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1. WO1993017109 - PROTEINE DE POINTE DU VIB (2)

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1. A DNA molecule which codes substantially for a truncated Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) spike protein polypeptide, said truncated IBV spike protein polypeptide being characterised in lacking the transmembrane and cytoplasmic anchor domains present in the native IBV spike protein.
2. A DNA molecule according to claim 1, wherein said truncated IBV spike protein polypeptide is of IBV M41, M42, 6/82, H120, H52, Ma5, D207, D12, D3896, D3128 strains or serotypes or of Connecticut isolate A3968.
3. A vector carrying a DNA molecule claimed in claim 1 or 2.
4. A vector according to claim 3, further containing a poxvirus viral promoter sequence linked to an inserted sequence of the DNA molecule.
5. A vector according to claim 4, further containing poxvirus sequence flanking the promoter and insert of the IBV DNA molecule, said flanking sequence being effective for homologous recombination of the total vector insert.
6. A vector according to claim 3, 4 or 5, wherein the native leader sequence between the promoter and the IBV DNA molecule is partially or wholly replaced by part or all of a sequence found downstream of another poxvirus promoter.
7. A vector according to claim 4, 5 or 6 wherein the virus is fowlpox virus.
8. A vector according to any of claims 3 to 7 which is a prokaryotic cloning vector.
9. Mammalian cells containing a DNA molecule claimed in claims 1 or 2.
10 Mammal ian cel l s accordi ng to claim 9 , wherei n the DNA mol ecul e i s contai ned i n a vector defi ned i n any of cl aims 5 to 8.

11 . A prokaryotic host i ncorporati ng a cloni ng vector defined i n claim 7.
12. A vector accordi ng to any of cl aims 3 to 8 for use i n vaccinating fowl agai nst Infectious Bronchi ti s Vi rus.