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1. A method for making a simulated stone, slate, wood or coral rock, wall, floor or roof comprising:
a) applying to the wall, floor or roof a coating of a high solids aqueous emulsion of polyvinyl acetate;
b) allowing said coating to dry;
c) applying to the coated surface an aqueous slurry of cement, sand and modified acrylic resin;
d) allowing said slurry to partially set;
e) making desired indentations and/or surface texturing in a selected design and removing the excess material;
f) permitting the applied slurry to completely set;
g) applying a water-resistant seal coating containing desired color; or applying a thin coat of slurry containing shading color, allowing it to dry, and then applying a clear water-resistant seal coating;
h) applying grout where needed and allowing it to set; and
i) applying a clear water-resistant coating to the entire surface of the applied mixture.