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1. GB532599 - Improvements in or relating to safety valves

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claim is: 86
1 A safety valve including a valve element of pot form fitted with a loose lid member and with a ported loose cylindrical sleeve closely surrounding the valve pot, there being provided between 90 the valve element and the sleeve an annular recess which first receives pressure fluid released by the valve element whereby " high-lift " travel is imparted to the valve element, and from 95 which pressure fluid is admitted into the interior of the pot whereby to displace the lid member into sealing engagement with a guide penetrated by an externally, loaded spindle acting on the valvel OO element.
2 A safety valve as c laimed in claim 1 in which the valve spindle guide is constituted by a bush provided with a splined, fluted or otherwise machined 105 bore devised to afford substantially frictionless guidance for the valve spindle.
3 A safety valve as claimed in claim 1 in which the sleeve rests at its lower end 110 on a valve seat member and is adapted, should it stick to the valve element, to lift with the valve element and to afford outlet between its lower end land the seat member for release of pressure fluid 115 4 A safety valve as claimed in claim 1 in which the lid member and the valve spindle guide are provided with interengageable annular sealing faces.
A safety valve constructed and 120 arranged for operation substantially as hereindescribed with reference to the accompanying drawings.
Dated this 26th day of December, 1939.
C 1 ITTIXSTIANK & FAIRWEATRER, 29 St Vincent Place, G-lasgow, C 1, and 6 i 5/66 Chancery Lane, London, W C 2, Agents for the Applicants.
Leamington Spa Printed for His Majesty's Stationery Office, by the Courier Press -1941.