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Title of Invention


Technical Field

Food supplement

Backgrounds Arts

It is well known, Reishi has many health benefits. There are manufacturers of a beverage for a variety of health drink based on Reishi. The Reishi drinks available today, are mostly based just on Reishi mixed with other mushrooms or Reishi mixed with honey etc.

Purpose of the Invention

This invention is a mixed drink based on Reishi extract, to enhance the vitamin content with passion fruit and to sweet it up with honey. The following range of proportions will be used in our invention:

from to

Reishi 1% 8%

Passionfruit 4% 15%

Honey 5% 12%

Rest up to 100% will be added by distilled water

The purpose of this invention is to get a good tasting drink based on Reishi containing all health effects, not very bitter and to make easily to drink without any artificial substances added, which could harm the body.

Disclosure of Invention

The drink from Reishi contains typically but not necessarily (see table 20 above): - 80% of water per weight,

- 10% of passion fruit per weight,

- 8% of honey per weight

To production procedures for our drink from Reishi, as following:

1) . Put water to boiling container in proportion.

2) . Clean the Reishi in proportion and put in the boiling container under 1).

3) . Give the temperature to the boiler container under 2) to let it boil and 2-3 hours simmer continue to extract Reishi.

4) . Get the water under 3) put into a boiler container again.

5) . Put passion fruit and honey in proportion to water in the boiler container under 4) to mix all together and boil for another 30 minutes with stirring.

6) . Leave the boiler container under 5) to reduce the temperature between 30-50 degrees. 7) Take water under 6) put in sealed bottles and then refrigerate for 1 hour to extend expiration of the drink.

8) Take the bottles out of the refrigerator for further distribution.

Best Mode for Carrying out the Invention

As described above.