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2. (DK1858226) Indholdsstyring i peer-to-peer indholdsdistribueringsclouds

Numéro de la demande : 06270051 Date de la demande : 19.05.2006
Numéro de publication : 1858226 Date de publication : 24.01.2011
Numéro de délivrance : Date de délivrance : 24.01.2011
Type de publication : T3
H04L 29/08
Déposants : Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC
Inventeurs : Miller, John Microsoft Research Ltd.
Données relatives à la priorité :
Titre : (DA) Indholdsstyring i peer-to-peer indholdsdistribueringsclouds
Abrégé :
(EN) Managing content by influencing its distribution in the form of blocks or other units is crucial to the performance of a peer-to-peer content distribution system. We provide a content management module at each peer node to achieve this. The content management module implements a content request/response cycle in order to negotiate about blocks of content with other peer nodes. This cycle comprises an offer request, offer reply and a block request. These steps are preferably followed by data exchange and verification. The negotiation protocol used by our content management module provides a generic method that is advantageously used in conjunction with different encoding schemes such as full network coding and group network coding. In one embodiment we use group network coding and add information to the offer request and offer reply to facilitate efficient content distribution. In addition, block request messages are selected to promote the use of on-the-fly decoding where possible.