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TitrePaysDate de publication
CIBNuméro de la demandeDéposantInventeur
F03B 17/06
PCT/AL2013/000001PUPULEKU, AltinPUPULEKU, Altin
Crossflow axes rotary mechanical devices with Dynamic Increased Swept Area including at least two rotors with equal arm sizes attached to a support structure parallel to each other, having their axes of rotation perpendicular to the fluid with a rotors offset 0 <= Ro < 2R, rotating relative to each other in synchrony by a rotors synchronizing mechanism, having at least one blade attached to each rotor via the radial arm where the blades of the opposite rotors do not collide during the rotation, are described. The rotors with arms and blades share their spaces, the fluid, the support structure, the rotors synchronizing mechanisms, the electric machines, the braking systems, the yawing systems, as well as the characteristics, parameters, effects and additional mechanisms that the crossflow axes rotary mechanical devices with Dynamic Increased Swept Area have compare to the crossflow axes rotary mechanical devices without Dynamic Increased Swept Area.

2. WO/2013/026073 DOUBLE SERRATED FORKWO28.02.2013
A47J 43/28
PCT/AL2012/000001ELEZI, DashamirELEZI, Dashamir
The title of the invention is " SG MAITREFORK"; the initials as defined by the inventor, while the word "MAITREFORK" contains in itself the purpose of this invention, which consists of a double serrated fork which is used in the gastronomic field and specifically in modern restaurants (kitchens) in which Maitre (Chief Hall) performs completion of cooking and preparation in the presence or in front of the client in the restaurant. Also, this invention finds its use in different gastronomic tables related to fast food (fast food, take way etc.)

F02B 75/26
PCT/AL2010/000001TASI, YlliTASI, Ylli
Axial engine of eight cylinders characterized by the arrangement of eight cylinders (C) together with heads (H) in two parallel lines, coaxially and two by two opposite; of the motor main shaft (2) with two flanges (10), having a simple cylindrical configuration and symmetry axis, lying in the middle of the cylinders (C); of two obelisks (6) which bind the motor main shaft (2) with the cross-shafts (4) and of four rigid and coaxial bodies composed each one of two pistons (8) and one connecting-rod (7), pivoted in the fork shaped ends of the cross-shafts (4). The alternative straight-line motion, according to the cylinders axis, of the eight pistons (8) and four connecting-rods (7), is transformed in rotating motion of the motor main shaft (2).

4. WO/1997/010415 Piston driven axial cyinder engineWO20.03.1997
F01B 3/00
Piston driven axial cylinder engine is composed of the flange (1) with the cylinders (10) in a circular disposition, the support (16) of the motor main-shaft (2), and the carter (20) supporting the central pivot (7). Around this central pivot (7) the disc (6) has a mutating motion. The extremity (4) of the shaft describing a circle drives the shaft (2) in rotation. The disc (6) receives the extremity of the connecting rods (8). The distribution disc (17) with the cams (18), placed coaxially the motor main-shaft (2) whence it takes its rotations, commands the valves (12) and (13) placed in the cylinder heads (11). The shaft (21), which too takes its rotations from the motor main-shaft (2), serves to set in motion the auxiliary equipments. The pistons are set in motion, as in the case of internal combustion motors, their alternative straight-line motion being transformed in rotative motion of the motor main-shaft (2); and vice-versa

Résultats 1-10 sur 4 pour Critères: Office(s):all Langue:FR Racinisation: true
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