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1. A filling machine for filling product into a packaging container comprising;

at least one filling nozzle for ejection of liquid in a first general direction into the packaging container, wherein the filling nozzle is arranged in a dishbox having an opening through which the product may be ejected towards a package provided in a volume, wherein the opening may selectively be sealed by a sealing valve having a valve body with a portion dimensioned to be inserted in said opening, characterized in that a recess is arranged in an upper surface of the volume such that the valve body is at least partly insertable in the recess in the rest position.

2. The filling machine of claim 1, wherein an effective

diameter of the opening is smaller than the effective diameter of the recess, referring to the diameter of engagement, such that the part of the valve body being exposed towards the filling nozzles in the use position has not been exposed the atmosphere inside the volume when in the rest position.

3. The filling machine of claim 1 or 2, wherein the sealing valve is movable in the said first general direction and perpendicular to said first general direction between a use position and a rest position.

4. The filling machine any preceding claim, wherein the valve body is coupled to a turning shaft extending from an annular channel in an upper surface of the volume, wherein sealing means are arrange to provide a seal between the turning shaft and said channel when the valve body is positioned in the recess.

5. The filling machine of claim 4, wherein the turning shaft comprises individual projections abutting the inner wall channel, said projections being distributed around the circumference of the shaft.