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A trap for killing animals, such as rodents, comprising a cabinet

(I ) with an entrance (5) to a room (6) from which bait (7) is accessible and where there is a contact organ (10), which by contact of the animal releases a plunger (2), which moves through the room (6) by means of spring force (3) and kills the animal (8) after which the plunger (2) is retrieved to loaded position by means of an actuator (14) driven by an electric motor(19), the plunger (2) is being released from a loaded position via a trigger mechanism comprising a projection, an edge (13), on the outside of the plunger (2), which projection/edge, (13) abuts a trigger mechanism/rocker arm

(I I ) , which is moved away from the projection (13), when the contact organ (10) is affected, characterized in that the contact organ (10) consists of a stiff connecting member, which extends from the room (6) under the bait (7) and to the one end of the rocker arm (1 1 ) and where the opposite end in loaded position abuts the projection (13).

A trap according to claim 1, characterized in that the plunger (2) and the wall of the room (6) are conductive for creating an electric tension field when the plunger (2) is released.

Use of the trap, according to claims 1 and 2, characterized in that the entrance (5) to the room (6) is from below.