of the campaign via a desktop browser session, and conclude with the third portion of the campaign on the individual's OTT device. The technology provides advanced controls over targeting and scheduling with high precision.