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TítuloPaísFecha de publicación
Clasificación InternacionalNº de solicitudSolicitanteInventor/a
1. WO/2017/030518 HEAT ENGINEWO23.02.2017
F01K 11/02
PCT/UA2016/000013BRUSOV, Andrii IgorovychBRUSOV, Andrii Igorovych
A heat engine consisting of two reservoirs which are arranged in areas with a different environmental temperature, said reservoirs containing a working fluid, the boiling point of which is lower than the temperature of the environment in which the first reservoir is located and higher than the temperature of the environment in which the second reservoir is located; furthermore, at least one connecting pipe with a different inlet and outlet diameter and at least one rebound valve is located between the reservoirs; furthermore, at least one turbine is located in the reservoirs, the rotor of which turbine is kinematically connected to at least one device which is arranged outside the reservoirs and is intended for solving a specific task; and a heat-insulating layer is additionally located between the reservoirs.

2. WO/2017/030519 OVERHEAD LIGHTING SYSTEMWO23.02.2017
E04B 9/00
PCT/UA2016/000061BONDARENKO, Serhii AnatolijovychBONDARENKO, Serhii Anatolijovych
The invention relates to the field of construction, in particular to false ceilings, and specifically to overhead lighting systems. The present overhead lighting system comprising a structure made from rigid profiles, decorative panels and lighting fixtures is characterized in that the decorative panels are arranged so as to form a grid structure and lighting fixtures are arranged in the gaps between the panels, the lighting fixtures being formed from light-emitting-diode strips fastened to projecting elements of the rigid profiles and additionally comprising light diffusers in the form of transparent profiles made from polymeric materials. This design of the overhead lighting system makes it possible to use, during installation, lighting elements preassembled under production conditions on a base of rigid overhead profiles, to eliminate from the technological process a separate operation for mounting the lighting equipment, thus solving the issue of lighting immediately during the installation stage of the actual profile system (structure) of the future ceiling and at the same time substantially reducing the time for bringing the installation into operation and the estimated cost of the installation work.

A63F 3/06
PCT/UA2015/000083APOSTOLOV, Vasyl IvanovychAPOSTOLOV, Vasyl Ivanovych
The invention relates to games, and specifically to a method and devices for determining whether symbols, in changing sequences of symbols, comprise a winning combination indicated on a lottery ticket, and may be used in conducting a lottery. A method includes providing, on lottery tickets, an informational unit of data in the form of a sequence of N symbols, conducting a draw involving sequentially determining each of the N symbols by means of using a mechanical or electronic device containing N windows or sections for visual observation united into an information panel, stopping the changing of the symbols by using a means for canceling the changing of symbols in a window or section on an information panel, wherein the rate of symbol change differs in each window or section, then comparing each symbol in the window or section with the symbol in the informational unit of data on the lottery ticket in accordance with the sequential numbers thereof, and, when a symbol on the information panel matches a corresponding symbol on the lottery ticket, counting the determined symbol match.

A23B 7/005
PCT/UA2016/000040EREMENKO, Dmitriy ValerevichEREMENKO, Dmitriy Valerevich
The present method of producing preserved tomatoes relates to the field of human necessities, and more particularly to the food industry and to techniques for preparing and treating foods and foodstuffs, and even more particularly to methods of preserving foodstuffs, and is intended for preserving vegetables, specifically tomatoes, such as to enhance their properties in terms of usability, nutritional value and taste, and can be used in the food industry, for example in public catering establishments, vegetable processing plants, etc. The method of producing preserved tomatoes involves successively inspecting, washing and comminuting raw vegetable material, placing seasonings and vegetables in a packaging container, preparing a preserving fluid, adding said preserving fluid, and carrying out packaging and sterilization, wherein the packaging container (a can) and the lid of the packaging container are pre-sterilized, then tomatoes and yellow onion are cut into slices having a thickness of 3-6 mm, whereupon seasonings, the chopped vegetables, whole cherry tomatoes and garlic (whole cloves) are placed in the packaging container, then the preserving fluid is prepared, containing (in wt%): 87.56 - 88.61 water; 3.96 salt; 3.3 sugar; 3.3 gelatin; 1.32 vinegar essence (70% acetic acid), and the preserving fluid is added to the packaging container in a vegetable:seasoning:preserving fluid ratio of 64:1:35.

5. WO/2017/018963 WIND POWER UNITWO02.02.2017
F03D 9/25
PCT/UA2016/000084AMITOV, Aleksandr ViliorovichAMITOV, Aleksandr Viliorovich
The wind power unit relates to the field of wind power engineering and can be used in the construction of wind power stations. The technical problem addressed by the invention is that of simplifying the construction, reducing the metal content and increasing the operating reliability and efficiency. The unit comprises at least one wind wheel (1) which is fastened to a shaft (2) such that the rotor (3) of a generator (4) can rotate, and an immovably fastened housing of a stator (5). In the stator (6), a multiplicity of coils (6) with outputs of windings (7) is arranged on an arc of a circle, and also magnets (8) are arranged in a circle on the rotor (3) with clearances between said magnets. The housing of the stator (5) of the generator (4) is fastened to a support mast (10) by a bracket (9). The shaft (2) of the wind wheel (1) and the shaft (11) of the rotor (3) of the generator (4) are interconnected. The rotor (3) of the generator (4) is in the form of a non-magnetic carrier disc (14) with permanent magnets (8), which are mounted on the external contour thereof and have poles arranged in a direction tangential to the contour, and is fastened to the shaft (11), which is mounted in rotation supports. Each coil (6) of the stator (5) is formed from at least two windings (7), each of the windings (7) is bent in the form of two open rings, a first ring (17) and a second ring (18), which are the working part of the windings and surround the area in which the magnets (8) of the rotor (3) are arranged. The ends of the open rings (17, 18) are interconnected by longitudinal sections (19, 20) of said windings. In each coil (6), the open rings of a first number (17) of subsequent windings are placed coaxially on an arc of a circle between the open rings of previous windings, and the ring junction faces towards the centre of the carrier disc (14) and exceeds the thickness of the carrier disc (14) of the permanent magnets (8).

6. WO/2017/018964 CONFECTIONARY PRODUCTWO02.02.2017
A23G 3/36
PCT/UA2016/000094BOLSHAKOVA, Olena MykolaiivnaBOLSHAKOVA, Olena Mykolaiivna
A confectionary product including a body comprised of at least one shape-giving layer, which is made from a pre-prepared berry and/or fruit and/or vegetable mixture with added natural fructose (if necessary) and/or a sugar-containing product (if necessary). The thickness of the shape-giving layer is from 1 to 6 mm.

G09B 1/00
PCT/UA2015/000063URUM, Vitalii AnatoliiovychURUM, Vitalii Anatoliiovych
Utility model relates to a method for teaching grammar where the specific grammar rules or grammar related materials are presented via series of pictures or images which facilitates memorising process of grammar material and enables the results of learning to be remembered for a long period of time. The method for memorising of grammar rules, used in the utility model, utilises selection and interconnection (imposition, juxtaposition) of graphic visual images, which may be associated with information being memorised, which provides an opportunity of further anamnesis of the essence of the grammar rule.

F03B 17/06
PCT/UA2015/000065OVSIANKIN, Viacheslav ViktorovichOVSIANKIN, Viacheslav Viktorovich
The present energy-capturing element for a wave power generator is intended for converting the energy of sea waves and currents and relates to the field of hydraulic power engineering. The essence of the proposed invention lies in creating an energy-capturing element having a structure which efficiently converts the energy of water flows. This is achieved in that the structure of the energy-capturing element permits the element to assume, under the effect of waves and currents, the shape of a spatial spiral with periodically recurring ascending and descending portions, which alternate with cylindrical spiral portions.

9. WO/2017/014712 HUSEYNLI ENGINEWO26.01.2017
F01B 9/06
PCT/UA2016/000069HUSEYNOV, Mahabbad MustafaevichHUSEYNOV, Mahabbad Mustafaevich
An engine capable of being powered by compressed air, said engine having opposed cylinders. The engine is made of aluminium or plastic. Inside a housing, the cylinders are associated with piston rods (9) and a star-shaped rotor (7), capable of rotating on two bearings. The engine housing contains gas distributors (11, 12) The engine is capable of operating in two-stroke mode and comprises an oil pump and channels for lubricating the rods (9), the cylinders, the bearings and the star-shaped rotor (7).

10. WO/2017/014713 MAGNETOELECTRIC GENERATORWO26.01.2017
H02K 21/14
PCT/UA2016/000078AMITOV, Aleksandr ViliorovichAMITOV, Aleksandr Viliorovich
The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, and specifically to low-speed electric generators, and may be used predominantly in wind-energy and hydropower installations. A magnetoelectric generator contains a plurality of coils (1) with offshoots (2) of windings (3), located on a stator (4) housing along the arc of the circumference thereof in such a way that the centers of the inner openings of each coil (1) winding (3) are disposed on said circumference, coaxially to the centers of the inner openings of the stator windings (3); all annular portions of the coil (1) windings (3)' are encircled by a torus-like modular magnetic conductor made of a magnetically soft material, which has a slot on the side of a carrier disk (5) of modular permanent magnets (6); the magnets (6) are affixed to the carrier disk (5) via washer brackets (21) made of a magnetically soft material, are modular, and contain permanent magnets (22, 23) and magnetic conductors (24) installed at the ends of the permanent magnets (22, 23). The magnetoelectric generator is simple in design, has a decreased moment of resistance when rotating, is efficient at low rotational speeds, and has an increased specific power output.

Resultados 1-10 de 1.473 para loscriterios:(ANID:UA* AND CTR:WO) Oficina(s):all Idioma:ES separación automática de palabras en lexemas: true
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