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A23L 1/18
PCT/UA2014/000050KRYLATYI, Gennadii AnatoliovychKRYLATYI, Gennadii Anatoliovych
An apparatus with induction heating for producing popcorn comprises a housing (or a load-bearing support), a container which is arranged therein and has a multi-layered base for loading and mixing the product ingredients and for forming popcorn. Furthermore, the container can rotate relative to the housing for emptying purposes. The apparatus also comprises a heat-insulated base (receiving trough), a heating system with an induction coil, a high-frequency generator and a control unit. The heating system comprises an induction heating element formed independently of the container and arranged on a workbench below the latter.

B01D 21/26
PCT/UA2015/000010OSYPENKO, SerhiiOSYPENKO, Serhii
This invention relates to the production of pureed products from plant materials, particularly to methods and devices to produce a functional product of berries made into a puree with crushed seeds and skins of the berries and enriched with the content of the seeds and skins such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, polyphenols, among them anthocyanins with enhanced antiradical activity, the content that is not available to the human organism when berries are processed by traditional methods. The method is based on the processing of the feedstock in hydrodynamic circuits where the feedstock is subjected to pressure pulsation, turbulent friction, and cavitation bubble imploding with the resultant heating and phenols can be isolated from the feedstock in a way that minimizes their inherent destructiveness. The device for carrying out the method comprises a flow-through apparatus (1), a device (5) for removing air from the feedstock, a pump (6), a hydrodynamic baffle (7) and a centrifugal separator (9), all forming a main closed hydrodynamic circuit (8), as well as a bypass channel (10). Both method and device made it possible to produce a product having a remarkable taste and useful functional properties as well as a long shelf life.

3. WO/2015/122865 SOLAR ENERGY CONCENTRATORWO20.08.2015
F24J 2/10
PCT/UA2015/000033SOGOKON, Aleksandr BorisovichSOGOKON, Aleksandr Borisovich
A solar energy concentrator relates to the field of solar heat utilization and can be used for converting solar energy into mechanical, thermal or electrical energy in various technical fields, and in a domestic environment, specifically for heating water, heating rooms, and preparing food. The invention aims to reduce a wind load on elements of the concentrator, to reduce the weight of and the amount of materials used in bearing structures, such as the concentrator itself and a system for tracking the position of the sun, and also aims to prevent the risk of harming surrounding objects, birds, animals and humans. The aim is achieved in that a solar energy concentrator includes a support structure having securing installation areas which are provided with light-reflecting facets, said facets forming a cylindrical surface and concentrating solar energy onto an extended radiation receiver located along the axis of the cylindrical surface; the cylindrical surface of the concentrator is in the form of a closed cylindrical surface; the facets are provided along a closed curve of the cylindrical surface with a varying angle relative to same, thus providing for a maximum concentration of solar energy on the extended radiation receiver, and with gaps between the reflective facets, the total area of which is equal to or exceeds that of the aperture of the concentrator. Reflective facets located on one side of the concentrator can be provided opposite to the gaps between reflective facets located on the other side of the concentrator, and the reflective facets can be in the form of cylindrical surfaces, the radius of the curvature of which is twice as large as the distance between a facet and the radiation receiver. In certain embodiments of the concentrator the reflective facets can be in the form of diffraction gratings or holograms. As a result, the radiation receiver, which is located in the center of symmetry of the concentrator, does not require a mechanical connection to the concentrator, thus allowing for using heavy and bulky receivers, such as a steam boiler, while maintaining a maximally light and wind-resistant concentrator structure, the control of which requires an insignificant amount of energy.

4. WO/2015/119589 FIN PROPULSORWO13.08.2015
B63H 1/36
PCT/UA2014/000019SIDORENKO, Yuri GrygorovychSIDORENKO, Yuri Grygorovych
The invention relates to shipbuilding. A fin propulsor contains a housing, a fin in the form of a wing, a drive, a propulsor control mechanism, at least two identical vertical fins, and a turning device. The housing is in the form of a vertical pipe. The propulsor control mechanism contains a shaft which is installed with the ability to rotate axially in the housing, the upper end of which is kinematically connected to the drive, which is in the form of a rotary hydraulic cylinder. Rigidly connected to the lower portion of the shaft are two pairs of parallel first levers; corresponding ends of each pair of first levers are pivotally connected to the center portions of corresponding second levers. The ends of each pair of second levers are pivotally connected to one another and to the housing by means of pull-rods, forming an upper parallelogram and a lower parallelogram; the nearest centers of the second levers of the parallelograms are rigidly connected to one another by means of torsion bars. Each fin is vertically affixed to a corresponding torsion bar and perpendicularly affixed to the nearest second lever with the ability to oscillate in a horizontal plane around the axis of the torsion bar, said axis dividing the fin into two unequal parts, the smaller of which coincides with the direction of thrust creation. The present invention thus achieves conditions for automatically optimizing a current rigidity of the mechanical connection between the fin and the drive.

H04N 21/2187
The system and method of broadcasting via the TV broadcasting system or the Internet, wherein the multimedia data received by the user device which is configured with an option to transmit the multimedia stream which includes video and or audio streams, via the data transmission system in real time mode. The media server with software means adapted to receive the multimedia stream from at least one of the user devices in real time mode and adapted to transmit a multimedia stream and a TV signal to at least one of the user devices in real time mode. The web-server with the software means configured to store and output the TV broadcasting means which features include the additional multimedia receiving, processing, conversion, and output server with the software means adapted to receive media data from the media server and to send multimedia data to the media in real time mode. Also, there is an option to generate a TV signal, comprising of at least one multimedia stream from the user devices, and with an option to broadcast the multimedia data which include TV signal live data to at least those user devices the multimedia stream of which is televised. Also, there is the director software means which includes the interactive interface adapted to manage the live multimedia stream from at least one user device. The TV broadcasting means is linked with the director software means, while the multimedia receiving, processing, conversion, and output server is adapted to directly exchange data with the director software means via the digital interface for transmission of video and/or audio signals and adapted to transmit data which include the live TV signal data to the media server using the streaming protocol via the Internet. Also there is the multimedia receiving, processing, conversion, and output server which has the means for capturing the video and/audio stream from the TV broadcasting studio.

6. WO/2015/116018 SMALL ARMS CARTRIDGEWO06.08.2015
F42B 5/02
PCT/UA2014/000026KALACHEV, Oleksandr I.KALACHEV, Oleksandr I.
The invention relates to the field of ammunition, and more particularly to a design for small arms cartridges, and can be used in the manufacture of cartridges of various calibers and purposes. The present cartridge comprises a case with a body, a tail portion and a primer pocket, a powder charge and a bullet, wherein a damper in the form of an inner or outer depression is provided in the tail part of the case in the region of the primer pocket. The result is a cartridge which functions reliably, has increased functional capabilities and is simpler to manufacture.

7. WO/2015/116020 FIREARMWO06.08.2015
F41A 21/16
PCT/UA2014/000028KALACHEV, Oleksandr I.KALACHEV, Oleksandr I.
The invention relates to the field of weapons, and more particularly to a design for rifled firearms of various types, and even more particularly to a barrel design. The present firearm comprises a barrel receiver, a bolt, a trigger mechanism, a forearm, a stock, a grip, a magazine, a sight and a barrel having a rifled cylindrical bore with a breech portion and a muzzle portion, wherein a smooth region is provided in the muzzle portion of the bore close to the muzzle face. The result is increased firing efficiency, reduced wear on the bore and, thus, increased firing accuracy and grouping of shots with a simultaneous increase in striking range.

8. WO/2015/116019 SMALL ARMS CARTRIDGEWO06.08.2015
F42B 5/02
PCT/UA2014/000027KALACHEV, Oleksandr I.KALACHEV, Oleksandr I.
The invention relates to the field of small arms, and more particularly to a design for cartridges. The present cartridge comprises a primed case with a powder charge and a bullet consisting of a shell and a core or a core and sleeve assembly. In the nose or tail portion of the wall of the shell there is a cavity, which is situated on the longitudinal axis of symmetry. The cartridge has guaranteed destructive characteristics in terms of firing accuracy and the grouping of hits when fired from a small arm of any design.

9. WO/2015/116017 CARTRIDGE WITH ROCKET BULLETWO06.08.2015
F42B 5/10
PCT/UA2014/000024KALACHEV, Oleksandr IvanovichKALACHEV, Oleksandr Ivanovich
The invention relates to the field of ammunition for firing from a smooth-bore or rifled-bore weapon of any design, in which the destructive element is a rocket bullet or missile. The present cartridge comprises a case with a primer, and a rocket bullet with an interior cavity, containing a propellant charge, and a nozzle. The rocket bullet consists of a shell having a nose portion and a tail portion, and a core or a sleeve and core, wherein the head portion of the shell of the rocket bullet is provided with a depression in which the core or sleeve and core are disposed. The result is more reliable destruction of a target and improved firing accuracy and grouping of hits.

10. WO/2015/116016 POWER PLANT (VARIANTS)WO06.08.2015
F03D 3/00
PCT/UA2014/000018SIDORENKO, Yuri GrygorovychSIDORENKO, Yuri Grygorovych
The proposed inventions relate to the field of small-scale power generation and are in the form of a floating wind-driven power plant. The plant comprises a platform which is mounted on an annular pontoon and has a converter for converting wind energy into electrical energy, the converter being in the form of a wind wheel with a shaft, and an electric generator; according to the invention, the wind wheel is mounted with a vertical rotation axis and with the shaft, which is connected by spokes to a wheel rim, on which rotatable vane-type blades are mounted, and the plant is supplemented by a converter for converting water energy into electrical energy, the annular pontoon is in the form of individual, vertical, cylindrical floats interconnected by tubular elements, and is equipped with anchors, and the platform is manufactured in the form of an annular monorail, wherein the converter for converting water energy into electrical energy is in the form of outboard brackets which are mounted on a lower part of the wind wheel, which part is intended for placement in a body of water, said brackets being arranged radially relative to the axis of the wind wheel, and an electric generator which can be set into action by a hydro-turbine propeller is fixed on the free end of each bracket. The invention is directed towards creating a power plant with greater capacity.

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