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1. WO/2016/182417 BEARINGWO17.11.2016
F16C 19/49
PCT/KZ2015/000014GERGERT, Vladimir YakovlevichGERGERT, Vladimir Yakovlevich
The invention relates to the field of mechanical engineering and can be used in the manufacture of vehicles. A combined bearing includes a roller bearing and a ball bearing. The roller bearing comprises an outer race and an inner race with a single row of rollers disposed therebetween. The ball bearing comprises two rings and, disposed therebetween, a cage with balls. A first ring of the ball bearing is provided with a running track for the balls, whereas a second ring of the ball bearing is comprised of the end face of the outer or inner race. The roller bearing is coupled to the ball bearing by means of the interaction of the ring with the end faces of the inner or outer race. On the inner portions of the rings of the roller bearing cage there is provided a conical projection, inside which is an aperture for securing a roller. The guiding edges of the inner race are outwardly inclined at an angle of from 0.5 to 10 degrees. The cage is comprised of two rings of different diameters, and spacer bushings are mounted at a distance between the rings. The technical result is an increase in the reliability and lifespan of the bearing as a result of reduced friction, increased bearing speed and increased dynamic (radial) and static (axial) load.

A61C 17/24
The invention relates to the field of personal oral hygiene and is intended for cleaning teeth, massaging gums, and also preventing dental diseases. The essence of the invention resides in generating sweeping, cleaning motions with an arrangement of primary cleaning elements parallel to the gum line, massaging the gums and cleaning the teeth on three sides - the outer, inner and top sides - simultaneously, the structural design of the invention allowing free movement of a cleaning head along a row of teeth with the cleaning elements achieving maximal contact with the teeth and gums. The claimed device comprises a handle having a geared motor disposed therein, a power source, and a cleaning head with a stepped body having disposed therein flexible driving shafts, and a set of gears for transmitting rotation to three axially rotatable cleaning elements covered by a protective casing. The cleaning head may be provided with an additional fourth cleaning element, arranged transversely in relation to the primary cleaning elements.

3. WO/2016/163863 LOCUST GATHERING ASSEMBLYWO13.10.2016
A01M 5/08
PCT/KZ2016/000009KRASSYUK, DmitriyKRASSYUK, Dmitriy
The invention relates to agricultural machine-building and may be used in gathering locust species in areas having complex terrain and in populated areas during the period of the appearance thereof (outbreaks) and also during the swarming stage. The gathering is carried out by employing a workforce and by using additional technical means. An assembly consists of a trailer platform having installed thereon: a rotary pump having suction and discharge sleeves; a bin with air outlet apertures and a controlled feed apparatus, and an interacting semi-automatic packing assembly. The present invention is combined with a tractor, and actuation is carried out via a power takeoff shaft.

4. WO/2016/163864 LOCUST GATHERING COMBINEWO13.10.2016
A01M 5/08
PCT/KZ2016/000010KRASSYUK, DmitriyKRASSYUK, Dmitriy
The invention relates to agricultural machine-building and may be used in gathering locust species from fields of feed crops and also from other areas, with the technical capability of gathering locust species during the period of the appearance thereof (outbreaks) and also during the swarming stage. The present combine has a 4x2 wheel drive, where the front axle is the lead axle and the rear axle is used for steering. The combine is equipped with a suspended rotor assembly having stacked panels which cause air to move within the assembly, and, mounted to the assembly is an auxiliary visor having lateral walls. The combine has a load-bearing three-dimensional frame which acts as the foundation of a linking system, and also has a beam for supporting the suspended assembly in the necessary position. Installed on the frame are a cabin, a pipeline with an elastic coupler, a shaft-type sorting/dosing assembly, a semi-automatic packing assembly, an unloading conveyor belt, and a power assembly which is positioned at the rear portion of the frame and which acts to drive the mechanisms thereof. A transport trailer is connected to the combine.

B64C 11/02
PCT/KZ2016/000005SAPARGALIYEV, Aldan AsanovichSAPARGALIYEV, Aldan Asanovich
The present invention relates to SMAs (self-moving apparatuses) which use any type of propulsion means, including, without limitation, an FPGB (propeller-gear block) comprising an FP (propeller) and a drive for supplying power thereto. More particularly, the present invention describes: novel forms of energy-efficient (economical) FPGBs; and novel conceptual designs for SMAs, which make it possible to create economical SMAs with high specific power. The invention can be used for creating novel energy-efficient types of SMAs, and for the widespread (mass) use of compact and environmentally-friendly electric engines instead of environmentally detrimental and bulky internal combustion engines.

C21B 13/14
PCT/KZ2016/000004TLEUGABULOV, SuleimanTLEUGABULOV, Suleiman
The invention relates to iron and steel metallurgy. The problem addressed by the invention is that of developing a method for the reduction smelting of steel, comprising loading a burden into a blast furnace, injecting blast air enriched with oxygen to produce a sharp combustion flame, which method is distinguished by and is based on the use of a single-component burden for the reduction smelting of steel. The technical result in the claimed method and apparatus is achieved in that carbon-containing granules of iron oxides and alloy metal fractions of: 8-20 mm with a stoichiometric content of carbon-containing reagents for the reduction of metal oxides are loaded into a furnace without coke and flux, the layer is heated with a counter-flow of a hot gas heat-transfer agent, the heating of the burden and direct reduction of the metals result in the production of metallized granules which are periodically discharged in portions from the lower part of the blast furnace via a sluice chamber into a smelting chamber and smelted by blowing through with a high-temperature flame having an initial temperature of 2200 - 2400°C, the exhaust gas is mixed with blast furnace gas from the blast furnace at a temperature of 200 - 300°C, the gaseous flow mixture having a temperature of 1150 - 1220°C is introduced as heat transfer agent into the lower part of the layer of carbon-containing granules in the blast furnace, the cycle is repeated, and the steel melt smelted in the smelting chamber is discharged via a tap-hole.

7. WO/2016/129982 SELF-CONTAINED COOLERWO18.08.2016
F25B 19/00
PCT/KZ2015/000001MASLENNIKOV, Nikolay NikolaevichMASLENNIKOV, Nikolay Nikolaevich
The invention relates to energy. During the operation of a device by means of evaporation in a liquid substance, the temperature of the substance is separated into a cold state and a hot state. During a one-way transfer of heat energy in stages, each stage is heated by a downstream stage, and transmits heat to an upstream stage. The self-contained cooler differs in that it consists of a plurality of stages with liquid layers and gas layers. The uppermost stage is closed and the liquid is not able to evaporate into the atmosphere. The problem addressed by the invention is that of separating, accumulating and concentrating the cold and hot state of the substance, and using the heat energy of the environment. The self-contained cooler is used as a refrigerator or a heater. External fuel is not required for the operation of the self-contained cooler.

G06F 15/00
PCT/KZ2015/000006BELOGLAZOV, Andrey ViktorovichBELOGLAZOV, Andrey Viktorovich
The invention relates to the electronics industry and to instrumentation, and more particularly to stand-alone computer systems in combination with mobile communications technology. The technical result is an improved stand-alone computer system, namely a laptop or other portable device, with a built-in module which provides comfortable working conditions and increases the current range of possible uses of computer technology. This technical result is achieved by the provision of a mobile cellular connection and an Internet connection via a laptop or other portable device by means of a module which is built into a motherboard or a separate card and is programmed to a cellular subscriber number.

G01Q 30/20
The invention relates to devices for monitoring objects after nano-cutting and for investigating the structures of macro- and micro-carriers under low temperature conditions. The present microscope comprises a punch having a cutting edge, drives which drive the punch along two axes, a platform which can rotate in a plane, a piezo-scanner which can record a sample image along three axes, a holder with a carrier of the sample under investigation, and a probe unit to which a probe is fastened. The piezo-scanner is fastened to the platform, the punch is arranged so as to be able to interact with the sample under investigation, and the probe unit is mounted on the platform so as to be movable along one of the axes. Furthermore, the assembly additionally includes a module for mechanical action on the cutting edge of the punch in order to modify the cutting surface thereof, wherein the above-mentioned module for mechanical action is fastened to the same platform to which the piezo-scanner with the carrier of the object under investigation and the probe unit are fastened. The proposed invention makes it possible to increase the quality of the image of the sample under investigation.

10. WO/2016/105180 FURNACE GRATEWO30.06.2016
F23H 15/00
PCT/KZ2015/000022TURSUNOV, Talgat BekuzakovitchTURSUNOV, Talgat Bekuzakovitch
The invention relates to thermal engineering, and more particularly to furnace grate designs, and can be used in various furnace systems, in particular thermal generators. In a furnace grate design comprising grate bars and stoking members which are connected to an electric motor, according to the invention the stoking members are configured in the form of elements encompassing the grate bars and having depressions along their sides and are mounted for reciprocating motion on the shaft of a crank mechanism with an eccentric for each stoking member, thus providing for countermotion. The proposed furnace grate design, which is significantly simpler than the known prior art, makes it possible to improve the operation of the device and the possibility of repair.

Results 1-10 of 238 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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