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1. WO1991015433 - FOUR DE FUSION

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1. Melting furnace for melting of raw material for mineral fibre production, which furnace on its side walls carries an optionally multilayered refractory lining comprising materials of different thermal conductivity, characterized in that the lining comprises at least one layer (14) including a zone ( 14 ' ) with a restricted dimension in the direction of the height of the side wall, and arranged at a level corresponding to the melt surface (7) and/or the interface between melt ( 6 ) and bottom iron ( 8 ) and made of a material of a thermal conductivity which is higher than that of the material (14") otherwise in this layer.

2. Melting furnace according to the Claim 1, characterized in that the thermal conductivity in the zone (14' ) is 2 to 5 times higher than in the layer otherwise.

3. Melting furnace according to the Claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the material with the higher thermal conductivity and the material with the lower thermal conductivity in the layer are of similar type, such as a ceramic material .

4. Melting furnace according to any one of the preceeding Claims, characterized in that the zone (14') is comprised of a graphite, SiC- or a C-SiC-mortar or -bricks.

5. Melting furnace according to the Claim 4, characterized in that the layer ( 14 ) otherwise is a mortar or bricks of a A1203-, MgO-, MgO/Cr203- or Al203/Cr203-based material.

6. Melting furnace according to any one of the Claims 1 to 5, characterized in that the said layer forms an intermediate layer which against the melt carries a layer of the actual furnace lining (15).

7. Melting furnace according to the Claim 6, characterized in that the furnace lining (15) consists of a Al203/Cr203-based material.