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The subject of an invention is a three-hinged dismountable arc hall that can be used as a factory house, warehouse etc.
Similar American halls, double-hinged arc halls, which are built from self-supporting TJ or V-shape metal plate sections are known from the patent description number US5455143 and US 38426747.
American halls after they have been constructed are not dismountable. They are designed as self-supporting arc halls founded firmly in the ground. Thus it is impossible to dismount them easily. The only way to dismount them in fact is to destroy the whole construction. In the project the arc sections, which were used to build up a hall, could be made only in the construction site, because due to their size they were difficult to transport.
The aim of the project is to design such a hall that will enable its quick construction and will provide its stability and rigidity at the same time.
It will also allow to dismount the hall quickly and to transport the elements of the construction with the use of any means of transport in order to re-construct the hall in another construction site. '
The arc hall according to the project of the invention characterises in that the self-supporting section that constitute the segments of the construction are the only bearing element of the hall.
The three-hinged dismountable arc hall of the invention consists of a set of joined arc segments. Each segment breaks up into two parts in the tie beam and all the elements are joined together with a special joint.

Segments are made up of several self-supporting sections made from V or U-shape zinc coated sheet, arc bended, put closely one by one and connected together on the ends by moulding or with the use of the trapezoid arc metal plate.
Metal plate staples are used to join firmly adjoining elements of the segments of the circumference. Staples are put in certain gaps on the edge of the joined segments.
The arc hall has got a simple and light construction.
Segments are not big and easy to transport as they are joined in the tie beam, which allows quick and easy assembly of the hall on the place of the construction site. It is also possible to build the hall in the construction site without special foundation (for example on stone blocks or concrete slabs)
The gable wall of the hall can be made up of removable canvas covers or trapezoid metal plate walls.
The arc hall project is presented as embodiment of numerous variants of an invention on enclosed figures of the drawing, where:
Fig 1. The main view of the three-hinged arc dismountable hall
Fig.2 the U-shape metal plate
Fig.3 the V-shape metal plate

The arc hall consists of the set of the segments 2. Each element breaks up in the tie beam and all the elements are joined together with the use of a special joint 3. Segments 2 are made up of several self-supporting U or V-shape zinc coated sheets, arc bended and joined together on the edge by moulding or with the use of arc-formed trapezoid metal plate. Metal staples 4 are used to connect adjoining elements on the edge.