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1. WO/2016/118982 LTFT CATALYST FINES REMOVALWO28.07.2016
The invention provides a method, stage and plant for removing LTFT catalyst fines and/or organometallic catalyst compounds from of LTFT wax, downstream from the LTFT reactor. The method includes at least one stage having the steps of causing a differential pressure across a filter element; causing high mechanical shearing and/or centrifugal forces along and/or away from the surface of the filter on the high pressure side of the filter to cause the particles to be continuously removed from the filter surface; and wherein the differential pressure is selected to be sufficient to force flow of the wax across the filter to cause filtration.

A linkage assembly in accordance with the invention which includes a plurality of elongate linkage members 12, a first, second and third connecting means for connecting and allowing pivotal displacement between proximal end regions of a first 14 and second 16 linkage members, a step support connecting means for connecting and allowing pivotal displacement between the first 14 and fourth 18 linkage members, inwardly the second connecting means and for supporting a stepping formation 20 thereon.

3. WO/2016/118980 AIRCRAFTWO28.07.2016
B64C 27/32
PCT/ZA2016/000002GROENEWALD, Felix, ErrolGROENEWALD, Felix, Errol
A helicopter with a rotor pivotally connected to a shaft by a universal joint or bail and socket joint. The helicopter Includes: a fuselage; a rotor mast that is fixed against relative rotation with respect to the fuselage; at least one blade; a motor for rotating the at least one blade; and a universal joint or ball and socket joint. The universal joint or bail and socket joint: (i) is disposed between the at least one blade and the rotor mast, with the at least one blade being rotatable relative to the universal joint or ball and socket joint; (ii) is disposed between the motor and the rotor mast; and (iii) is fixed against relative rotation with respect to the rotor mast, such that, pivoting of the universal joint or ball and socket joint causes the at least one blade and the motor to tilt.

4. WO/2016/118981 POWER GENERATING DEVICEWO28.07.2016
F03G 7/08
PCT/ZA2016/000003MAKHABANE, Lungelo MarvinMAKHABANE, Lungelo Marvin
This invention relates to a power generating device. More specifically, the power generating device is a roadway power generator for convening the kinetic energy and/or weight of vehicles into usable electrical power, coupled with a means for remunerating such vehicle for the electrical power It generates through the roadway power generator. The device comprises a pair of primary and secondary platforms hingedly mounted in spaced succession with respect to one another along a roadway, wherein the platforms are sequentially movable between raised and lowered positions such that when the primary platform is operatively in the raised position, the secondary platform is in the lowered position and vice versa. The device also includes a power generator for operatively converting the downward motion and force of the platforms caused under the weight of a vehicle passing thereover Info electrical power. Furthermore, the device includes a remuneration system for remunerating the owner / driver / occupant of the vehicle for the electrical power generated by such vehicle passing over the platforms.

The invention relates to a computer-implemented system and method for planning and controlling multi-facet business activities over extended time periods, such as mining technical activities, during life of mine from concept and pre-feasibility assessment to closure in a mining operation for a mineral deposit, and enterprise support processes, such as costs, concurrently with such activities, in a direct substantially real-time manner. The system comprising a non- transitory computer readable storage medium storing computer-executable instructions, selected from at least one toolset, with mining technical activity, spatial and accounting rules, and at least one library, with company, mining technical and accounting codes and practices; a non-transitory computer accessible creator, for creating a work breakdown structure for a specific mining work place location and specific mining technical activities, represented at least partially in spatial geometries at a level of three-dimensional detail with preselected granularity in accordance with the planning and timeframe of the operation; a non-transitory computer accessible codifier, for codifying in accordance with the work breakdown structure a corresponding cost code structure of substantially equivalent granularity: a non-transitory computer accessible assimilator, for assimilating pre-selected, measurable parameters of the mining activities; a non-transitory computer accessible generator, for generating inventory transactions, reflecting the change in state and status of the mineral deposit; and a non- transitory computer accessible comparator, for comparing, In an ERP system to enable at least semi-continuous mine planning and operation, the use of resources and the costs of such use, during such activities at pre-selected detail and granularity. A non-transitory computer readable storage medium storing computer-implemented instructions, a master business schedule and a work break down structure with corresponding cost code structure is also provided.

6. WO/2016/090388 DISPLAY DEVICEWO09.06.2016
F16M 11/20
PCT/ZA2015/000049SIMOES, Daniel Raul SIMOES, Daniel Raul
The invention relates to a display device (10) with multiple picture mounts (14) that provides additional flexibility regarding relative orientation and positioning of the picture mounts (14), said display device (10) including a base (12); a first extendable arm (16) secured at a first end to its base (12); a second extendable arm (16) secured at a first end to the base (12); a first picture mount (14) pivotally connected to a second end of the first extendable arm (16); a second picture mount (14) pivotally connected to a second end of the second extendable arm (16); and securing means (20) for securing the base (12) to a base (12) of an adjacent display device (10). Typically, each picture mount (14) is movable between a retracted condition in which the extendable arm (16) is fully retracted with the picture mount (14) proximal the base (12); an extended condition in which the extendable arm (16) is fully extended, displacing the picture mount (14) from the base (12), and various intermediate positions between the retracted and extended conditions.

7. WO/2016/090389 DECONGESTANT GUMWO09.06.2016
A23G 4/06
PCT/ZA2015/050028RATHOGWA, Michael, T. RATHOGWA, Michael, T.
The invention provides a chewing gum to provide relief to pressure related ear pressure ailments. The gum includes a gum base mixed with a decongestant.

8. WO/2016/086243 WOUND DRESSINGWO02.06.2016
A61F 13/15
PCT/ZA2015/050026MOUTON, Jacob, Frederick MOUTON, Jacob, Frederick
The invention provides a wound dressing, which includes a 1 to 12 mm thick layer of absorbent non-woven fibre material between 150 and 1200 grams per square meter, which layer includes a mixture of viscose fibres and polyester fibres which more viscose than polyester, and of which the fines of the viscose is between 1,5 and 3 dtex and the fines of the polyester is between 2 and 3 dtex.

9. WO/2016/086241 BOOSTERWO02.06.2016
A booster component which includes a booster housing for a booster explosive material and a printed electronic circuit which is associated with the housing and which includes a module for harvesting energy emitted by an energy source, a storage device for storing energy harvested by the module, an igniter and a circuit, powered at least by energy drawn from the storage device and responsive to a control signal for firing the igniter.

10. WO/2016/086244 A LAPAROSCOPIC SPONGEWO02.06.2016
A61F 13/15
PCT/ZA2015/050027MEYER, Jonell MOKHTARI, Arian
A laparoscopic sponge 10 has a generally rectangular shape and a first short side 12 of the sponge 10 terminates in a triangular formation 14 in the form of an equilateral triangle. The sponge 10 is sufficiently flexible to fold when being introduced into the trocar 20. The sponge 10 is provided with a string 16 that is welded or sewn onto the sponge 10 and extends from a second short side 18 of the sponge. A tag 22 is provided at the free end of the string 16 tag and has a number printed thereon.

Results 1-10 of 2,157 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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