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1. WO2007104729 - MIROIR ÉCLAIRANT

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1. Mirror provided with a peripheral zone which is a light-radiation-emitting panel composed of at least one glass sheet and a plurality of light-emitting diodes or LEDs placed inside the panel within the peripheral zone, characterized in that the mirror comprises an assembly:
• of at least one emitting structure containing one or more glass sheets and the LEDs
• with a reflecting structure that reflects the light radiation,
the emitting structure being mechanically fastened to the reflecting structure and assembled, by lamination, with the latter and with a peripheral dispersion means consisting of a clear glass sheet, the surface of which has been frosted or sandblasted in the peripheral zone, on the external side of the laminated assembly, the side opposite that of the reflecting structure relative to the emitting structure.

2. Mirror according to Claim 1, characterized in that the LEDs are supplied by means of a conducting translucent layer deposited on the glass sheet of the emitting structure on which the LEDs lie.

3. Mirror according to Claim 1 or 2, characterized in that zones have been isolated from the rest of the conducting layer by thin isolating bands.

4. Mirror according to Claim 3, characterized in that the reflecting structure is a metallic surface.

5. Mirror according to Claim 4, characterized in that the metal of the reflecting structure is silver or a silver alloy.

6. Mirror according to any one of Claims 1 to 5, characterized in that a sheet of plastic chosen from polyesters is laminated between the glass sheet of the emitting structure, on which the LEDs lie, and the peripherally frosted sheet of clear glass of the dispersion means.

7. Mirror according to Claim 6, characterized in that the plastic is chosen from polyesters.

8. Mirror according to Claim 7, characterized in that the polyester is chosen from polyvinyl butyral, ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers and polyethylene terephthalates .

9. Mirror according to any one of Claims 1 to 8, characterized in that the light radiation is radiation in the visible spectrum.

10. Mirror according to any one of Claims 3 to 9, characterized in that the conducting zones supplying the LEDs are connected to busbars located on at least one edge of the mirror, so as to be able to be concealed by a frame that covers the edges of the mirror and comprises the power supply cables for the busbars .