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1. A power amplifier wherein permanent magnets are attached to both end portions of a metal bar with their N and S poles of each end portion facing with each other, a balanced permanent magnet is attached to a side portions of the metal bar, another metal bar is installed at an opposed side to the metal bar to be connected to each other,
a connecting rod is connected to an upper portion of the metal bar, a rotator is installed at an intermediation of the metal bars, the rotator attaches the permanent magnet on a circular metal plate of an aluminum cylinder in an annular shape with their N and S poles disposed alternately, the permanent magnets at the attraction side of the rotator are disposed at a center of the annular arrangement with their N-poles being directed outward, and the permanents magnets at the repulsion side of the circular metal plate are disposed at a inner portion and the outer portion of the annular arrangement with their N-poles being directed outward,
whereby when the rotator is rotated by another power source such as a motor or an engine, etc., the metal bar is reciprocated and the connecting rod connects a crank and a flywheel to make the rotational speed of the rotator equal thereto, by adjusting the gear ratio of the shaft connected to the flywheel to 1 :2.

2. The power amplifier according to claim 1, wherein a spring bush and a spring are installed at a center portion of the end portions of the metal bar to maintain a balance; and the permanent magnets of the rotator, the permanent magnets and the balanced permanent magnet the metal bar are operated to each other to be offset to make the transformation of the poles easy, thereby amplifying at least double the power energy by installing numerous magnets using a little power.