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1. WO/2015/149086 KAYAKING TRAINERWO01.10.2015
A63B 69/06
PCT/ZA2015/000015WHITE, Grant, DouglasWHITE, Grant, Douglas
A paddling action simulating exerciser in the form of a kayaking trainer 10 comprises a paddle action simulating formation In the form of a paddle simulating pole 12, a cord 14 that extends along the pole 12 in linearly displaceably passing there.-trough, a hollow spacer 18 extending between a seating facility 20 and an anchoring layout including a cord guiding layout 22 via which the free ends 14.3, 14.4 of the cord 14 are secured to a spring 24. A multi-directionally adjustable footplate facility 40 including an upright foot abutment plate 42 fitted with a heel rest 44 and a toe strap 46 is fitted along the spacer 18. The spacer 18, seating facility 20, leg 30, footplate facility 40 and guiding layout 22 in constituting a trainer core assembly 28 is laterally rockable by way of rocking formations 78 fitting along slots 80.

2. WO/2015/149087 A LOCKING GIMBALWO01.10.2015
G01C 19/00
PCT/ZA2015/000016BURGER, Henri LouisBURGER, Henri Louis
This invention relates to a locking gimbal, 'More specifically, the invention relates to a locking gimbal for: automatically locking a gimballed object against' motion arising from an external force applied thereto; and automatically releasing the gimballed object on removal of the external force. The locking gimbal includes a first object pivotable about a first pivot axis, a second object movable along an arc centred substantially at a second axis, a locking member and. a locking formation. The first object defined a first reference axis passing through the first pivot axis and a centre of gravity of the first object, -whereas- the second object defines a second reference axis passing through the second axis and a centre of gravity of the second object. The first and second objects are movable relative to one another between a first aligned condition, wherein the first and second reference axes are substantially aligned, and a second displaced condition, wherein the first and second reference axes are angularly displaced relative to one another. The locking formation, actuated by displacement: between the first and second objects, is radially movable, relative to the first pivot axis between engaged and disengaged positions, wherein: (i) in the first aligned condition, the locking formation Is in a disengaged position and spaced from the locking; member, permitting rotation of the first object about the first pivot axis; and (ii) in the: second displaced condition, the locking formation is in an engaged position and In contact with the locking member thereby preventing rotation of the first object about the first pivot axis.

3. WO/2015/143459 ENERGY RECOVERYWO24.09.2015
PCT/ZA2015/000014ERLS MINING (PTY) LTDWOOD, Richard Roy
A unit for recovering energy from high pressure slurry which is fed, in a controlled way, into a flexible bladder, inside a pipe so that, as the bladder is filled with slurry, high pressure water is expelled from a volume between an inner surface of the pipe and the bladder, to drive a generator.

B67D 3/00
PCT/ZA2014/000074BROODRYK, BergenBROODRYK, Bergen
According to a preferred embodiment of a first aspect of the present invention, a fluid dispensing apparatus (10) includes: a cap (12) for covering the mouth of a container (14), first securing means (20) for, in use, securing the cap to the mouth of a container, a cover (26) on the cap for, in use, regulating flow of fluid from a container on which the cap is secured through the cap; a seat (16) for, in use, receiving the cap (12) or a container (14) to which the cap is secured therein; second securing means (28) for, in use, securing either the cap (12) or a container to which the cap is secured to the seat (16); a probe (34) located within the seat for, in use, protruding through the cover when the cap or a container to which the cap is secured is received in the seat, and thereby permitting access to the interior of the container; a gas conduit (36) for, in use, charging a container associated with the cap with gas; a gas valve (40) for regulating flow of gas through the gas conduit; and a sensor for sensing whether a container or cap is secured to the seat (16) which sensor causes the gas valve (40) to (i) open when the container or cap is secured to the seat; and (ii) close when the container (14) or cap is not secured to the seat (6).

5. WO/2015/135004 ACCESSORY FOR A MICROPHONEWO11.09.2015
PCT/ZA2014/000065LEVINSOHN, Steven MarkLEVINSOHN, Steven Mark
This Invention relates to a microphone accessory for use with a microphone, particularly a microphone flag for a handheld microphone composing a head and a handle extending from the head. The accessory comprises a housing comprising at least one display panel or zone; an attachment formation for attaching the microphone accessory to the microphone, in use; and a display arrangement suitably locatable in the housing. The display arrangement comprises a display member comprising a communication; and a electromechanical displacement asembly operatively connectable to the diplay member to cause displacement of the display member relative to the display panel or zone such, that the communication is displaceably locatable adjacent the display panel or zone, so as to be visible, in use. The invention also extends to a cartridge attachable to a suitably adapted, microphone flag, the cartrige comprising at least the display member.

PCT/ZA2015/000011AZOTEQ (PTY) LTDBRUWER, Frederick Johannes (Jr)
A charge transfer measurement system which includes a clock, a capacitor, current mirrors and a counter wherein a signal current which is based on magnetic field, incident light or radiation, acceleration or an external inductance Is transferred to the capacitor with the counter recording a count value and wherein the measurement is stopped after a predetermined time or when a voltage on the capacitor exceeds a reference value.

7. WO/2015/127484 WATER HEATERWO27.08.2015
PCT/ZA2015/000008ELDON, Joseph, FrancisELDON, Joseph, Francis
A water heater which includes a combustion chamber close!y surrounded by a water jacket.

PCT/ZA2015/000009REALITYGATE (PTY) LTDBOSHOFF, Hendrik, Frans, Verwoerd
The invention provides, a method for human-computer interaction on a graphical user interface (GUI). The method includes the steps of receiving first control coordinates for. individualised control of a plurality of objects to be controlled- by pointer coordinates; receiving display coordinates for the display' of the' plurality of objects, which relate to but are different from the first control coordinates; receiving pointer coordinates for individualised control of the objects based partly on the first control coordinates; using the display coordinates of at least one object to -calculate new control coordinates associated with the same object, which new control coordinates generally correspond to the same objects display coordinates; and -continuously repeating the above steps each time new pointer coordinates become available.

9. WO/2015/123704 CRACKERWO20.08.2015
A63H 37/00
A cracker (36) is disclosed which includes a barrel (18) and at least one expulsion device (34) provided in said barrel (18) for expelling a charge of delivery material (32) outside of said barrel (18). The expulsion device (34) contains the charge of delivery material (32) and may be configured upon activation to expel it from the barrel (18) in an expulsion direction (44) which is angled relatively to the cracker's primary axis (46), for example at a right angle thereto. Typically a pyrotechnic device (24) is provided to expel the delivery material (32), but spring-loaded and compressed-air mechanisms are also disclosed. The expulsion device (34) may be modified from a conventional party popper but other embodiments include a two-part structure consisting of a cup-shaped inner vessel enclosed by an outer receptacle, a further device defining a sloped outer surface, and yet another having a hinged lid to facilitate loading.

10. WO/2015/117169 AN ANTI-TAMPERING DEVICEWO06.08.2015
B60K 15/035
PCT/ZA2015/000005LUNOEL TRADING (PTY) LIMITEDLAMPRECHT, Hendrik, Oostenwald, Johannes
An anti-tampering device (10) for use on a fuel tank (18), the fuel tank (18) including at least one inlet (14), the anti-tampering device (10) comprising at least one engaging member (12) shaped to engage the inlet (14) and a shield (40) shaped to accommodate the inlet (14) of the fuel tank (18) and the engaging member (12), the shield (40) being securable to the engaging member (12) and shielding the inlet (14) to assist in preventing the unauthorised siphoning of fuel.

Results 1-10 of 2,081 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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