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1. Dispensing device, especially for dispensing a detergent in a pipeline milking plant (2) comprising means (4) for producing a vacuum in said plant, c h a r a c t e r i s e d in
that the vacuum-producing means (4) is also connected, via a line (26), to a container (6),
that a level-determining first pipe (16) is so adjustably arranged in the container (6) that the detergent, by the vacuum produced, is drawn from a supply (20) into the container (6) where it adjusts to a level corresponding to the vertical position of an opening (18) of the first pipe (16), when said vacuum is eliminated,
that said line (26) merges into a second pipe (24) which is extended in the container ( 6 ) , passes into it from below and opens in the upper part thereof, and
that means (22) is provided for emptying the con-tainer ( 6 ) and for gas-tight closure thereof when no emptying is carried out.
2. Device as claimed in claim 1, c h a r a c t e r i s e d in that a valve (28) is arranged in the line (26) between the second pipe (24) and the vacuum-producing means (4) for shutting off the dispensing device, and
that the level-determining first pipe (16) also passes into the container (6) from below.
3. Device as claimed in claim 1 or 2, c h a r a c -t e r i s e d by
means (19) for preventing detergent from entering said second pipe ( 24 ) and thus said vacuum-producing means ( 4 ) .
4. Device as claimed in claim 3, c h a r a c t e r -i s e d in that said means (19) is so arranged at said level-determining first pipe (16) that the opening (18) thereof is screened from the opening of the second pipe ( 24 ) in the container ( 6 ) .