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What is Claimed is:

1. A LJSB apparatus equipped in one or more guest computers (external

PC, portable laptop computer, personal information terminal) having a USB port for remote-controlling a host computer (home PC or company PC) equipped with a LAN card having a wake up on LAN (WOL) through a network, the USB apparatus having a remote control function comprising:
a USB controller configured to control transception of file data through a USB connector for connection to the USB port and further to record, change and delete the file data in a memory unit ;
a remote control unit comprising a security processing unit configured to perform an authentication process by an authentication key for controlling the host computer located in a remote site through the guest computer, a power processing unit configured to perform a power-on operation of the host computer, and an IP search unit and a connection processing unit configured to search an address of the host computer; and
a memory unit configured to store security information and portable information of software required in performance of the remote control.

2. The USB apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the IP search unit comprises a host computer address search processing unit configured to directly search an address of the host computer, and the connection processing unit comprises a host computer address connection processing unit configured to connect the host computer based on the searched address and a remote control processing unit configured to perform a remote control in an on-line state.

3. The USB apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the host computer has a USB mode driving program for performing a remote control by the USP apparatus, and authentication key data and host information for user authentication are previously stored in the host computer and the USB apparatus, respectively.

4. The USB apparatus according to claim 1, wherein when a dynamic IP is provided in the host computer during search of the host computer, a DDNS service providing terminal for search of the dynamic IP is further comprised.

5. A remote control method using a USB apparatus having a remote-control function, the method comprising:
equipping the USB apparatus in a USB port of a guest computer connected to a host computer through a network to search a host computer configured to perform a remote-control by IP search operation while an authentication key for authenticating a user and IP information are stored in a USB apparatus where the remote controllable program is stored and in a remote controlled host computer;
performing an authentication process depending on transception of an encrypted authentication key between the USB apparatus and the host computer to be synchronously on-line connected when a computer that has substantially the same with host information is searched depending on the search; and
analyzing a command in the host computer when Λvork data and a control command are transmitted into the host computer through am input unit of the guest computer in the connected state.

6. The method according to claim 5, wherein the IP search operation is characterized in search of a host computer which has substantially the same IP information and Mac Address information of the host computer set in the USB apparatus or in connection to a host computer by IP information generated when the host computer is turned on after a domain name is given with reference to the domain name.

7. The method according to claim 5, wherein during the remote-control process, when a control command on power-on driving is transmitted from the USB apparatus, a booting program is automatically performed and the host computer is operated depending on the control command transmitted via a LAN card supported with Wake up on LAN for turning on a power source of the host computer.