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Title of invention
A round stand for stretching of backbone

Technical field
This device is a thing about a round stand for stretcher of backbone flexibility sports.
Also, it is a thing about utility models No 0176549 of the person oneself, and it is the dependent contents.

Background Art
Partly buries bus tire in the earth, and what the back and the waist and do here is to an outdoor physical sports. However, this is not the sports organization, which can have individually. Also, there are weight lifting and connected a round stand for stretcher. However, this is not for one feature and use to be shown as a round stand oneself like the device that partly rises of weight lifting. Also the waist stand which fixing to the back of chairs and is held up with a waist, but waist stand can receive the backbone that is binds this with a waist and protects, and to be held up generally and length cannot be long and releases and lies on a floor plane on him like this device by being becoming sponge.

Disclosure of Invention
A human life varies from a life of an animal, and there are a few works to turn over a waist in a daily life at the back, and a waist enters time softness at a children as a branch of willow tree, and to be waist and hips have a natural beautiful curve to appear, but waist and hips have a not good curve while will become an adult.

Also, it small and flexibility is weakened. Accordingly, feels the need that life must do sports turning over human artificially to have listened to in this at the back, Therefore, does sports is paired off currently two by two, and to lift with a back alternately and to lies on an outdoor physical education institution with what partly asks a floor bus tire and will stop, and open, and stretching exercises.
With that this device can do this sports individually wherever when, a person is held up at a back by this device, and when lied, put on as the round stand which press waist and backbone, and bend with the self-weights at the back, and do stretching, and a width and length are forms to be categorized remarkably a plane of stand, and an upside stand of rounded forms in a length direction, and a backbone lets be long this length direction, forms of an upside and discriminated round stand even if forms round stand and can stick to the base plane by a magnet and stone, far-infrared and radioactive rays matter because turns, and the forming material which the inside structure of a device was fired at or air, can install an oscillation device.

Even if even width course achieves round form too, a right, left, edge is low, and a thing section to turn around does high relatively and makes a concave form in a length direction in the center of round stand. And a ring can lie on all sides.
Like the drawing 2, it is to have done in order to be selectively usable according to a person to have formed outside of each other different curvature in an upside (5) and the base plane (6), when use an upside (5) direction as an upside let a lot of by oppression to a tail direction, on the other hand can move body with round stand. Backbone formed (7) same in the center of a device with that can see a length direction in drawing 1 , 3, but force is added this to a backbone directly to protect a backbone, and it is to do in order force add to a ground pressure point, and to fall off.
See drawing 1 , it is to have given an effect to heighten a backbone ground pressure point part with rounded relatively low at a Miss direction corner spot of a length direction and it is what it did so that a product is solid with a structure. A|so, it is for it please feel further well, and a person to have done pressure in a width direction to have formed ribs rumples (4) like a wave, and it is to have steadied structure of a product, and it is an image expression about a purpose anger of too human coeducational a few product.
Also, see drawing 3, molded four rings (1 , 2) in a diagonally direction, but this is a ring to be able to tie up to a chair on a case-by-case basis, and a decoration element to have let a few rises. As for the dirt to do just the base plane horizontally, a cloud cannot exercise like a seesaw either, but, on the other hand, there is a merit to be able to feel stability.
Also, a hard plane of a ground pressure effective degree must be composed in the configuration that used a compressed air to an upside to touch the back and the waist with.

An above statement device can do the back and the waist and backbone stretching, and a sit-up is useful when exercises, and time to do that the upper part of the body lifts whether you cover a ship with is useful. Also, several degrees sticks to the chair back of a chair or a wall, and to use cover.
Also, is usable in all kinds of gymnastics of aerobics.
A taste can see he effect to taste good of time to do sports which lift each other with a back alternately two people basically this device,
A belching appears with spurs to a built-in feature because it is to stimulate the central nerve, and getting activation and does coolly.
A backbone disease is a root of all disease, therefore this device can gain a large treatment effect by a small cost and a small effort in a viewpoint.

Brief Description of Drawings
Drawing 1 is a perspective diagram to be able to watch this device to work in three dimensions.
Drawing 2 is a side elevation of this device to work. This is to be able to see the shape that measures stretching one locus curve, and applied a backbone to a human body coeducational correctly.
Drawing 3 is ground plan this of this device to work. Is for a supplement to explain the drawing 1 a ring (1 , 2) It is to show backbone form (7) that a massage and passes current (3).

Best Mode for Carrying Out the Invention
That it works according to a spot of round stand responding to a backbone ground pressure point is formed and can stick to a magnet and stone, ceramic ware, germanium and the same body by radioactive rays matter doing which seems to be this in what turn around this (3).
The inside of this invention does urethane and being other compound income and expenditure firing water and a form, and the face is formed cushion and blow mold. It can be structure to have wrapped in the same compound income and expenditure formed. Or it can be structure to have wrapped a compressed air or atmospheric pressure blow-mold formed.
Also, besides structure looking in a drawing, can mold the same elasticity with compound income and expenditure to have let there be a few with bamboo or him with the structure that the penetration becomes when saw in the side, and a floor plane and the bottom board to contact with are not, and it is possible too.
Also, is with several degrees to equip an oscillation device of the existing oscillation massage banner in this device by having been advance more.
This device can apply the device, which can manipulate curvature of round stand according to a user in future and is with the several degrees that equip the electronic systems, and used a device and an oscillation, a cloud as horseback riding too.

Industrial Applicability
A design does different backbone related sports organization which it is burnt, and get and a chair of this curve with human body coeducational a few backbone stretching curve a curve of round stand of this invention, several with backbone stretching effect applies, and to bind with safety.
A person is held up at a back by this device, and puts on as the round stand which presses waist and a backbone and bends with the self- weights at the back, and do stretching when lied, and a width and length are forms to be categorized remarkably a Plane of round stand, and an upside forms swollen round stand with generally in a length direction, and a backbone lets you be long this length direction, and swollen round stand.