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Indoor infokiosk

The subject of the invention is the indoor infokiosk dedicated especially for enabling user to get information and/or making a transaction.

So far we know different types of multimedia coffer containing computer sets with the monitors, consisting of cover parts with the equipment as well as the program part. These multimedia devices are communication with user using keyboard and/or touch screen and have display presenting asked information. They are popular in the places where there is high pedestrian traffic like for example at the airports, on railway stations and bus stops .

From the Utility Model no. Ru.62117 we know the multimedia coffer which has adjacent glass from the inside from the rectangular cutout placed in the cover. The glass is fixed on the two edges in the support using profiles. In parallel to the glass there is a rectangular plasma monitor attached to the mounting plate using a rack. All the exterior edges of the cover and of the rectangular cutout have the shape of curved, oblong profiles of the quarter round sections. To the edges of the mounting plate there are perpendicular guide elements attached. On the surface of the mounting plate there are vents placed, where on two utmost and from the interior of cover there are two blowing ventilator placed. Next to and below those elements, also on the mounting plate, there are mixing ventilator, heating panel and the control system placed.

The essence of the indoor infokiosk, according to the invention is that the casing body is equipped with the assembly segment for the regulation of the position of the audiovisual devices. The casing body has underframe coupled with the sling unit having fixed outer arms with the horizontal and vertical slide mechanism. It also has sliding internal arms, wherein the casing body has a protective panel and in the bottom part it is equipped with the battery pack and charging regulator.

The advantage of the outdoor infokiosk, according to the invention is the ease of use by the user and outdoor infokiosk location universality in places where there is no access to power network. The construction of this solution is easy to dismantle and is mechanically resistant whereas antireflection glass guarantees good quality and high resolution image on plasma monitor.

The subject of the invention is visualized in the installation example on the figure. Fig. 1 shows indoor infokiosk from the side perspective, Fig. 2 shows indoor infokiosk from the front perspective and Fig.3 shows assembly segment for placing audiovisual devices - in the axonometric perspective.

Indoor infokiosk has casing body 1 of cuboid outline, of construction made of high quality steel sheet, laser cut, folded and welded. In the front part there is outcut 2_with placed antireflection glass 3. The back wall is equipped with assembly segment 5_for placing audiovisual devices 6. Assembly segment 5 allows regulation of position audiovisual devices 6_in eight position points. Assembly segment 5 has frame coupled with the sling unit 8} which has fixed outer 9_with the vertical regulation mechanism 10, the horizontal regulation mechanism 11 and vertical regulation mechanism 10 and has sliding internal arms (12 ). Moreover the casing body 1 has a protective panel 13 of the photovoltaic structure in the top part and in the bottom part it is equipped with the battery pack 14 and the charging regulator 15.