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TítuloPaísFecha de publicación
Clasificación InternacionalNº de solicitudSolicitanteInventor/a
A61K 9/20
PCT/PH2016/000001MENDOZA, Wendell G.MENDOZA, Wendell G.
The present invention relates to palatable lozenge tablets containing vitamin C and zinc, wherein the vitamin C is present at high concentration and is stable against oxidation and formation of carbon dioxide.

B27N 1/02
PCT/PH2016/000007CHAN, Mark Philip P.CHAN, Mark Philip P.
Disclosed is an environmentally friendly product in the form of an all natural cellulose fiberboard comprising a microbial cellulose fiber, acacia gum as binder and plant cellulose fiber (recycled newspaper). The microbial cellulose fiber is derived from Nata de Coco, a natural polysaccharide composed of ultra- fine highly pure nano-fibrillary network structures at the micro level, and has been shown to possess an impressively high mechanical strength to withstand mechanical forces. The acacia gum is an edible biopolymer exudates from Acacia Senegal which grows in Sudan. It is highly soluble in water with low viscosity and with the right proportion, will result in a more stable and pseudoplastic behavior. Acacia gum is inexpensive and environmentally accepted binder / adhesive emulsifier and can serve as stabilizer and thickener to the product. The plant cellulose fiber, specifically recycled newspaper has been utilized for its insulation and acoustic properties.

G06F 3/038
A Wireless Network of Adaptable Tap Sensitive Surfaces A network of hard surfaces (11) adapted to detect a tap and enabled to interact with each other or with devices (14) connected to the network in a wireless fashion. The detection of a tap on vertical and horizontal surfaces like boards and tables is achieved using piezoelectric sensors and signal conditioners coupled with a tap detection module. The location of the tap is determined based on time differences of arrival of the tap signals to the sensors. The connected devices (12, 14) are adapted to execute actions based on the location of the tap. A wireless adapter interfaced with a single board computer (12) allows a surface to be networked with other similar surfaces (11) or devices capable of wireless communication. Standard mesh networking protocols are used for larger area networks using only a wireless adapter. A wireless local area network switch (13) can be used for smaller networks.

4. WO/2017/095244 A POSEABLE FIGUREWO08.06.2017
A63H 3/36
PCT/PH2016/000013POWER, Oddette L.POWER, Oddette L.
A Poseable figure capable of contortion comprising a head of the figure, a body part having a plurality of appendages which may terminate in suction cups, wherein these appendages may comprise an inner skeleton inside a molded outer layer to further retain the figure in a desired position or form when subject to outside forces. The poseable figure further comprises a magnet allowing the figure to connect or attach to any metal surface or magnet from another figure without the use of a suction cup and a cavity wherein a module may be inserted.

5. WO/2017/091090 PACKING FRUITS IN PLASTIC CANSWO01.06.2017
B65B 25/04
The present invention discloses a new method of packing and preserving fruits in liquid (fruit juice, syrup, water, etc). The method comprises packaging fruits, where the fruit is filled into a specifically formulated plastic container, topped with liquid, dosed with inert gases to enforce can integrity, seamed with metal can ends, and thermally processed to eliminate viable microorganisms. The process is unique in that by adjusting thermal processing parameters and manipulating the seam specifications, replacing the metal cans by a flexible and sustainable plastic can, becomes a practical alternative.

H01H 13/70
PCT/PH2016/000009OLIVAR, Dante R.OLIVAR, Dante R.
This invention relates to rubber keypads for electronic devices. Keypads are equipped with skew walls. Skew walls are rubber springs. Skew walls allow the push button to bounce up and down. The bottom portion of the push button is fitted with a conductor that comes in contact with a switch on a circuit board. Once the push button is pressed, the conductor at the bottom of the push button closes the circuit on the board and triggers an electronic signal that is then received by the receiving electronic device. Characterized in that each said push button being provided with holes disposed on said keypad along the opposing sides of the skew walls of the push button, thus resistance acting on said push button when being pushed is lesser.

G06Q 30/02
PCT/PH2016/000011HERRADURA, Michael, Nolan, B.HERRADURA, Michael, Nolan, B.
The world has become so large and so busy that most people don't know what's happening next door or on the next street - much less know what's happening on the next village or city or country. A lot of times, due to that lack of knowledge, we end up wasting time searching, asking the wrong people and travelling long distances just to obtain something that is actually available on the next corner. Is there no way to bridge people who need something and people who can provide those needs easily? Google did some way of bridging it, but most times it only brings knowledge and news. For actual goods and services, it mostly just connects business to other businesses. It cannot say, as an example, help a traveler who's looking for a coke to buy, or a teenager wanting a haircut but her favorite salon is close for the day. Or help a harassed man of the house whose family just moved into the neighborhood - only to find a broken pipe in his sink and needs to find a plumber or a hardware store quickly. The problem really is that with all the technological advancement, the art of advertising has failed to catch up. Advertising is still primarily using front signs and billboards, neon signs, and flyers - same as in the 1950's. The Total Electronic Advertising System (or TEAS) will bring advertising for everyone into the 21st century - by sending each advertisement or neighborhood info into the mobile devices of the persons who are looking for them - very quickly without any internet access! Imagine the same traveler in the above example walking to an intersection and seeking a drink - using his smart phone, he learns that a neighborhood store is open on the street he is walking on. Or imagine the harassed man of the house, who is now negotiating over the landline with the neighborhood plumber he found using TEAS while checking out on his smart phone the pictures and specs of the pipes being sold two streets away. All of this info is accessible on that location to any person with a smart mobile device even if he does not have access to the internet. How do TEAS do this? The combination of two hardware inventions - the Ad WIFI routers and the Ad WIFI Internet Portal - plus the creation of three sets of mobile apps for majority of all mobile and computer devices worldwide made this scenario possible. Then, imagine putting all this advertisements or info into a website with even the simplest search engine? The world will suddenly become smaller - a person in a different country using this mobile app will be more locally knowledgeable about a village than a local villager who does not use one.

8. WO/2017/078552 STEEL DECK-FLANGE STRUCTURESWO11.05.2017
E01D 1/00
PCT/PH2016/000010FERNANDO, BayaniFERNANDO, Bayani
This utility model disclosed a steel bridge panel comprising of a steel plate which serves as the road surface or deck and welded to it in its underside is an inverted fee made up of a vertical and a horizontal steel plate welded to each other. A multiple of this panel may be joined together by welding on the longitudinal and ends to form required lane widths and lengths. On the top side of the deck are indentations or bulges made by welding or by machine cutting to provide the traction (non-skid) for safety. Various bridge accessories such as railings and barriers can be easily attached directly welded to the deck.

9. WO/2017/069641 WIND TURBINEWO27.04.2017
F03D 7/02
PCT/PH2015/000017MADSON, Charles Martin ChavezMADSON, Charles Martin Chavez
The already patented Madson Wind Turbine System (MWTS) embodies a wind turbine system for the collection of wind energy, compression of air or gas in multi-stages, storage of highly compressed air or gas, expansion of air or gas in multi-stages, cooling of hot compressed air, absorption of air compression heat and the generation of electricity. This new invention constitutes a significant improvement of the MWTS thru Improved design including: the capability of resisting typhoon and hurricane winds, self-erection during construction, self-erection during maintenance, self- regulation during operation, greater efficiency in cooling hot compressed air or gas, greater efficiency in heating cold decompressed air or gas, simplification of design, reduction of some components, simplification of construction, lowering of capital costs, lowering of maintenance costs, introduction of some new beneficial components and other improvements for the generation, storage and dispatch of electricity from the MWTS.

A23L 33/15
PCT/PH2015/000016MENDOZA, WendellMENDOZA, Wendell
The present invention relates to non-effervescent swallow tablets containing vitamin C and zinc, wherein the vitamin C is present at high concentration and is stable against oxidation and formation of carbon dioxide.

Resultados 1-10 de 248 para loscriterios:(ANID:PH* AND CTR:WO) Oficina(s):all Idioma:ES separación automática de palabras en lexemas: true maximize
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