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TítuloPaísFecha de publicación
Clasificación InternacionalNº de solicitudSolicitanteInventor/a
1. WO/2017/143365 MULTICOPTER FRAMEWO31.08.2017
B64C 39/02
A simple, lightweight, strong and rigid frame of multicopter comprising a central hub, a plurality of compression and a plurality of tension members attached to one another, forming altogether a three-dimensional polytope type shape. The tension members are pre-tensed to fix the position of the compression members and reinforce the frame. The compressive and tensile forces occurring in such frame are in equilibrium, and deformation forces applying to the frame during the operation of the aircraft are distributed among the compression and tension members and compensated by reactive tensile and compressive forces occurring therein. The tension members may be of adjustable length (e.g. spokes with nipples) for adjusting their tension and truing the frame.

2. WO/2017/132709 FILTER CIGARETTEWO10.08.2017
A24D 1/02
The patent relates to cigarette production, in particular filter cigarette. Filter cigarette that has a tobacco rod (cylinder) (1) enclosed in a combustible envelope and a multi-component filter (2) wrapped in tipping paper (3) and attached at one of its ends, which contains cellulose based fibrous filter material and inorganic absorbent. Perlite is used as sorbent, moreover sorbent is used in the forms of grains and micro-sphere of perlite and preferably processed puffed perlite crushed to sizes of 0.010-10mm and which has bulk weight of 20-1250kg/m3 and water extract pH 5-9. A part of tipping paper is covered with foil (4) where the cross-cut section of filter's tipping paper's outer surface touching the smoker's lips is the foil coated part, whose separate parts have uneven surfaces. This invention allows ensuring high-purity filtration of cigarette smoke, including highly toxic and cancerogene (tumorigenic) substances.

3. WO/2017/008091 TILE SPACERWO19.01.2017
E04F 21/00
PCT/AM2016/000003VOSKANYAN, VolodyaVOSKANYAN, Volodya
The invention is related to the sphere of construction, particularly it deals with tile spacers used during the placement of tiles. The tile spacer has six rectangular prism-shaped wings of the same thickness. Four of the wings are perpendicularly crossing in the center. Two coaxial wings have a shape of a rectangular prism and the other two wings together, that are part of the cross, have a shape of a U-shaped prism. On a rectangular prism-shaped wing, from above, two wings are attached compiling a U-shaped prism, the ends of which are joined to the sides of the ends of the wings of the U-shaped prism and together with the wing of the rectangular prism form a T- shaped tile spacer. The internal opening of the wings of the U-shaped prism, is smaller than the internal opening of the joined wings. The possibilites of applications of the tile spacer are very large.

E06B 1/60
The invention relates to arrangements used in the process of installation of translucent units, and it can be used for horizontal and vertical alignment and fixing of the frames of translucent units. Fixing arrangement for installation is composed of a body fastened on the lateral face of the profile of the frame of the translucent unit, the body is engaged with a hold down-screw having a clamp at one end. The body is designed as a support plate with a nut. The clamp is designed as a circular plate with a cylindrical pin at the center. At one end of the hold-down screw it has a rigidly fixed nut with a recess at the center to fit the cylindrical pin of the circular plate. The depth of the recess is equal to the length of the cylindrical pin of the circular plate. At the other end of the hold-down screw it has a hexagonal recess. Application of this arrangement simplify the process of installation and fixing of translucent unit in the wall opening as well as simplifies the process of fastening it on the frame of the translucent unit.

G02B 5/18
Invention relates to development of centrally symmetric liquid crystal polarization diffraction waveplate (LC CDW) and its fabrication method. In the created optical element the ordering of LC molecules directors along each radius corresponds to axial LC polarization diffraction grating (PDG), and in two PDGs recorded along one diameter, the ordering of LC directors is symmetric regarding the center. Recording is based on illumination of substrate coated by photo-orienting material and is realized by overlapping of two - left and right circularly polarized beams through optical gap with angular sector shape, the peak of which coincides with the center of circular substrate. When illuminating by linearly polarized beam at the output of centrally symmetric LC CDW only in +/-1 diffraction orders the centrally symmetric diffracted beams in the shape of inscribed circle, corresponding to left and right circularly polarized components, are observed.

F03G 6/04
Invention relates to the field of solar energy. Power station, which has the air stream directional body, at least a pair of generator connected with wind turbines, tough combined greenhouse to the lower end of the body, the external surface of the of which is painted by matt black paint, and due to invention, it (body) is situated on the slope of the mountain, the greenhouse is being realized in the form of body entrance section, and the entrance of which is widened due to the height and width toward body. Before the greenhouse the black color material layer is located on the surface of the earth, and inside there are full of water reservoirs. The power station additionally has electrical air heaters located along the body, heat exchange system and least one horizontal acceleration cell, which is toughly connected with the upper end of the body and has a narrowing transverse cross section. At the free narrowing end of the acceleration cell, a passing cell is situated, at the exit of which a generator fixed to turbine is located. Heat exchange system has a lower radiator, which is located at the body entrance section and an upper radiator; located at the acceleration cell entrance section. Lower and upper radiators are connected with each other by pipes located along the body. The objective of the invention is to rise the EC of the power plant.

7. WO/2016/077850 BIMETALLIC THERMAL RELAYWO26.05.2016
H01H 37/54
The bimetallic thermal relay has a body in the form of a bowl with a cover, stop and restrictive lugs disposed opposite to each other carried out on the bottom of the body. The cover has a shape of a plate with a conical bottom in the center of which a lug with a hole is carried out. The body is installed into the metal cap with an internal circular collar on the roof. Two stop lugs on the bottom of the bowl additionally made, shifted by 90° in relation to stop and restrictive lugs disposed opposite to each other. A thermally sensitive element made as a bimetallic disc and disposed in the gap between the cap and the cover with possibility of periphery interaction with the collar of the cap and the center of the crown with the pusher disposed in the hole of the cover. On the movable contact clip a hole and a lug in the central part interacting with the pusher are carried. The adjusting screw disposed in the hole carried out on the movable contact clip with a possibility of turning in the appropriate hole made in the loop- holder of the movable contact clip. The relay has the second fixed contact clip with its contact wherein the fixed contact clips are carried out in the shape of flat arched tabs connected to the stop lugs of the foundation with possibility of interaction of their contacts with the contacts of the contact bridge of the movable contact clip. Design and technology of assembling are facilitated.

8. WO/2016/058013 BOTTLE WITH STRAW FOR DRINKINGWO21.04.2016
B65D 77/28
PCT/AM2015/000004MELIKYAN, AshotMELIKYAN, Ashot
The invention relates to devices in the form of a tube designed for convenient drinking from a bottle. Upper (1) and lower (2) parts of the tubular straw installed in the bottle for drinking are made straight. The straw is made of elastic material, the middle part (3) is made in the form of a spiral spring, the external diameter of turns of which in compressed condition is less than the inner diameter of the bottle, and in the open condition it is more than the inner'diameter of the bottle neck. Height of the straw in compressed form does not exceed the height of the bottle, and in the released form it is more than the height of the bottle. The lower end of the straw is made with inclined cut. Increased convenience of using a straw for drinking from a bottle.

F01C 1/344
The invention relates to rotor machines where the rotor makes uniform orbital rotation inside a toroid-shaped chamber. It may be used as a pump, compressor, etc. The orbital machine contains a hollow body (1), a drive shaft (4) and a rotor (5) rigidly attached thereto, a toroid-shaped piston chamber (6), pistons (8), dampers (9) in the form of flat plates that can move along radial slots (10) in the body (1) as well as a unified spatial cam for control of the dampers position. The rotor (5) is designed in the form of a drum; each piston (8) is designed in the form of a projection on the drum external surface; there is an inlet (13) and an outlet (14) window corresponding to each piston (8). The dampers (9) are capable of reciprocating motion; their number is equal to double the number of pistons. The pushers (16) are connected to the dampers (9) by rods (17). Various combinations are possible based on the machine.

G01N 21/19
The invention is related to a device for measuring circular dichroism (CD) spectrum. The key element of the device of the current invention is the liquid crystal polarization diffraction grating (4). For CD measurement the difference in the absorption of left- and right-circularly polarized monochromatic light is used. A tunable monochromator (2) coupled to a wide spectral bandwidth light source, or other monochromatic or narrow spectral bandwidth light source is placed in front of the investigated sample (3) to provide CD measurements within the required spectral range. The signal with a high signal/noise ratio is detected using two single active-area photodetectors (5) placed at the output of the PDG, connected to downstream electronics (6) and digital processing system (7). CD measurements are achieved with the resolution of 3-5 millidegree or higher.

Resultados 1-10 de 87 para loscriterios:(ANID:AM* AND CTR:WO) Oficina(s):all Idioma:ES separación automática de palabras en lexemas: true maximize
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