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1. A fabric conditioning composition comprising:

(a) less than 7.5% by weight of a ester-linked
quaternary ammonium fabric softening material
comprising at least one mono-ester linked component and at least one tri-ester linked component;

(b) a fatty complexing agent;

wherein the weight ratio of the mono-ester linked
component of compound (a) to fatty complexing agent (b) is from 5:1 to 1:5.

2. A composition as claimed in claim 1, wherein the fatty complexing agent is a fatty alcohol.

3. A composition as claimed in claim 2, wherein the fatty alcohol is tallow alcohol.

4. A composition as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 3 , wherein the quaternary ammonium material is represented by formula (I) :

wherein each R is independently selected from a C5-35 alkyl or alkenyl group, R represents a Cι_4 alkyl or hydroxyalkyl group or a C2-4 alkenyl group,

0 0

T is — 0 — C — or — C — O ;

n is 0 or an integer selected from 1 to 4, m is 1, 2 or 3 and denotes the number of moieties to which it refers that pend directly from the N atom, and X is an anionic group, such as halides or alkyl sulphates, e.g.
chloride, methyl sulphate or ethyl sulphate.

5. A composition as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 4, further comprising an oily sugar derivative.

6. A method for treatment of fabrics comprising contacting the composition as claimed in any one of claims 1 to
5 with fabrics in a laundry treatment process.