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1. WO/2016/133482 BALASHOV'S LIGHTING FIXTUREWO25.08.2016
F21S 10/04
PCT/UA2016/000015BALASHOV, Oleksandr MykolaiovychBALASHOV, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych
Lighting fixture which includes a power supply, a frame with a light- conducting element or display panel with a screen, a light source inside the frame in form of at least one LED module with n-number of LEDs (or other artificial point light sources), wherein the LEDs (or other artificial point light sources) are connected to a microprocessor adapted to control the LEDs' commutation with selected brightness, color, sequence and flame imitating speed.

2. WO/2016/133484 SOLAR AND WIND POWER PLANTWO25.08.2016
F03D 3/06
PCT/UA2016/000021SOGOKON, Aleksandr BorisovichSOGOKON, Aleksandr Borisovich
A solar and wind power plant relates to the field of wind and solar energy, and can be used for self-contained and year-round power supply for domestic and industrial consumers. The invention addresses the problem of reducing the consumption of materials and the cost and weight of the solar and wind power plant. The problem is solved in that in the solar and wind power plant, containing a vertical axis wind turbine which is made of blades in the form of cylindrical surfaces and is mechanically connected to an electrical power generator; a solar concentrator; a unit for tracking the position of the sun; and a heat absorber designed in the form of tubes with a heat-transfer agent, the concave surfaces of the blades are made of a material which reflects solar radiation onto the heat absorber disposed on the axis of rotation of the wind turbine, functioning as a solar concentrator. In alternative embodiments, the blades of the wind turbine are designed so as to be capable of rotation about the vertical axis thereof. The wind turbine with the electrical power generator can be secured so as to be capable of deviation from the vertical axis. The convex surfaces of the blades can be made of a material which converts light energy into electricity. The joint use of solar energy and wind energy makes it possible to produce a year-round, self-contained power supply.

A61L 15/44
PCT/UA2016/000019MANORYK, Petro AndriyovychMANORYK, Petro Andriyovych
The hemostatic composition, comprising water-retaining, binder dust suppression, inorganic and organic hemostatic agents, and hemostatic device comprising the composition of hemostatic agents and a container that keeps hemostatic composition.

PCT/UA2016/000029ORSYK, Sergiy IvanovichORSYK, Sergiy Ivanovich
Use: in agriculture for cleaning and simultaneously sorting the seeds of cereal crops, grass crops and other crops at grain elevators and plant breeding stations. Essence: a method in which a grain mixture is loaded into a hopper and particles of the mixture are subsequently fed into an inclined rotating drum, in which, as a result of the high-speed rotation of the drum, the mixture is evenly distributed across the entire cylindrical surface of the drum, forming a two-layered structure. The lower, static layer of the mixture is forcibly pressed directly against the surface of the drum by centrifugal forces. In the upper layer, by means of the mechanical action of rotating blades, a pseudo-boiling structure is formed and this part of the layer of the mixture is gravitationally displaced along the drum and transferred into the lower, static layer by centrifugal forces. During separation, the grain mass is directed into endless slots of variable width along the length of the drum. Each fraction of the separated material is sent to corresponding fraction collectors by arresters, which curve around the outside of the drum. The slots in the drum are cleaned by a fixed brush. The present device comprises a loading hopper and a rotating drum in the form of a spring, the drum being mounted at an angle to the horizontal and having fraction collectors disposed therebeneath. Rotating blades are mounted on a shaft inside the drum with a gap between the ends of the blades and the surface of the drum. Stiffening ribs and means for the forcible local stretching of the spring are disposed on the surface of the drum. The drum is covered by a casing, which is divided by partitions into sectors. Technical advantages: increased technical and functional capabilities; improved efficiency and quality of the separation process; universality.

F41A 21/30
PCT/UA2016/000014YURCHENKO, Roman AnatoliyovychYURCHENKO, Roman Anatoliyovych
The invention relates to the field of weaponry, and specifically to compensators for reducing the sound of a shot. The compensator comprises a hollow cylindrical housing with flanges. The flanges have openings for the ejection of a bullet. The composition of the housing includes: an internal chamber for the preliminary expansion of gases and, mounted in succession, gas expansion chambers and a final gas expansion chamber. Each of the gas expansion chambers is in the form of a coaxial external and internal cylinder. The final gas expansion chamber is in the form of an external cylinder. An internal element is formed inside the internal cylinders of the gas expansion chambers and the external cylinder of the final gas expansion chamber. The internal element is in the form of a truncated cone. Through-openings which are formed at an angle to the central axis of the expansion chamber are arranged uniformly on the wall of the internal cylinder. The technical result consists in effectively reducing the sound level of a shot with complete extinguishing of powder gases, and with the accuracy of fire being maintained and the design being simplified.

A63B 21/00
PCT/UA2016/000010TYKHONOV, Valerii GennadievichTYKHONOV, Valerii Gennadievich
Use: The invention relates to kinesitherapy and physiotherapy, and more specifically to kinesitherapy and physiotherapy devices for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the human locomotor system. The nature of the invention: a device for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the human locomotor system contains an arc-like metal frame in which a cradle is fastened, containing removable elastic rollers on a working surface and being provided with a supporting roller for feet in a lower part, an under-head roller in an upper part, and resistance band tension members; a vertical metal support frame for attaching the arc-like metal frame with the cradle thereon in an inclined position, said vertical metal support frame being provided with means for adjusting the inclination of the cradle and with hinged elements; and a means for adjusting the transverse inclination of the cradle. What is novel is that the cradle is modular, containing detachable, interchangeable panel modules and roller modules which are formed by removable elastic rollers. What is also novel is that the arc-like metal frame is designed in such a way as to be capable of being secured on the vertical support frame in both directions of deflection of said arc-like frame. What is also novel is that the means for adjusting the transverse inclination of the cradle is mounted on the vertical support frame and is designed in the form of an immovable hook and a moveable hook. The technical result: an increase in the effectiveness of the prevention and treatment of diseases of the human locomotor system as a consequence of the possibility of taking a patient's individual characteristics into account, as a result of which the functional capabilities of the device are expanded, while the assembly of the device is simultaneously simplified.

7. WO/2016/122432 ENTEROSORBENTWO04.08.2016
A61K 9/20
PCT/UA2015/000067BOIKO, Olexandr MikhailovichBOIKO, Olexandr Mikhailovich
The enterosorbent in the form of a tablet contains the following components, wt.%: silicon dioxide colloidal 25,00 - 35,00 microcrystalline cellulose 15,00 - 33,00 sorbite 20,00 - 30,00 croscarmellose sodium 12,00 - 16,00 potato starch 2,00 - 6,00 magnesium stearate 0,50 - 1,10.

8. WO/2016/122431 FOUR-DIE FORGING DEVICEWO04.08.2016
B21J 13/02
PCT/UA2015/000043LAZORKIN, Dmytro ViktorovychLAZORKIN, Dmytro Viktorovych
A four-die forging device is intended for forging ingots and blanks made of various steels and alloys. Dies (5-8) are fastened to corresponding die holders (1-4) by means of clamps (9). On the surfaces of the die holders (1-4) and the faces of the dies (5-8) contiguous therewith there are provided longitudinal grooves (13, 14). In these grooves, and likewise in grooves (15) provided in the clamps (9), there are mounted cylindrical connecting elements (16) such that the longitudinal axes thereof are level with the contiguous die and holder surfaces. In the connecting elements (16) there are cutouts (17), which pass through the longitudinal plane of symmetry, wherein the connecting elements (16) are mounted for rotation about their longitudinal axis and can be fixed in a working position, in which the cutouts (17) are situated in the grooves (13) of the die holders, or in a non-working position, in which the cutouts (17) are situated in the grooves (14) of the dies. This provides the possibility of disconnecting the dies from and connecting the dies to their respective holders without disconnecting the clamps from the die holders.

9. WO/2016/122433 ARMOURED VEHICLEWO04.08.2016
B60P 3/03
PCT/UA2016/000009MATVIYETS, Iryna DanilivnaMATVIYETS, Iryna Danilivna
The invention relates primarily to armoured land vehicles intended, in particular, for transporting valuables, goods and passengers, or special-purpose vehicles, such as medical vehicles, cash-in-transit vehicles, rescue vehicles and military vehicles and their crew or attendant personnel. The present vehicle consists of a chassis, a body with an armoured compartment for the crew, and an engine compartment, and, according to the invention, the armoured vehicle is provided with pseudo-windows, each of which is made of bulletproof steel and has, on the outside, the appearance and shape of a conventional vehicle window with at least one video camera fastened in or next to the pseudo-window, while a monitor, on which a current image from the video camera can be viewed, is attached to the rear side of the pseudo-window, inside the crew compartment. The invention addresses the problem of creating a vehicle which weighs less yet offers no less reliable protection to the crew. This problem is solved by eliminating heavy windows made of bulletproof glass from the design of the armoured vehicle through the use of video cameras mounted on the outside and connected to monitors situated inside the crew compartment.

G09F 27/00
PCT/UA2016/000012KOT, Andrii HryhorovychKOT, Andrii Hryhorovych
A publicity device comprising a housing with a video playback device and with mounting means, which provide for the possibility of attaching the housing to a supporting surface, and the video playback device is connected to a digital signal and information storage and processing source with the aid of a wired or wireless connection, the digital signal and information storage and processing source is provided with wired or wireless access to the Internet, sound-reproducing equipment which is connected to the digital signal and information storage and processing source, and a replaceable/non-replaceable storage battery, wherein the digital signal and information storage and processing source and the storage battery are arranged in a protective housing. The video playback device is in the form of a flat two-sided screen which is protected by shockproof and/or water-impermeable material, and video cameras and/or IR cameras, transducers and/or sensors, which are connected to the digital signal and information storage and processing source, are additionally incorporated on each side of the housing.

Results 1-10 of 1,409 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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