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1. (US6126190) Removable stop for a ski binding receiving channel

官庁 : アメリカ合衆国
出願番号: 09387544 出願日: 31.08.1999
公開番号: 6126190 公開日: 03.10.2000
特許番号: 6126190 特許付与日: 03.10.2000
公報種別: A
A63C 9/00
A 生活必需品
出願人: Look Fixations, SA
発明者: Viodet Patrice
代理人: Fay, Sharpe, Fagan, Minnich & McKee, LLP
優先権情報: 98011049 01.09.1998 FR
発明の名称: (EN) Removable stop for a ski binding receiving channel
要約: front page image

An assembly for retaining a ski boot on a ski, snowboard, monoski, or the like includes a rear binding portion (1), such as a step-in rear binding. The rear binding portion (1) is supported on a body (2) having wings (10a, 10b) which are slidably received in a slide channel (7). The slide channel has slide surfaces (8a, 8b) which permit the binding body to slide longitudinally and overhanging edges (9a, 9b) which prevent the binding body from being lifted out of the channel. A rear piece (14) is removably mounted at the rear end of the channel such that a stop or abutment (11) limits rearward movement of the binding body (2). To facilitate cleaning and storage, a projection (17) on a resilient tongue (18) of the rear end piece (14) is depressed to disengage the rear end piece from an intermediate piece (13) to which the slide channel is mounted. Disengaging the rear end piece (14) permits it to be removed, which, in turn, permits the binding portion to be slid out of the end of the channel and removed.