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Clasificación InternacionalNº de solicitudSolicitanteInventor/a
H04N 7/14
PCT/KG2015/000001ABEKOV, Almazbek TolkunbaevichABEKOV, Almazbek Tolkunbaevich
The invention relates to the field of broadcasting, specifically to the sphere of interactive digital television broadcasting, and can be used in television broadcasting networks using various signal-disseminating technologies: digital terrestrial on-air broadcasting (DVB-T), satellite television (DVB-S), cable television (DVB-C) and mobile television (DVB-H), and Internet broadcasting (IPTV). The problem addressed by the invention is the creation of a digital broadcasting network with a multiservice return channel providing for coverage of vast areas within a short time with minimal costs beyond the dependency on a medium for disseminating the TV signal, and also the provision of return channel accessibility, in situations when there is no access to the Internet, such that a subscriber does not need to use another device for participating in an interactive session. The stated problem is solved in that, in a digital broadcasting network with a multiservice return channel (DVB-MRC) consisting of a broadcast operator network with a broadcaster studio, a transmission medium, a subscriber device and interconnection of said network with the network of an Internet services provider, the return channel is extended via a mobile communications operator network, and also the broadcast operator network has a request-processing server which has an interface with the USSD centre of the communications operator, with the possibility of storing a spreadsheet of subscriber priority connections and carrying out inverse transformation of requests into a single protocol-independent and USSD-compatible format, wherein the subscriber device comprises a software module which, together with the request-processing server, provides continuous return channel accessibility and participation in interactive sessions.

A61B 1/005
PCT/KG2012/000001ASANOV, Bolot UsenovichASANOV, Bolot Usenovich
The invention relates to medical technology and is intended for searching for and draining a lymphatic vessel orifice. The objective of the invention is the development of a device for the intravenous visual searching for a major lymph node basin orifice and catheterizing the lumen of said basins via a vein. The stated objective is resolved in that the lymphoscope consists of a system of two elastic tubes joined to each other, optical fibre waveguides and a drainage catheter, where an outer tube is a supporting part of the structure and is in the form of a tightly elastic capsule with a supporting disc, with a lever having a strap at the end being attached to said tube, and an inner tube is elastic with a search disc and is a conductive part of the structure for the optical fibre waveguides and the drainage catheter, with a supporting ring, to which a second end of the strap is attached, being arranged in the lower part of the tube, the drainage catheter has a flexible valved fixator, and the optical fibre waveguides are connected to a video system. The method for the visual intravenous searching for and drainage of a major lymph node basin orifice consists in that a special device is introduced into the lumen of a vein, an orifice is searched for by visual monitoring, an orifice is detected, device elements are fixed in a given position and a catheter is accurately introduced into the orifice via said elements.

F01C 3/06
PCT/KG2010/000001KIM, Florid BorisovichKIM, Florid Borisovich
The invention relates to three-dimensional spherical rotary-piston machines which can be used as engines, pumps or compressors, including permitting control of the working characteristics. The three-dimensional spherical rotary-piston machine comprises a rotor consisting of a diaphragm and of two blades which are connected to the latter in an articulated manner and are fixed on shafts, and of a body which is mounted in a spherical cavity so as to form four working chambers. The body is constructed from two identical half bodies which are interconnected with the option of relative angular rotation in a plane not perpendicular to the axes of rotation of the shafts. The half bodies are equipped with supporting elements having shaft supports and elements arranged thereon, ensuring the functioning of the machine, with each supporting element being rotatable relative to the corresponding half body about the axis of the corresponding shaft, and said half bodies are provided with connections which do not permit the supporting elements to rotate relative to a plane passing through the shaft axes.

4. WO/2009/069835 COALITION CHESS GAMEWO04.06.2009
A63F 3/02
PCT/KG2007/000001KIM, Leonid BorisovichKIM, Leonid Borisovich
The inventive coalition chess game relates to table recreative and sport games, in particular to chess games. The game is played on a playing field consisting of n traditional chess boards, which are tightly adjoined to each other by the side faces thereof, and n sets of chess pieces, where n=2, 3, 4 and more. The chess pieces, rules of piece moves and capturing, of castling and of a pawn underpromotion are identical to those of a traditional chess game. The game is played by alternating actions of the parties. The actions of the parties consist of the sequence of moves according to the number of kings of the same colour present on the playing field. The kings of the parties, apart from the last king, can be captured by the pieces of the opponent in such a way that it is possible to carry out an equivalent exchange against the captured king of the opponent and to return the kings to the playing field. The piece which has captured the king of the opponent is promoted by being transformed into a more important piece. The victory is determined by the mate of the last king of the opponent.

G06F 12/14
PCT/KG2005/000001KOPYTKO, AnatolyKOPYTKO, Anatoly
The invention relates to computer engineering and can be used for protecting computer devices against all viral codes, i.e. the old, already known and new, unknown viral codes. The aim of said invention is to develop a reliable method for protecting computer devices against viral codes. The inventive method consists in modifying an initial digital data form into a form in which the viral codes can not exist, in measuring data parameters in the modified form thereof, in building the initial digital data form free of viral codes on the basis of the measured parameters, in converting data from the initial digital form into an image matrix form for building an optically visible data form and in measuring data parameters during the data path between the image data matrix and the optically visible data form.

C23C 2/06
PCT/KG2004/000001KASMAKUN, UsenbekKASMAKUN, Usenbek
The invention relates to the iron and steel industry, in particular to rolling and can be used for producing a thin zinc-iron coated steel strip for car production, household appliances and for building engineering. The inventive method consists in carrying out a cold rolling, chemical cleaning, pre-heating, recrystallisation annealing in a through furnace, cooling, hot galvanisation, cooling and a temper rolling, wherein the termodiffusion recrystallisation annealing of the strip at a temperature of 600-720 °C in a hydrogen atmosphere during a time for reducing a carbon content to a value less than 0.002 % is carried out prior to the temper rolling, a zinc-iron coating with the iron content ranging from 40 to 60 % is formed and a zinc diffusion in the depth of 8-35 mkm of a steel base associated with the formation of a zinc ferrite in the subsurface layer thereof is produced. The inventive method makes it possible to reduce by 20-30 % the production costs of a zinc-iron coated steel strip in comparison with a IF Fe-Zn-coated steel, to increase the adhesive strength of the zinc-iron coating to a base, wear resistance, weldability, colorability, corrosion resistance and to prevent such coating defects as powdering and cratering.

B30B 1/00
PCT/KG2003/000001DON, Evgenny AlexeevichDON, Evgenny Alexeevich
The inventive axoid mechanism and axoid press relate to mechanical engineering, to devices for converting power and speed parameters of linear motions and are based on power oxoid mechanisms whose friction is eliminated by the substitution of a sliding motion with an axoid rolling and by the reciprocal balance of normal reaction components in bearing elements of the novel balanced power axoid mechanism. Said mechanism is embodied in the form of a closed system of axoid mechanisms comprising end elements which are linearly movable in the direction thereof. The axoid mechanisms are provided with support surfaces and an intermediate link consisting of contact elements provided with support surfaces and interacting with the support surfaces of the end elements in such a way that the displacement of one on the end elements ensures the mutual axoid rolling thereof devoid of sliding motion and associated with a force and motion transfer to the other end elements, said elements being integrated into one or several power circuits by means of multi-end elements. The invention also makes it possible to develop a drive which is based on said balanced power axoid mechanism and used for actuating units, in particular a drive for axoid presses which, in comparison with traditional power mechanisms, are provided with an increased service life, pressing power parameters and have a reduced friction, wear and costs for the lubrication, cooling and repair thereof.

A42B 1/20
PCT/KG1997/000001DJEKSHEEV, Adyl SaparovichDJEKSHEEV, Adyl Saparovich
The present invention pertains to the field of light industry and more precisely to that of foldable and unfoldable head-dress articles. This invention essentially relates to a foldable and unfoldable képi-type head-dress which is resistant, easy to assemble, cheap and lends itself to mass production. This head-dress is assembled according to a predetermined order from a single-piece, planar and press-formed preform which can be manufactured industrially using carton board or any other thin and flexible material exhibiting shape-memory properties. The assembling process is carried out without the need for additional material such as glue or fixations thus providing a substantial advantage in mass production. The size of the head-dress can be adjusted using additional curve lines while additional lobes further provide rigidity to the members of said head-dress.

9. WO/1998/005885 AXOID FORCE MECHANISMWO12.02.1998
F16H 25/18
PCT/KG1996/000001DON, Evgenny AlexeevichDON, Evgenny Alexeevich
The present invention relates to an axoid force mechanism (AFM) that can be used in the field of machine-tooling. This invention more precisely relates to machine mechanisms capable of developing high forces as well as to converters for converting a linear movement into a rotary one and conversely. The loads and displacements between ring-shaped contact members are transmitted by their support surfaces, i.e. their axoids which are capable of rotation about each other. Since friction has been eliminated, these AFMs can be manufactured using highly resistant materials that do not require anti-frictional characteristics. This system reduces the wear of the support surfaces, the energy losses induced by the friction as well as the lubricant consumption. It also increases the force capacities of machines. When compared with traditional lever-type force mechanisms that are hinged using friction or roller bearings, the axoid force mechanism of the present invention has the same size although it is capable of transmitting essentially higher forces. It also has a higher efficiency factor as well as a lower sensitivity to lubrication conditions.

Resultados 1-10 de 9 para loscriterios:(ANID:KG* AND CTR:WO) Oficina(s):all Idioma:ES separación automática de palabras en lexemas: true maximize
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