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1. US5042487 - Examination unit including positionable patient chair, examination device and support system

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I claim as my invention:
1. A system for medical examination of a patient's spine under variable and controllable stress conditions which include inducement of gravitational effects, said system comprising:
chair means that is generally vertically oriented for adjustably positioning a seated patient, said chair means including means defining a seat for supporting a patient and a back movably positioned relative to said seat for engaging a patient's back, and stressing the back by tilting in the forward or reverse direction, and means for moving said chair means with respect to the vertical and for adjustably positioning the chair back relative to the chair seat;
examination means including an annularly-shaped CT-type examination device oriented in a generally horizontal attitude and having a central opening, said examination means for use in the internal examination of a patient in said chair means under stress condition;
support means which includes at least three vertically oriented pole-like members for engaging and supporting said examination means in said generally horizontal attitude and for moving said device upwardly and downwardly relative to the vertical and in surrounding relationship to said chair means in said examining position;
control means associated with said examination means and chair means for adjustably positioning each of said means;
imaging means associated with said examination means for imaging a patient's spine, which patient is seated on the chair means within said examination means; and
said chair means being positioned within said support means and relative to said examination means so that said examination means may be moved downwardly around said chair means so as to surround the same for examination of the patient, whereby images of said patient in a generally vertical and stressed condition can be obtained.