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1. WO/2015/047060 INDEPENDENT COOLERWO02.04.2015
F25B 19/00
PCT/KZ2014/000012MASLENNIKOV, Nikolai NikolaevichMASLENNIKOV, Nikolai Nikolaevich
Изобретение относится к энергетике. При работе устройства путём испарения в жидкостном веществе, происходит разделение температуры вещества на холодное и горячее состояние. При односторонней передаче тепловой энергии в ступенях, каждая ступень нагревается от нижерасположенной ступени, и передаёт тепло к вышерасположенной ступени. Независимый охладитель отличается тем, что состоит из множества ступеней с жидкостными и газовыми слоями. Верхняя ступень закрыта и жидкость не имеет возможности испарения в атмосферу. Задачей изобретения является разделение, накопление и концентрация холодного и горячего состояния вещества, использование тепловой энергии окружающей среды. Независимый охладитель используется в качестве холодильника или нагревателя. Для работы независимого охладителя не требуется постороннее топливо.

2. WO/2015/041509 UNIVERSAL FILTER ELEMENTWO26.03.2015
A62B 23/02
PCT/KZ2014/000016RUZUDDINOV, SaurbekRUZUDDINOV, Saurbek
The invention relates to universal filter elements of valve-free, gas-proof respirators intended for protecting the respiratory organs from harmful substances found in the air of manufacturing facilities of aluminium and phosphorus plants, mineral fertilizers and nonferrous metallurgy. A known universal filter element composition comprising: 17.0 - 25.0% by mass of potassium carbonate; 0.7 - 1.0% by mass of sodium hydroxide; 9.0 - 12.5% by mass of sodium silicate; 9.0 - 12.5% by mass of glycerin; 5.9 - 7.4% by mass of water; with the remainder being cotton cloth, does not provide effective protection against sulphur dioxide in excess of 15 MAC. Owing to the fact that the proposed composition additionally comprises calcium oxide and manganese sulphate in the following ratio of components: 22.0 - 32.0% by mass of potassium carbonate; 0.8 - 1.1% by mass of calcium oxide; 1.0 - 1.5% by mass of sodium hydroxide; 10.0 - 14.0% by mass of sodium silicate; 9.0 - 13.0% by mass of glycerin; 0.07 - 0.12% by mass of manganese sulphate; 12.0 - 16.0% by mass of water; with the remainder being cotton cloth, it is possible to increase the absorption capacity of the filter, the degree of protection against sulphur dioxide and additional retention of hydrogen sulphide, thus making it possible to effectively use the filter for protecting the respiratory organs in manufacturing facilities where the content of sulphur dioxide exceeds 15 MAC, that of hydrogen sulphide exceeds 15 MAC, and the content of hydrogen fluoride reaches 30 MAC.

3. WO/2015/023167 TAMPONWO19.02.2015
A61F 13/20
PCT/KZ2013/000012BYCHKOV, Dmitriy Anatol'evichBYCHKOV, Dmitriy Anatol'evich
The present invention relates to a tampon suitable for feminine hygiene and having a horizontally elongated body made from a compressed absorbent fibrous material with an insertion end and a withdrawal end, and a string for removing the tampon, which is secured by one end in the body of the tampon. The tampon has a truncated conical shape with a sloping base and at least one transverse groove configured in a circle on the surface of the tampon, and further has a string situated at an angle in the body of the tampon, said string protruding from the elongated side at the edge of the surface of the withdrawal end which is at an angle to the axis of the tampon. The transverse groove is configured with and without raised elements in the form of ridges and letters. The proposed tampon design in the shape of a truncated cone with an angled base (a sloping withdrawal end) and a transverse groove(s) passing across the surface of the tampon, as well as an inclined string and a domed insertion end simplifies the processes of insertion and removal, protects against drying of the vaginal walls, a side effect inherent in all previously known tampons, and also prevents accidental passage of the tampon from the vagina into the uterus.

4. WO/2015/023168 AQUEOUS LITHIUM-ION BATTERYWO19.02.2015
H01M 4/58
The invention relates to the electrochemical industry, and more particularly to aqueous lithium-ion batteries. Aim of the invention: to create low-cost, environmentally-friendly rechargeable batteries which function reliably and have a high capacity and a long service life. The technical result of the invention is an improvement in the operating characteristics of a battery, particularly a reduction in the corrosive properties of the electrolyte, thus providing reliability, an increased service life and environmental safety. This technical result is achieved in that the invention makes use of an intercalation cathode and a metallic and/or electrically conductive inert anode, which are separated by a separator with a weakly acidic electrolyte solution having a рН of 4-5 and containing at least two types of electrochemically active cations, and is comprised of a combination of one or a plurality of electrochemical cells, each of which includes: a metallic anode made from zinc, aluminium or a different metal from among the transition metals, or an inert anode made from stainless steel, carbon, nickel or copper; and a cathode made from oxides and salts of lithium, sodium, magnesium or other alkali or alkaline earth metals with manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel and other transition metals, for example: LiCoPO4, LiMnPO4, LiFePO4, LiMm2O4, LiCoO2, LiMn1/3Ni1/3O4 and/or combinations thereof.

5. WO/2015/020509 TRAVEL SUITCASEWO12.02.2015
A45C 9/00
PCT/KZ2013/000017DYUSSEMBAYEV, Kuantay KuandykovichDYUSSEMBAYEV, Kuantay Kuandykovich
The invention relates to suitcases for travelers and can be used for transporting luggage, and also for resting and for eating meals. The technical result consists in creating comfortable conditions during extended travel and providing for good rest while awaiting a flight, and is achieved in that the travel suitcase comprises a housing, including side walls, an outer wall, a rear wall, an upper wall and a lower wall, a handle and support elements, the travel suitcase additionally being provided with an inflatable mattress and with a compartment for storing same.

6. WO/2015/016692 PLATFORM ROBOT MANIPULATORWO05.02.2015
B25J 13/00
The utility model can be applied to mechanical engineering, to instrument engineering, and to transport engineering. The primary field of application is areas where it is necessary to control the precise orientation and displacement of objects in space in the presence of large load masses, and also when playing the role of supports. The design of the manipulator, in which one platform has six controllable degrees of freedom relative to another, involves novel design elements in the form of three-link and four-link spherical joints. Said design elements allow for carrying out the functional capabilities of the manipulator, namely so that: the displacements carried out with the help of drives are independent of one another; a specific configuration of the manipulator corresponds to each movement of a drive; a specific totality of generalized coordinates (of displacements carried out by the drives) specifically corresponds to each configuration of the manipulator. The drives may take various forms. The functional possibilities of multi-link spherical joints and of a manipulator are confirmed by examples of existing designs thereof.

F01K 25/04
PCT/KZ2013/000015TSAY, Igor ArturovichTSAY, Igor Arturovich
The invention relates to the field of power engineering and can be used for producing environmentally clean energy without consuming fuel resources and creating structures which have a harmful ecological impact on the environment. The technical result of increasing the reliability of the apparatus and the operating safety thereof by eliminating the use of toxic components is achieved in that, according to the invention, a thermal hydroelectric power plant, comprising a steam pipe (2), a condenser (3) connected to the steam pipe (2), a hydraulic turbine (5), a condensate pipe (4) and a steam-generating chamber (1), is equipped with a pipeline (6) for supplying liquid from the hydraulic turbine (5) to the steam-generating chamber (1), which is connected to a heat source (7), and the hydraulic turbine (5) is mounted in the condensate pipe (4) such that the blades of said hydraulic turbine can be rotated with liquid formed from the steam in the condenser (3).

A61N 2/02
The invention relates to the field of medicine, in particular to equipment and apparatuses for pulsed electromagnetic therapy, and can be used for the treatment of various diseases, including oncological diseases. As a result of the use of the pulsed electromagnetic field corrector, which consists of a thyristor switch (a step-up transformer in accordance with the second variant), a rectifier, a storage capacitor, a discharge thyristor, a system for controlling the discharge thyristor, and an induction coil, with the possibility of the generation of a magnetic flux in the center of the induction coil with a magnetic flux density of 3‑60 T with a pulse repetition rate of 10‑3000 Hz and a length of said pulses of from 1 to 3000 μs and with a turn-to-turn gap of from 0.1 to 3 cm, the range of the magnetic flux, the pulse repetition rate and the length of said pulses are increased, which results in an extension of the functional possibilities of the device.

H01F 7/02
PCT/KZ2013/000018SAPARQALIYEV, Aldan AsanovichSAPARQALIYEV, Aldan Asanovich
The present invention relates to a vacuum complex system of devices (VCSD) which includes a main device requiring a vacuum (objects and processes requiring a vacuum environment), and a vacuum-creating system. In accordance with the invention, a system-encompassing vacuum jacket is provided and creates a system vacuum chamber which includes: a main device compartment in which the main device is located; and at least one compartment for a connected evacuation system (CES), in which compartment a connected evacuation system of a vacuum-creating system is located. The CES is created in a vacuum chamber of the main device, taking into consideration the structural and functional characteristics of the main device, and together they form a comprehensive VCSD. In order for an initial high vacuum to be reached in the system chamber, a system of external pumps is used in conjunction with the CES, said system subsequently being separated from the comprehensive VCSD by means of a coupling flange, and the vacuum conditions being maintained in the comprehensive VCSD by the CES. Such a VCSD design has the following significant advantages: an ultra-high vacuum can easily be created and maintained in a comprehensive VCSD; a comprehensive VCSD is less cumbersome and bulky than a VCSD which constantly utilizes a system of external pumps.

F25D 1/00
PCT/KZ2014/000008KOVSHIK, Anatoliy VasilievichKOVSHIK, Anatoliy Vasilievich
The invention relates to refrigeration technology, and more particularly to cold accumulators for use in movable (modular) refrigerators for storing perishable goods. The design of the present modular refrigerator includes a heat-insulated housing and cold accumulators in the form of hermetic cold-accumulating reservoirs with a cold-accumulating fluid permanently disposed therein, said cold-accumulating reservoirs being situated inside the working space of the refrigerator. In order for cold to accumulate in the refrigerator, the refrigerator with a cold accumulator built into the housing is periodically placed in an area having natural sub-zero temperatures until the cold-accumulating fluid reaches the required temperature, whereupon the refrigerator is returned to its operating or storage location. The group of inventions makes it possible to eliminate the labour costs associated with restoring a refrigerator and to increase the level of specific cold accumulation, and enables the running of a refrigerator on a natural and renewable source of cold.

Results 1-10 of 203 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:ES Stemming: true
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