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PCT/ZA2015/000011AZOTEQ (PTY) LTDBRUWER, Frederick Johannes (Jr)
A charge transfer measurement system which includes a clock, a capacitor, current mirrors and a counter wherein a signal current which is based on magnetic field, incident light or radiation, acceleration or an external inductance Is transferred to the capacitor with the counter recording a count value and wherein the measurement is stopped after a predetermined time or when a voltage on the capacitor exceeds a reference value.

2. WO/2015/127484 WATER HEATERWO27.08.2015
PCT/ZA2015/000008ELDON, Joseph, FrancisELDON, Joseph, Francis
A water heater which includes a combustion chamber close!y surrounded by a water jacket.

PCT/ZA2015/000009REALITYGATE (PTY) LTDBOSHOFF, Hendrik, Frans, Verwoerd
The invention provides, a method for human-computer interaction on a graphical user interface (GUI). The method includes the steps of receiving first control coordinates for. individualised control of a plurality of objects to be controlled- by pointer coordinates; receiving display coordinates for the display' of the' plurality of objects, which relate to but are different from the first control coordinates; receiving pointer coordinates for individualised control of the objects based partly on the first control coordinates; using the display coordinates of at least one object to -calculate new control coordinates associated with the same object, which new control coordinates generally correspond to the same objects display coordinates; and -continuously repeating the above steps each time new pointer coordinates become available.

4. WO/2015/123704 CRACKERWO20.08.2015
A63H 37/00
A cracker (36) is disclosed which includes a barrel (18) and at least one expulsion device (34) provided in said barrel (18) for expelling a charge of delivery material (32) outside of said barrel (18). The expulsion device (34) contains the charge of delivery material (32) and may be configured upon activation to expel it from the barrel (18) in an expulsion direction (44) which is angled relatively to the cracker's primary axis (46), for example at a right angle thereto. Typically a pyrotechnic device (24) is provided to expel the delivery material (32), but spring-loaded and compressed-air mechanisms are also disclosed. The expulsion device (34) may be modified from a conventional party popper but other embodiments include a two-part structure consisting of a cup-shaped inner vessel enclosed by an outer receptacle, a further device defining a sloped outer surface, and yet another having a hinged lid to facilitate loading.

5. WO/2015/117169 AN ANTI-TAMPERING DEVICEWO06.08.2015
B60K 15/035
PCT/ZA2015/000005LUNOEL TRADING (PTY) LIMITEDLAMPRECHT, Hendrik, Oostenwald, Johannes
An anti-tampering device (10) for use on a fuel tank (18), the fuel tank (18) including at least one inlet (14), the anti-tampering device (10) comprising at least one engaging member (12) shaped to engage the inlet (14) and a shield (40) shaped to accommodate the inlet (14) of the fuel tank (18) and the engaging member (12), the shield (40) being securable to the engaging member (12) and shielding the inlet (14) to assist in preventing the unauthorised siphoning of fuel.

6. WO/2015/113078 FOOT EXERCISE SANDALWO30.07.2015
A43B 3/10
PCT/ZA2015/000002CAROLUS, Michael CharlesCAROLUS, Michael Charles
This Invention relates to a foot exercise sandal. More specifically, the invention relates to a foot exercise sandal incorporating a resilient strap for enabling a wearer to perform dorsiflexion exercises for the purposes alleviating a range of ailments including poor circulation, pain and swollen feet. The foot exercise sandal includes a rigid sole, a primary resilient strap and a secondary strap lying substantially over the primary resilient strap and forming a loop for securing a foot of a wearer to the sole. In an inoperative condition, the primary strap Is pulled tightly across a width of the sole under its own resilient to lie substantially in contact with an upper surface of the sole such that in use, with the wearer's foot secured to the sole by the secondary strap the primary resilient strap is positioned between the user's foot and the sole. In an operative condition, the primary resilient strap is pulled away from the sole to compressively sandwich at least a portion of the wearers foot between the primary resilient strap and the sole such that in use, the wearer is capable of performing dorsiflexion exercises

B65D 21/08
PCT/ZA2014/000072MANN, Roy NevilleMANN, Roy Neville
A framework for a pop-up structure is provided comprising three or more loops (18, 12, 22) and a plurality of resilient deformable elongate members ( 14) extending between adjacent loops. The elongate members are pivotal!y attached to the loops (18, 12, 22) and the framework is extensible between a collapsed condition and a expanded condition, upon rotation of one loop relative to an adjacent loop. There is also provided a pop-up container comprising said framework and having an attachable cover.

8. WO/2015/113077 A HYDROPONIC SYSTEMWO30.07.2015
A01G 31/02
PCT/ZA2014/000073BEZUIDENHOUT, Wynand Christoffel MarthinusBEZUIDENHOUT, Wynand Christoffel Marthinus
A hydroponic system including at least three channels (14) aligned substantially axially relative to each other, at least one gutter (12) located below the at least three channels, at least one fluid feed (16) associated with each channel for, in use, feeding fluid into such channel at or near- the upstream end of the channel: each channel defining a fluid outlet at or near ist downstream end for, in use, discharging fluid form the channel into the gutter, and at least one first adjustable support associated with each channel for adjusting the gradient of the channel floor relative to the gradient of the gutter floor such that for each pair of adjacent channels the upstream end of each downstream channel is operatively higher than the downstream end of the adjacent upstream channel, or the upstream end of each downstream channel is operatively lower than the downstream end of the adjacent upstream channel, such that the gradient of each channel is either greater or less than the gradient of the gutter.

PCT/ZA2015/000004LEVINSOHN, Steven MarkLEVINSOHN, Steven Mark
This invention relates to microphone accessories, particularly microphone flags, for use with a hand-held microphone having a bulbous head and elongate stalk extending therefrom, The accessory has at least one body having at least one display face for displaying at least a first communication; at least one attachment formation for attaching the body to the microphone; and at least one display member for displaying at least a second communication, wherein the at least one display member is permanently or removably attachable to the body and/or the microphone, and wherein the at least one display member is configured to extend and/or supplement the at least one display face of the body, in use. The invention also relates to a method of using a microphone and to a microphone- accessory apparatus.

10. WO/2015/106300 ORTHOPAEDIC TYING DEVICEWO16.07.2015
A61F 5/01
PCT/ZA2015/000003VAN DER WALT, Leon, NormanVAN DER WALT, Leon, Norman
A manually operable wire, cabling or the like tensile material tensioning device in the form of an orthopaedic tying device 10 comprises a manually handlable carrier 1-2 mounting a tensioner 14 and a guide in the form of a barrel type extending arm 18 extending from the carrier 12. The device 10 defines a tensile material receiving end 20 from which tensile material by way of the leading ends of opposite end sections is fried thereto. The tensioner 14 includes a shaft mounted rotor 16 that forms part of a gear train 26 that is rotatable by way of a winder 30. The shaft 32 of the rotor 16 -presents lateral stubs 36 formed with tensile material section ends anchoring bores 33. The arm 18 is integrally constituted by a head 40, an intermediate narrow section 42 and a trailing end flaring formation 44 along which opposite tensile material end sections 64, 66 are passed once the device is in use.

Results 1-10 of 2,076 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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