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1. A telephone characterized in that a single telephone is composed of a telephone proper connected to a plurality of external main wires and a plurality of handsets connected to said telephone proper, that there are provided dial buttons for calling the other party, a plurality of communication means each corresponding to one of said handsets to get into communication therewith, first switching means for changing connections of said communication means with said external main wires, second switching means responsive to a dial signal to change connections of said main wires with one another, and dial signal transmitting means for transmitting a dial signal to given one of said main wires to which at least one of said handsets is connected on said telephone proper side, and that there are provided means for communication with said telephone proper, signal and voice conversion means, and reception announcing means on each said handset side.
  2. A telephone as set forth in claim 1, characterized in that radio connections are respectively provided at different frequencies between said telephone proper and said handsets.
  3. A telephone as set forth in claim 1, characterized in that there are provided record reproducing means for IC cards, and control means accessible to said various means of said telephone proper on said telephone program whereby a program of an IC card is utilized to provide said telephone with an additional function.