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What is claimed is:

1 ) A temporary night pipe cap for a water main pipe so that water service can be restored during times when repairs to the water main are temporarily stopped comprising:

a) A gasket adapted to be placed onto a shoulder surface of an opening in the water main;

b) A metal plate with an upper surface and a lower surface and comprising a projection from the upper surface adapted to operably receive a pressure relief valve; and

c) A plurality of clamps for securing the temporary night cap to the opening in the water main;

wherein the gasket is placed on the shoulder surface of the water pipe, the lower surface of the metal plate is placed on top of the gasket and the plurality of clamps secure the temporary night cap to a notch in the opening of the water main.

2) The temporary night cap of Claim 1 wherein the metal plate and the gasket are generally circular in shape.

3) The temporary night cap of Claim 1 wherein the plurality of clamps comprise a block with a fiat gripping surface adapted to engage the notch, first and second threaded openings oriented generally perpendicular to each other which receive first and second threaded bolts, wherein the first threaded bolt engages an outside surface of the opening in the water main and the first threaded bolt and second threaded bolt are tightened so that the temporary night pipe cap is sealed to the opening in the water main and securely maintains its position as the water main pipe is pressurized by restoration of the water service therein.