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We claim:

1 . A method for non-invasive weight loss by swallowing a capsule containing a self-inflating balloon that stays in the stomach for various periods as selected by user.

2. The method of claim 1 is usable and beneficial to any overweight person.

3. The method of Claim 1 can be employed by the user with no involvement of Medical staff or specially trained personnel.

4. The method of Claim 1 can be employed anywhere without the need for a medical - clinical or specialized facility. It can be employed at home or at work.

5. The method of Claim 1 wherein the user can swallow by means of a capsule containing the special self-inflating balloon with a drink of water or any other liquid or juice or the like.

6. The method of Claim 1 wherein a balloon is packed in the capsule and swallowed to deposit it into the stomach.

7. The method of Claim 1 where in the balloon is of special design and in many sizes when inflated by several means, such as mixing of two ingredients or more that are packed inside the Balloon and separated by a soluble knotted thread or other means that keeps the tow materials contained separate until the thread is dissolved and thus mixed together to cause inflation.

8. The method of Claim 1 consists of a capsule that dissolves later after swallowing and containing the balloon filled to a pre-determined percentage of its volume with one or more ingredients that cause inflation after release from the dissolved capsule that is swallowed to allow it to inflate.

9. The capsules and ingredients made from edible or synthetic non harmful ingredients.

10. The method of Claim 1 consists of making the balloons from materials that degrade after the desired period of time, and made of - but not limited to - Edible materials, Chitin, Chitosan, Shrilk, or similar other materials.

1 1 . The materials or ingredients used in this method are designed to disintegrate at pre-determined periods by various means such as selection of the materials they are made from or thicknesses or other means.

12. The method of this invention using the described capsule, balloons, and similar items swallowed for the purposes declared are designed so that they can be dissolved at any time desired by user by swallowing an ingredient that causes quick breakdown and disintegration of the balloon, whenever the user desires.