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1. An improvement in long lines to which are attached a number of hook leaders (2), each long line (1) being provided with a number of enlargement members which are arranged in pairs to divide the long line into delimited sections, one for each hook (2), c h a r a c t e ri z e d therein that each hook leader (2) is provided with a quick fastener (7, 12) by means of which the hook leader may be attached to the long line, said quick fastener having an end portion (9) in the shape of a helical coil and in that an open gap is formed intermediate the helices of said fastener end portion for introduction of the long line (1).
2. An improvement in long lines in accordance with claim 1, c h a r a c t e r i z e d therein that the enlargement members formed in the main line consist of elements (10) intertwined into the long line (1) proper.
3. An improvement in long l nes in accordance with claim 1 or

2, c h a r a c t e r z e d therein that the quick fastener (12) is directly and rotational ly mounted on a swivel (11) so as to form an integral part thereof.