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1. WO1989004801 - PORTE-SAC A ORDURES

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A refuse bag holder for holding a refuse bag (14) which is preferably intended for use by dentists and doctors and which has resiliently bendable walls and is of the kind which can be opened by pressing the bag side edges (15, 15) towards one another to resiliently open out the two mutually opposing side walls (28, 29) of the bag in a respective direction from the main plane of the bag, such as to form an open bag which has relatively rigid side edges and is detachably mounted in a holder (9) which comprises a bottom support (19) for supporting the bottom edge (20) of the bag and two side-edge supports (13) for co-action with the side edges of the opened bag, such that the bag will be held firmly in its open position, said bottom support being configured to grip around the bottom edge of the bag, and each of the side-edge supports being configured to grip around a respective side edge of the open bag, characterized in that the holder includes a rear support wall (10), the upper part of which has a curved or cornered configuration to form a support for one outwardly convexed side of the open bag adjacent the upper end part of said one side in the vicinity of the bag opening; in that the side edges of the upper end of the rear support wall are provided with obliquely and outwardly directed, fixed flat parts (10A) which are extended with flat support parts (12) at an angle to the outwardly directed parts such as to form fixed seats (13) for the relatively rigid side edges of the open bag; in that the rear support wall is provided at the bottom thereof with an angled, fixed bottom support (19) having angularly disposed flat parts for supporting and retaining the relatively rigid bottom edge (20) of the open bag; in that the seat (13) and the rear wall (10) are configured so as to leave free spaces (11) beneath the seat (13) in order to leave a free space for the fingers of one hand used to press against the bag side-edges so as to urge said side edges resiliently towards one another to a mutual distance therebetween which will enable the bag to be inserted into and removed from said free space between the two seats (13); and in that the holder is a one-piece structure, made for instance from a plastics or sheet metal material.