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1. (CN102843946) Suction device for electric cleaner

官庁 : 中華人民共和国
出願番号: 201180016287.1 出願日: 28.03.2011
公開番号: 102843946 公開日: 26.12.2012
特許番号: 102843946 特許付与日:
公報種別: A
PCT 関連事項: 出願番号: ; 公開番号:2011125580 クリックしてデータを表示
A47L 9/0455
A47L 9/0477
出願人: Mitsubishi Electric Corp
Mitsubishi Electric Home Appl
発明者: Misumi Naho
Hoshizaki Junichiro
Maeda Tsuyoshi
代理人: lu lingong
発明の名称: (EN) Suction device for electric cleaner
(ZH) 电动吸尘器的吸入装置
要約: front page image
(EN) A suction device for an electric cleaner, enabling dust which is caught on a rotating brush to be easily and hygienically removed with a small force without soiling the hands and without stirring up dust and dirt. A suction device is provided with a dust removal means (39) for removing dust adhering to a rotating brush (30). The dust removal means (39) is provided with a first remover formed in substantially the same shape as the troughs (34) between cleaning bodies (33) of the rotating brush (30) or between cleaning body holding sections (32) thereof, and is guided in the direction of the axis of the rotating brush (30) while being positioned in the troughs (34).