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1. WO/2015/024029 A SECURITY BAGWO19.02.2015
A45C 13/18
PCT/ZA2014/000037SITHOLE, Thabile SimphiweSITHOLE, Thabile Simphiwe
A security bag which Includes a body shaped to define a content receiving zone for items to be received therein, a monitoring system arranged about the body for monitoring the items in the bag, and a controller for controlling the monitoring system.

PCT/ZA2014/000038CSIRVAN VUUREN, David Steyn
The invention provides a process and an apparatus for the production of a metal selected from metallic alkali metals, M, and alkaline earth metals, Mac from the molten salts thereof, the apparatus including at least an electrochemical cell with planar anodes and cathodes installed in the following sequence: {a-c-a)n to produce alkali metal or alkaline earth metals electrolytically!y from the respective chloride salts thereof, wherein n represents the number of times the sequence of anode-cathode-anode is repeated.

3. WO/2015/017872 DISPLAY ASSEMBLYWO05.02.2015
PCT/ZA2014/000034KITZ DESIGNS (PTY) LTDPIETERS, Tertius Christian
A display assembly in which a backing section, which is fixed to an external support, is engageable with at least one panel section which Includes a device which uses or outputs electrical energy which is supplied to the panel section from the backing section by means of an inductive coupling arrangement

4. WO/2015/017873 MULTI-CYCLE POWER GENERATORWO05.02.2015
F25B 30/02
PCT/ZA2014/000035GILL, Martin, GordonGILL, Martin, Gordon
This invention relates to a multi-cycle power generator. More specifically, the invention relates to a power generator having a heat pump cycle and at least a hot power generating cycle, the cycles being configured relative to one another to transfer heat there between two or more times in a single cycle thereby to recover energy through the reuse of unused heat energy that is typically discarded in conventional thermodynamic cycles. The multi-cycle power generator includes a heat pump cycle and a hot power cycle, wherein at least a pair of heat exchangers of the hot power cycle are common with a pair of heat exchangers of the heat pump cycle. The multi-cycle power generator may further include a cool power generating cycle In combination with the heat pump and hot power generating cycles.

5. WO/2015/013728 A STEERING ARRANGEMENTWO29.01.2015
B63H 9/08
PCT/ZA2014/000033REINERS, Wolfram, Johannes, BerndREINERS, Wolfram, Johannes, Bernd
According to a first aspect of the invention there is provided a steering arrangement for steering a kite driven watercraft which includes a mounting member which is configured to be mounted on a watercraft, a first connecting member for connecting a leading edge region of a canopy of the kite to the mounting member, a second connecting member for connecting a trailing edge region of the canopy to the mounting member and a control device for controlling the displacement of the canopy relative the watercraft via at least the second connecting member.

A method of generating and processing images with variable light conditions includes the steps of: (i) capturing a first image using a sensor or camera having a first quality parameter setting (e.g. ISO sensitivity setting, the shutter speed setting, the aperture setting and/or the sensitivity setting); (ii) capturing a second image using, a sensor or camera having a second quality parameter setting, which second quality parameter setting is different to the first quality parameter setting; (iii) creating a composite image using a portion of the first image and a portion of the second image, without overlap of the image portions; and (iv) performing an image processing technique on the composite image.

The invention provides an apparatus which consists of two fluidised beds 1 and 2 separated by a vertical divides' 5. A positive displacement device such as an auger 3 moves the bed material from the reduction side to the combustion side of the device below the fluidisation zone. The height of the two fluidised beds is equalised by movement of the bed material through a hole 4 In the vertical divider, from the high temperature side 1 (zone 1) to the tow temperature side 2 (zone 2). The bed material that moves through the hole 4 provides energy to drive reactions that may occur on the reduction side. Energy may also be provided to zone 2 by means of conductive and radiative heat transfer through the dividing wall 5. Energy is provided to zone 1 by means of an exothermic reaction, typically combustion of a fuel 13 using air 12.

8. WO/2015/003194 FLUID DRAINAGE CONTAINERWO08.01.2015
A fluid drainage device, for use in a closed wound drainage system, which includes a fluid-receiving volume having a bore, a piston in sealing contact with the bore, a prop extending from the piston and which is connected to an energy storage device, wherein the piston can be user-actuated between a first position, whereby energy is stored in the energy storage device, to a second position, whereby energy is released from the energy storage device, to increase the size and reduce the pressure of the volume, allowing fluid to flow from a conduit into the volume.

PCT/ZA2014/000020DETNET SOUTH AFRICA (PTY) LTDVAN WYK, Riaan, Lingenfelder
A signal is injected into a wired series of detonators to obtain a reflected signal which represents a validated status of the system. The reflected signal is compared to a second reflected signal, generated in a similar way, some time later; to detect factors which affect the validated status of the system.

10. WO/2015/003195 MILITARY PROJECTORWO08.01.2015
F21V 7/00
PCT/ZA2014/000030FRIEDLAND, Leonard HenryFRIEDLAND, Leonard Henry
A military projector comprises a tubular housing that contains a high intensity lamp, a reflecting mirror behind the high intensity lamp, a negative lens which is carried in a first mounting member located in front of the lamp, and a pair of positive meniscus lenses which axe mounted in a second mounting member spaced from and movable relative to the negative lens so that the distance between the negative and positive lenses can be varied. A carrier member having a clear opening and an opening containing a filter is located between the negative and positive lenses. A moving means moves the carrier member between a first position in which the light passes through the filter before reaching the positive meniscus lenses and a second position in which the light passes through the clear opening. An elongated tubular electromagnetic shield extends beyond the meniscus lenses.

Results 1-10 of 2,028 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:FR Stemming: true
préc. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 suiv.