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C23C 14/06
The invention relates to precision wear-resistant anti-friction coatings produced by means of vacuum-arc deposition, and can be used in mechanical engineering and aircraft engineering when creating designs having enhanced anti-corrosion, anti-friction and protective properties. A coating contains a nitrided layer, a first layer of titanium, a second layer in the form of alternating nano-layers of titanium and titanium nitride, a third layer in the form of alternating nano-layers of titanium nitride and aluminum nitride, and a fourth layer of aluminum nitride. The claimed anti-friction coating provides a high level of operational reliability of assemblies having serialized and novel designs, and increases the service life thereof by 5-20 times.

F02B 57/04
PCT/UA2014/000086MALENKO, Oleksandr FedorovichMALENKO, Oleksandr Fedorovich
A rotary piston internal combustion engine containing a stator having an orbital curvilinear path provided on the inner side thereof. A rotor, capable of rotating relative to the stator, is positioned in the stator. Working chambers are positioned symmetrically relative to the axis of rotation of the rotor. Each working chamber is formed by the lateral walls of a rectangular U-shaped channel provided in the rotor, and by an inlet flange and by an outlet flange which are affixed to the stator. The working chambers are provided symmetrically relative to the axis of rotation of the rotor. A piston, connected to a supporting roller which interacts with the orbital curvilinear path, is provided in each working chamber. The working chambers and the pistons are rectangular in shape. The claimed engine has increased efficiency and reliability.

E21B 1/24
A hydraulic percussion device intended for the impact-fracturing of rock and synthetic materials. The present invention contains a housing, in which are installed centering bushings, sealing bushings, a sleeve and a piston-striker, forming, within the housing, working-stroke and return-stroke chambers, and also high-pressure and low-pressure hydraulic accumulators. The working stroke chamber communicates periodically by means of a piston valve distributor with a pressure line or with a low-pressure hydraulic accumulator which, in turn, communicates with a drain line. The return-stroke chamber is in constant communication with a high-pressure hydraulic accumulator and with a pressure line. A compression ring is installed on the piston of the striker. Drainage chambers and channels are provided between the centering and sealing bushings. A wall of the sleeve is provided with a start channel, which puts into communication, by means of the distributor, the working stroke chamber and the pressure line. The present invention decreases hydraulic resistance and the likelihood of leakages of liquid between chambers. The present invention allows for guaranteeing the initiation of the device at any initial position of the piston-striker.

F02B 53/04
PCT/UA2013/000129YAROSHENKO, Viktor ProkopovychYAROSHENKO, Viktor Prokopovych
The invention relates to positive displacement pneumatic machines, and more particularly to hydraulic motors. The invention as claimed is a rotor-piston internal combustion engine comprising a main body with a cylindrical cavity in which a rotor-piston is concentrically mounted, wherein the rotor-piston comprises radial protrusions and radial recesses on its peripheral surface forming in conjunction with body cylindrical inner walls, a plurality of closed segmental cavities, combustion chambers arranged in the lateral cylindrical cavities placed beyond the main cylindrical cavity and communicating with the later though inlet and outlet passages, provided with a controllable valve gear, wherein the lateral cylindrical cavities are provided with nozzles to inject fuel and spark plugs, gas distribution devices with inlet and outlet passages wherein each lateral cylindrical cavity receives a lateral rotor, each lateral rotor having three cavities with openings through its side surface, wherein the openings have a uniform linear and angular displacement relative to each other so that the projections of these three openings do not intersect with each other neither in the rotor side view nor in its axial view.

F03B 3/00
PCT/UA2014/000089SAMOYLENKO, Evgeny GeorgievichSAMOYLENKO, Evgeny Georgievich
The invention relates to hydraulic power engineering, and more particularly to reaction hydraulic machines. A high-pressure hydraulic machine, comprising a guide vane assembly, which is provided with a drive, a turbine chamber with a cylindrical surface having a guide in the form of a helix, an impeller with a hub, said impeller being disposed in the turbine chamber, and a discharge pipe, wherein the impeller is provided with two cylindrical casings, one of which is fixedly mounted on the hub, the inner edges of the vanes being rigidly connected to the outer surface of the casing, while the inner surface of the second casing abuts the outer edges of the vanes, which are rigidly connected thereto. The invention is directed toward increasing the reliability of the machine while also providing high performance.

6. WO/2015/069210 STRUCTURAL PANELWO14.05.2015
E04C 2/10
PCT/UA2014/000038BEREZA, Vadym IvanovychBEREZA, Vadym Ivanovych
The invention relates to construction. The structural panel comprises a core in the form of a layer of heat-insulating and/or sound-insulating material, flexible connecting members which pass through the core, and welded wire meshes, which are arranged on both sides of the core, parallel to the surfaces thereof and with a gap relative thereto. The flexible connecting members are in the form of ties passing through the core through parallel through-slots with a width equal to the width of the ties in terms of the outer measurements, said through-slots, formed in said core, being oriented perpendicular to the length of the structural panel and being arranged in rows along the panel. Rods of a working reinforcing assembly pass through the eyes of each row of ties, which project on both sides of the core. Fastening means for the rods of the working reinforcing assembly are mounted under each rod of the working reinforcing assembly along the entire length, in the gaps between the eyes of the ties on both sides of the core. The welded wire meshes are connected to the rods of the working reinforcing assembly on both sides of the core, parallel to the surfaces thereof. The invention improves the carrying capacity and reliability of the attachment of elements of the panel.

7. WO/2015/060807 A SECONDARY STRUCTUREWO30.04.2015
E04B 1/35
PCT/UA2014/000114KUKHAREV, Dmytro IhorovychKUKHAREV, Dmytro Ihorovych
A secondary structure of existing building includes a vertical frame with rest outside the building, this comprises supplementary frame with horizontal beam cage, there superstructure is placed, and rigid units of joint of bean cage to bearing props, foundations. The secondary structure comprises quickly mountable reinforced- concrete constructions, it has hot less than six stories, own independent frame and foundation, bearings of vertical frame are placed without any effect on existing building, this after erection of the addition is to be dismantled and replanned.

8. WO/2015/060806 CONTAINER FOR BEVERAGESWO30.04.2015
B65D 43/02
PCT/UA2014/000037GULYAEV, Vyacheslav IvanovychGULYAEV, Vyacheslav Ivanovych
A container for beverages has an axis of elongation and contains a casing (1), including a neck (2) with an opening (3), a cover (5) made from flexible material with the possibility of providing hermetical sealing of the container. The cover includes a plug plate (6) with a skirt disposed around the outer surface of the neck (2), and the inner surface of the plug plate (6) is executed in the view of convex hemisphere and provided with radially disposed stiffeners (9), the inner surface of the skirt is executed conelike and has a screw thread (10) forming a latch assembly with the outer surface of the container neck on which a buttress thread (4) is executed, the outer surface of the cover is executed steplike with gradual decrease of the diameter of each step towards the centre of the axis of elongation and has stiffeners disposed radially (11). The central part of the outer surface of the cover is executed convex in the view of hemisphere.

H01F 1/06
PCT/UA2014/000107OLEFIRENKO, Anatolii IvanovichOLEFIRENKO, Anatolii Ivanovich
Subject of the invention: a permanent magnet preparation method. Field of application: electrical technology. Essence of the invention: using preset parameters for changing the non-uniformity of a magnetic field around the poles of permanent magnets and for configuring the surface thereof, preparing permanent magnets out of powders having various magnetic characteristics, positioning same in a special die mold prepared so as to correspond to the configuration of solids of rotation or translational motion, orienting the powders in a magnetic field, then compressing, sintering and heat-treating same. Technical result: changing the non-uniformity of a magnetic field around the poles of permanent magnets in a calculated direction allows, during interaction between the permanent magnetic fields of like poles of permanent magnets which are affixed to mobile and stationary bodies and which have poles of a single polarity between same, for producing kinetic energy from the motion of the bodies, an alternating magnetic field and an eddy magnetic field without the use of known sources of energy and, by positioning conductor/windings and massive ferromagnets in the alternating magnetic field, for producing electrical and thermal energy or for affixing the bodies.

A24B 15/00
PCT/UA2013/000154SHISHAFRUITS LTD.BALIURA, Ievgenii Vladymyrovych
The invention relates to tobacco substitutes, and specifically to tobacco-free smoking compositions, and is principally intended for smoking using a hookah. In the method of preparing a tobacco-free smoking composition for a hookah, including the preliminary preparation of a main organic material, the main organic filler being comprised of at least one type of fruit, and of a binding agent consisting of a mixture of propylene glycol and food-grade glycerin in a ratio of (1:4)-(4:1), wherein the preliminary preparation of the main organic filler material is carried out by means of freeze-drying, in the process of which, the fruit is crushed to a fraction-size of 3-12 mm, frozen in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of (-40)-(-60)°С, and kept in a vacuum for 30-40 minutes, thus forming the filler material, which has a residual moisture content of 1-6% and which is impregnated with binding agent using the following ratio of compositional components by mass percent: main organic filler material: 10-55; binding agent: the remainder. Technical result: the method of preparing a tobacco-free smoking composition for a hookah allows for reducing the rate of combustion, decreasing the rate of use per filling, and improving the quality thereof.

Results 1-10 of 1,256 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:FR Stemming: true
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