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1. WO/2016/004962 MULTIPLE WHEELS SYSTEMWO14.01.2016
B60B 11/02
PCT/EG2014/000022ATTA, Mohamed Samir Ahmed ATTA, Mohamed Samir Ahmed
The new invention is to have a system component of three or four thin wheels fixed together as one unit instead of only one ordinary wheel So when a screw punches the tire we do not lose the whole wheel but only one part of it to allow to us continue driving. The first part of the system includes long screws to fix and hold all parts of the system together.

B60K 3/02
PCT/EG2015/000027El SEBERBAWY, Amr El Saied Abed El Ghafar El SEBERBAWY, Amr El Saied Abed El Ghafar
The present invention relates to a car engine that uses negative pressure, wherein the tanks are emptied of atmospheric pressure and, when the valves open, the pressure differential is used to help the air flow through air turbines, thereby rotating the turbines, and the rotary movement is used to move the car. The closing and opening of the valves is controlled by a hydraulic piston.

B01D 53/62
PCT/EG2015/000018MAHRAN, Asmaa Mohamed Mahmoud MAHRAN, Asmaa Mohamed Mahmoud
Generate electricity from greenhouse gases depending on their ability to absorb thermal energy emitted by the sun and its heat emission. The world is considered increasing carbon dioxide a Disaster when it can be exploited as a wealth of mankind and this is What I serve in my idea this. The fight against global warming will require considerable effort and expense prohibitive, so the reduction of Global warming must be covered by the new way of scientific research in advance,and this achieve by taking advantages and exploitation of These gases emission in the electric power generation rather than Carbon dioxide separation from the rest of greenhouse gases by Nanotechnology and that is the my new idea. Eliminate the phenomenon of global warming with a new technology not expensive and producer at the same time. Where adopted in eliminating the global warming in the exploitation of gases emission in power generation. Exploit greenhouse gases released to the environment and which causing pollution and global warming in the electric generation to meet the needs of each country from its energy and also the separation of gases for using in other huge industries and very profitable instead of its emission to the environment and its damage consequences. So this project convert damage to the benefit and save of the world from catastrophic problem, the global warming. And also helps to create a new kind of energy-based greenhouse gases. Run every factory self-running by machine will provide the factory by electricity. So this project as two projects is an attempt to save the environment from global warming and contribute to solving the problem of global energy, Generate electricity is Through device consist of three stage, the first stage is absorption, Second stage is the emission and generate electricity, third stage is Separation and treatment. Phase I: receive all resulting from fossil fuel gases in the tank with a huge shed mirrors reflective sun. The second phase : stage of emission, Heat emitted affect on substance filled the tank lead to rotate a generator producing electricity. Phase III stage of processing and separation : Where the use of a substance in the form of Nano particles to separate carbon dioxide from the rest of the greenhouse gases exceeds the ability of alkalonamine used in previous scientific research.

4. WO/2015/192858 THE MECHANICAL BATTERYWO23.12.2015
F16H 1/28
PCT/EG2015/000014SHARKAS, Mohamed Abdel Razek Ahmed Mohamed SHARKAS, Mohamed Abdel Razek Ahmed Mohamed
The first technique consists of the following: 1. A group of gears for accelerating the speed. 2. A spring. 3. A suitable electric generator 4.A unification circuit when needed. 5. A handle. The second technique consists of the following: 1. A rounded one third or half flywheel. 2. A group of gears for reducing speed. 3. A group of gears for accelerating the speed. 4. A spring. 5. A suitable generator. 6. A Unification circuit when needed. 7. A handle for manual operating. The third technique consists of the following: 1. A fan or a plate. 2. A group of gears for reducing the speed. 3. A group of gears for accelerating the speed. 4. A spring. 5. A dynamo 6. A unification circuit (when needed). The fourth technique consists of the following: 1. An overload. 2. A suitable electric engine. 3. A group of gears for reducing the speed. 4. A group of gears for accelerating the speed. 5. A spring. 6. An electric brake. The fifth technique consists of the following: 1. An overload. 2. A suitable electric engine. 3. A suitable electric engine. 4. A group of gears for reducing the speed. 5. A suitable spring. 6. A suitable electric generator. 7. An electric brake 8. A relay or cut-out to automatically cut and conduct electricity. 9. Photoelectric panels.

E04H 1/00
PCT/EG2014/000019ABDALALL, Sherif Mohamed Alaraby Hassan عبد العال، شريف محمد العربي حسنABDALALL, Sherif Mohamed Alaraby Hassan عبد العال، شريف محمد العربي حسن
The present invention relates to a method for constructing a new city by dividing it into circular districts. The circles are similar or close in diameter and sit adjacently in longitudinal and horizontal lines, and the areas between the circular districts are designated for gardens, stadiums, industrial areas or recycling centres. The circular districts are repeated across the whole city, in any of the four cardinal directions, by means of additional similar circular districts. The city comprises two types of streets: circular streets within each circular district; and straight longitudinal and horizontal streets that link the circular districts. The circular streets intersect with the straight streets by means of a simple underpass.

6. WO/2015/172791 UPGRADE OF THE DENTAL UNITWO19.11.2015
A63C 5/04
PCT/EG2014/000016SABER, Iman Mohamed Said SABER, Iman Mohamed Said
The push buttons that are used to position the unit in upward and downward direction are replaced by two photocells. Each position is replaced by a photocell. The motor that moves the unit up and down is connected with two photocells, one to enable it to move up and the other to enable the unit to move down. The push buttons that are used to position the unit back rest forward and backward are replaced by two photocells. The motor for the movement of the back of the unit is connected to two photocells, one to move the back forward and one to move it backward. The push button that is used to fill the water cup, or the foot control button that deliver water, are replaced by a photocell The light source is adjusted to a motor that is directed by a photocell that responds to a light source, to avoid the touching of the light source and directing it onto the patient mouth. The unit is supplied with UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to allow continuous power supply.

7. WO/2015/165477 HIGH EFFICIENCY POWER PLANTSWO05.11.2015
F01K 17/00
PCT/EG2014/000014EL-MONAYER, Ahmed El-Sayed Mohamed Abd El-Fatah EL-MONAYER, Ahmed El-Sayed Mohamed Abd El-Fatah
A Rankine cycle including pump (110), evaporator (120), turbine (130) and condenser (140) further includes a heat pump (150) arrangement for enhancing the efficiency of the cycle.

F03B 3/02
PCT/EG2014/000017MOHAMED, Ahmed Mohammed Ismail MOHAMED, Ahmed Mohammed Ismail
The invention relates to device with 2 methods to produce electricity, hydrogen and oxygen for free. First method is to prepare hydrogen and oxygen in a cylinder under sea surface, closed at the top and opened at the bottom. Gas is to be stored in tank above sea surface, this tank is supposed to be filled with water and at its top is placed a water -based turbine. For the turbine to work, the gas flow rate at the sea bottom shall be equal to water flow rate at the turbine, so that compression remains stable at the tank and electricity is to be generated at the same rate till water at the tank runs out, with the turbine and gas flow source at sea bottom shutting down automatically. Thus, the tank would contain gas compressed by sea compression power, and this is the first usage of the gas. Then, gas is used for the second time through pushing gas into a tank totally filled with water, the size of which equals the size of the previous tank multiplied by value of gas compression at sea bottom at its top is placed a water -based turbine. For the turbine to work,.Then, electricity is to be generated till compression loses its power and the turbine shuts down automatically. The second method is to use gas compression produced by electrical analysis, on condition that electrical analysis is to be conducted in a space completely filled with, so that the generated gas can only be raised from a tight location with a tiny amount and huge compression such compression is introduced into a tank filled with water, at the top of which exists a turbine run by water power to generate electricity till compression declines. In both cases, hydrogen and oxygen are filled individually. Electricity amount produced by both methods is greater than operation power, so that part of the generated power is used to run the device and the rest can be used in anything else.

F03B 13/12
PCT/EG2014/000013ABDELHAMID, Adel Hussein عبد الحميد، عادل حسينABDELHAMID, Adel Hussein عبد الحميد، عادل حسين
The invention relates to a device comprising a reel around which a cable is wound. One end of the cable is tied to a floating body (buoy) and the other end is connected to a spring or ballast, or to both. The reel is attached to a shaft that acts as the axle, which is rotated by the reel. The axle is connected at both ends to two electricity generators by a special connector. All of the components are attached to a base that floats on the surface of the water and that is tied to the seabed or to suitable ballast (or similar). When the buoy rises under the effect of an incoming wave, pulling the cable, which makes the reel rotate, and also when the buoy descends under the effect of the spring or the counter ballast, the special connector rotates the generator, thereby generating energy. The device comprises: points for attachment to the seabed; a cable or other means of attachment; attachment points; a base; carriers; an electricity generator; a special connector for transferring movement; an axle; bearings; a reel; a cable wound around the reel; a buoy; and counter ballast.

10. WO/2015/158355 SMART LICENCE PLATEWO22.10.2015
G06Q 10/10
PCT/EG2015/000023ATTIA, Mohamed Dwedar Ahmed ATTIA, Mohamed Dwedar Ahmed
The present invention relate to a smart license plate. The smart license plate helps to reduce car theft accidents because it can recognize the real owner, and once a thief ride it numbers on LED disappear so the driver is potential suspect of theft. In such case police officer can trace the car easily. The ordinary license plate could be replaced with another one, so the car cannot be traced which harden the mission of the police.

Results 1-10 of 452 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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