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Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is:

1. An aquarium tank having a bottom wall peripherally bounded by vertical side walls, at least one of which is at least partially shorter in height than the other side walls, for holding water at a level below the top edge of the said shorter peripheral side wall, and a hanging filter mounted on the top edge of said shorter side wall having a water intake extending downwardly therefrom to withdraw water from the interior of the tank.
2. The aquarium as in claim 1, wherein said aquarium is bounded on the bottom and uppermost perimeter by molding, said molding forming a continuous band around said aquarium.

3. The combination of claim 2, further comprising at least one panel permanently affixed to said aquarium above and in the same vertical plane as the shorter peripheral side wall and affixed on one side to an adjoining full height side wall such that the top edge of the said panel is in line with the top edge of said adjoining side wall.
4. The combination of claim 2, including a means for closing the opening bounded by the top edge of the shorter peripheral side wall, the two adjacent full height side walls and the uppermost perimeter molding, comprising;
a panel adapted to be aligned with the shorter side
wall to fit said opening and to extend up and
inside the uppermost perimeter molding, said panel having a cut-out to receive the hanging filter
mounted on the shorter side wall;
at least one portion on the panel adapted to engage
the top edge of the said shorter side wall such
that both are held in the same plane; and
at least one portion at each vertical edge of said
panel arranged to contact the edge of the adjacent full height peripheral side walls serving to hold
said panel rigidly in the same plane as the shorter side wall.