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Clasificación InternacionalNº de solicitudSolicitanteInventor/a
G06F 9/50
Methods, systems, and computer readable mediums for optimizing a system configuration are disclosed. In some examples, a method includes determining whether a system configuration for executing a workload using a distributed computer system is optimizable and in response to determining that the system configuration is optimizable, modifying the system configuration such that at least one storage resource for storing workload data is located at a server node that is executing the workload in the distributed computer system.

A61H 39/00
PCT/UA2016/000025ZALEVSKYY, Oleksandr VjacheslavovychZALEVSKYY, Oleksandr Vjacheslavovych
1. Technology field: satisfaction of human life needs, medicine and veterinary science. 2. Direct application: the drug-free non-traditional restoration of a biological entity, using a personal mobile electronic device. 3. Essence of the technical solution: an operating-mode switch (9) being additionally introduced into an electronic device, said switch being functionally linked to a software control unit (5), and being the means by which a contact element (2) is alternately electrically connected to units for receiving (4) and outputting (3) electric biopotentials. 4. Technical result: allowing for the individual automatic control of a user's biological information in real time; allowing for operating independently of a personal computer; allowing for around-the-clock diagnosis and therapy in a mode freely controlled by a user; simplifying device operating conditions by using a single contact electrode for the reception and transmission of a user's biological information.

A23P 1/04
PCT/UA2016/000146PYVOVAROV, Pavel PetrovichPYVOVAROV, Pavel Petrovich
The invention relates to an encapsulating head and to a device for producing capsules by the downward coaxial extrusion encapsulation of a sheath forming agent and a core material through air into a receiving liquid. The technical result of the invention is the production of capsules with a core that is based on fats and/or hydrophobic substances, said capsules having a diameter of from 1.0 mm to 10.0 mm and different ratios of capsule sheath to core material.

4. WO/2017/099696 IMPLANTWO15.06.2017
A61L 27/02
PCT/UA2016/000011MISHCHENKO, Oleg NikolaevichMISHCHENKO, Oleg Nikolaevich
Application: the invention relates to the field of medical technology and may be used in preparing implants for dentistry, traumatology, orthopedics, vascular surgery and various forms of plastic surgery. Essence of the invention: an implant containing a base which is covered in an oxide film, the surface of which contains grooves in an area which comes into contact with soft tissue, said grooves being applied via laser. The invention is novel in that the groove dimensions are 5-300nm, and in that the grooves are disposed in a given direction in accordance with the anatomical location and functional application of the implant, at an interval of 5-400nm. Technical result: improving adhesion and the subsequent integration of the cellular elements of soft tissue into the structure of the oxide film, thus achieving a stable, strong connection of soft tissue to the surface of an implant, the connection not changing under the effects of a functional load, which in turn allows for broadening the functional capabilities of the claimed implant.

G09F 13/20
PCT/UA2016/000091ZMACHINSKIY, Vladimir GeorgievichZMACHINSKIY, Vladimir Georgievich
An advertisement presentation method which involves applying text and/or graphical images of the subject of an advertisement onto an advertising element or advertisement carrier, said text or images being distinguished in that luminophores, fluorescent, phosphoric or luminescent (light-reflecting) paints are used in applying semantic information and/or depictive elements, and also (if necessary) in coloring a remaining portion of an informational space.

6. WO/2017/099698 TURBINE/ENGINEWO15.06.2017
F01D 1/08
PCT/UA2016/000110LOZOVOY, Petr PetrovichLOZOVOY, Petr Petrovich
The invention relates to power engineering and motor engineering and can be used in electricity generating plants and serve as a propulsion unit in vehicles. The basis of the present turbine/engine is that a cold pressurized working fluid is retained in the chambers of a housing without exiting into the atmosphere. The turbine/engine comprises a housing with three chambers, a bearing-mounted shaft which passes along chamber containers and has working vanes attached thereto which prevent the passage of a working fluid, and pumps which serve to pump out and block a cold working fluid. The turbine/engine has channels with divergent portions therein with a low pressure which moves the cold working fluid, a barrier device which prevents the cold working fluid from leaking from the chambers, reflecting devices which direct the movement of the cold working fluid into a distribution chamber, reservoirs, in which are mounted working vanes and compressors, the rotation of which causes a pressure difference between the front and rear surfaces, and channels in which the kinetic energy of the cold working fluid is converted into potential energy, which causes the shaft to rotate without the cold working fluid exiting from the chambers into the atmosphere.

7. WO/2017/099699 SUN-SCREENING HOOD FOR A VEHICLEWO15.06.2017
B60J 3/00
PCT/UA2016/000121GUROVYCH, Oleg OleksandrovychGUROVYCH, Oleg Oleksandrovych
The utility model relates to auxiliary equipment for a vehicle, and more particularly to a light-shielding device, which protects the passenger compartment of a vehicle and equipment inside the passenger compartment from infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and is intended to be installed in a vehicle passenger compartment while it is parked. The proposed sun-screening hood for a vehicle comprises a canopy, a frame, consisting of a hand crank, on a lower end of which a handle is positioned, and on the opposite end of which a stationary female connector is secured, in which spokes are hingedly fastened, the opposite ends of said spokes being connected to a mechanism for opening and closing the hood, a pusher mechanism of said opening and closing mechanism being installed so as to be capable of movement along the hand crank; wherein in an upper portion of the hand crank, there is a retainer for locking the open position of the hood; the canopy of the proposed hood has a trapezoidal shape and is made from polyester, the outer side of which has a silver colouring; and wherein the canopy is secured in at least four spokes, which are designed so as to be capable of folding three times.

B65D 1/12
A packaging for various articles, consisting of side and base parts. The top of the side part has a lid on which an image is embossed. Fastened to the packaging lid is an element of souvenir merchandise in the form of a magnet with an image. The image on the magnet constitutes the front label of the product.

9. WO/2017/095357 BRUSHLESS ELECTRIC MOTORWO08.06.2017
H02K 16/04
PCT/UA2016/000141LEMESHCHUK, Pavel YevgenievichLEMESHCHUK, Pavel Yevgenievich
A brushless electric motor containing an external stator and an internal stator, and, disposed between same, a rotating rotor having magnets of constant polarity built into same. The radial teeth of the outer stator are positioned in the center of gaps located between the teeth of the inner stator. Each pole of the rotor magnets simultaneously interacts with three windings of the inner rotor and of the outer rotor.

A63H 33/12
PCT/UA2016/000017AYNAGOZ, IvanAYNAGOZ, Ivan
A construction playset is intended for building complex mechanic 3-D models comprising static and moving parts and with using no adhesive materials, and not limited on their length, width and volume by the size of fixing (connection) elements constituting the construction kit of elements, made of ecologically friendly materials. The construction playset is composed of forming, building and fixing elements that are capable of consecutive connection between them. The first ones have equal thickness and required shape. At least two of the forming elements have at least one rectangular and/or round hole; and/or at least one outer slot and/or slit, and that are disposed layer-wise with the possibility to be connected between by at least one fixing element, forming together a static or moving construction. The fixing element has a needle-like shape and sharpened ends and and round-shaped cross-cutting with the diameter equal to the diameter of at least one round hole on the forming elements. At least two building elements have rectangular-shaped ends being equal to the size of at least one rectangular hole on forming elements, and are fit to be inserted perpendicular into rectangular holes on the forming elements with their further coupling with the latter. Their thickness is equal to the width of slots and/or slits on the forming elements.

Resultados 1-10 de 1.519 para loscriterios:(ANID:UA* AND CTR:WO) Oficina(s):all Idioma:ES separación automática de palabras en lexemas: true maximize
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