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TítuloPaísFecha de publicación
Clasificación InternacionalNº de solicitudSolicitanteInventor/a
1. 09545063 Overhead irrigation assembly having three or more truss rodsUS17.01.2017
A01G 25/09
14616984Valmont Industries, Inc.John Kastl

An overhead irrigation assembly having multiple truss rods is disclosed. In an implementation, an overhead irrigation assembly includes a first support, a second support, and a span of pipeline supported between the first support and the second support. The overhead irrigation assembly also includes a first truss rod tensioned between the first support and the second support and a second truss rod tensioned between the first support and the second support. Spreaders are suspended from the span of pipeline that are configured to separate the first truss rod from the second truss rod. The overhead irrigation assembly also includes a third truss rod is also tensioned between the first support and the second support. The first truss rod, the second truss rod, and third truss rod are configured to maintain a generally bow shape in the span of pipeline.

2. RE046279 Read operation for non-volatile storage with compensation for couplingUS17.01.2017
G11C 16/04

Shifts in the apparent charge stored on a floating gate (or other charge storing element) of a non-volatile memory cell can occur because of the coupling of an electric field based on the charge stored in adjacent floating gates (or other adjacent charge storing elements). The problem occurs most pronouncedly between sets of adjacent memory cells that have been programmed at different times. To account for this coupling, the read process for a particular memory cell will provide compensation to an adjacent memory cell in order to reduce the coupling effect that the adjacent memory cell has on the particular memory cell.

3. RE046276 Triazolo(4,5-D)pyrimidine compoundsUS17.01.2017
C07D 239/00
14976977AstraZeneca UK LimitedDavid Hardem

Triazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidine compounds, their use as medicaments, compositions containing them and processes for their preparation. The compounds of the invention have the formula (I) as follows:

embedded image
wherein R, X and R1 through R3 are as defined in the specification.

4. RE046274 Spinning reel for fishingUS17.01.2017
A01K 89/01
14631721GLOBERIDE, INC.Takashi Shibata

A spinning reel for fishing includes: a reel body including a front portion; a handle provided in the reel body; a cap-shaped cover body including a surrounding wall mounted in the front portion of the reel body; a spool on which a fishing line is to be wound; a rotor including a fishing line guide part, the rotor being rotated by the rotational manipulation of the handle to wind the fishing line on the spool; a driving part passing through the cover body and transmitting the rotation of the handle to the rotor; a support part provided in the front portion of the reel body and supporting the driving part; and a magnetic seal device mounted in the cover body and including a magnet, a cylindrical magnetic body forming a magnetic circuit between the magnetic body and the magnet and magnetic fluid maintained between the magnet and the magnetic ring.

5. 09545347 Medical ambulatory device for children and method of useUS17.01.2017
B62B 1/00
14970786Elizabeth MichelsElizabeth Michels

The present invention provides a medical ambulatory device and method comprised of an ambulatory vehicle and a flexible, elastic harness attached to the vehicle for suspending an injured lower limb of a child in a substantially elevated position in order to maintain mobility of the child, encourage movement, and provide ample exercise and fun for the child while the injury is healing.

6. 09545345 Power liftUS17.01.2017
A61G 3/02
14539989Uriah S. Akers, Jr.Uriah S. Akers, Jr.

A deployable gurney ramp assembly with a retractable ramp deployment apparatus having two deployment tracks extending parallel, parallel first and second base tracks terminating in stops, the deployment tracks slidably engage the base tracks, with ramp guides slidably pivotally engaging a ramp at the end permitting the ramp to pivot when raised or lowered. Extension devices are utilized to advance the deployment ramps and the ramp guides.

7. 09545340 Multi-photon absorption for femtosecond micromachining and refractive index modification of tissuesUS17.01.2017
A61F 9/008
12207137Wayne H. KnoxWayne H. Knox

By adapting femtosecond micromachining approaches developed in hydrogels, we can perform Intra-tissue Refractive Index Shaping (IRIS) in biological tissues. We reduced femtosecond laser pulse energies below the optical breakdown thresholds to create grating patterns that are associated with a change in the refractive index of the tissue. To increase two-photon absorption, we used a two (or more)-photon-absorbing chromophore.

8. 09545320 Standalone interbody implantsUS17.01.2017
A61F 2/44
14278898GLOBUS MEDICAL, INCNick Padovani

Stand-alone interbody fusion devices for engagement between adjacent vertebrae. The stand-alone interbody fusion devices may include a spacer and one or more inserts or members coupled to the spacer. The inserts or members may be configured and designed to provide the apertures which are designed to retain bone fasteners, such as screws, and secure the implant to the adjacent vertebrae.

9. 09545297 Dental implant surgery organizer caseUS17.01.2017
A61C 19/10
13959963Pavel KrastevPavel Krastev

A dental implant organizer case includes a housing with a plurality of compartments selectively arranged therein. Each compartment includes: a respective lid pivotally mounted to the housing to cover the compartment's cavity when closed; means for biasing the lid from the closed to the open position; means to releasably secure the lid in the closed position; means to releasably support dental implant containers within the compartment, in an upright position; and a respective tooth number marking to indicate the tooth intended for the implant containers therein. The selectively arranged compartments may form a semi-circular or an in-line arrangement. Two compartment levels may be utilized, with the lower compartments being accessible using a tray being slidable with respect to the housing. Two cases may be secured together to be pivotable between collapsed and extended positions, where the first and second cases store dental implant containers for left-hand and right-hand teeth, respectively.

10. 09545247 Catching mechanisms for tubular septal occluderUS17.01.2017
A61B 17/00
13930498W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.Andrzej J. Chanduszko

A septal occluder, such as one made from a polymer tube, can have portions on either side of a patent foramen ovale (PFO) or other septal defect. The portions on either side can be held in place with a catching mechanism that can take one of many forms. The tube can be made of bioresorbable materials.

Resultados 1-10 de 58.196.375 para loscriterios: Oficina(s):all Idioma:ES separación automática de palabras en lexemas: true
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