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G06K 9/40
PCT/UA2016/000116DAVYDOV, Maksym VolodymyrovychDAVYDOV, Maksym Volodymyrovych
The invention relates to the field of digital image processing, and more particularly to methods of reducing noise in digital images on the basis of a region similarity network. Proposed is a method of processing a digital image, which includes the following steps: obtaining an image in digital form; selecting a set of points on the image P= { P 1 , P 2 ,..., P N }; building a region similarity network, the vertices of which are points from the selected set of points, by connecting vertices р∈Р with vertices of the region similarity network which correspond to similar regions of the image and are found in the vicinity of point p, wherein at least one of the vertices р∈Р is connected to two or more other vertices, and the similarity between the regions of the image are predetermined by a given function; applying a transform function in the form of О(p)=Agr (l,p,L1(p),L2(p),...,Lk(p)), where l is an incoming image, p is the current vertex of the region similarity network, Li (р), i=1,2,..., k is a multiset of vertices of the region similarity network, the vertex of multiset Li (р) can be reached in exactly i steps from vertex р in the region similarity network, Agr (...) is a given aggregation function, and k> 1 is a method parameter; evaluating the function О(р) for a final or intermediate result for network vertices, in the vicinity of which the noise level needs to be reduced; and calculating a final result if О(р) has been applied to calculate an intermediate result.

A61K 9/00
PCT/UA2016/000122TOLCHEYEV, Yuriy ZakharovychTOLCHEYEV, Yuriy Zakharovych
The invention relates to a pharmaceutical industry and particularly deals with antiviral pharmaceutical compositions. The claimed antiviral pharmaceutical composition comprises beta- glucan preferably as carboxymethyl beta-glucan of sodium salt and iota- carrageenan in the weight ratio from approximately 1-0.5 to approximately 1-5. The antiviral pharmaceutical composition can be used in a spray form to be delivered by a dosing inhaler for nasal or vaginal spray or in the form of powder for insufflation in the interior of the human body or in the form of gel.

G09F 25/00
PCT/UA2016/000080IANKOV, VasiliiIANKOV, Vasilii
The invention relates to audio and visual advertising and can be used in advertising goods and/or services using a cabin of a passenger elevating transport vehicle (lift). The problem addressed by the invention is that of adjusting an advertisement during the process of advertising goods and/or services using a lift cabin so that it is better received by potential buyers of goods and/or consumers of services. A method for advertising goods and/or services using a passenger lift cabin involves playing an audio advertisement for goods and/or services in a lift cabin, using an electronic information system, when there is a minimum of one person present in the lift. The presence of a person in the lift cabin is monitored. If desired, full information about the goods and/or services can be obtained using an Internet site and/or mobile phone service. The address of the Internet site and/or the number of the mobile phone service is indicated on a graphic information medium in the lift cabin or in the vicinity of a potential location of the lift cabin. The number of times that an advertisement is played in the lift cabin is recorded, and the number of times that the same advertisement is viewed on the given Internet site is also recorded, and/or the number of calls to the given mobile phone service number is recorded; whereupon this recorded information is provided to the client who ordered the advertising in the lift cabin using an Internet network or mobile service.

F03B 13/14
PCT/UA2016/000109LYTOVCHENKO, Mykhailo YuriyovychLYTOVCHENKO, Mykhailo Yuriyovych
A modular device for converting wave energy, containing a rotatable wave-receiving chamber (1) consisting of a plurality of working chambers (6, 8) in the form of toroidal segments which are closed-off on one side and/or on the other side (2, 3) by ventilation grilles (7, 9).

H04L 9/00
PCT/UA2015/000094KHYLENKO, Volodymyr VasiliovichKHYLENKO, Volodymyr Vasiliovich
The invention relates to the art of confidential communication. The technical result is that of providing a device user with the possibility of selecting one of two modes of communication, namely conventional communication or confidential communication for providing protection against unauthorized access. For this purpose there is proposed a device for sending confidential messages using a mobile telephone (gadget), said device comprising a housing in which are mounted a receiving and transmitting unit of the mobile telephone (gadget), a unit for generating/displaying source/target information, a unit for converting source/target information, a keyboard, a display and elements for controlling the mobile telephone (gadget), as well as a service information unit, a cryptographic computation unit and a reverse conversion unit, wherein the device is additionally provided with an on/off button module for activating/deactivating a confidential message receive/send mode, said button making it possible to switch the device into a confidential message receive/send mode or into a normal mobile telephone (gadget) operating mode, and with a button module for selecting the level of confidentiality.

B44C 1/22
PCT/UA2015/000098PAVLOV, Valentyn VolodymyrovychPAVLOV, Valentyn Volodymyrovych
The invention relates to decorative art, specifically to a method for the artistic processing of glass, and particularly to the creation, in a surface layer of glass, of designs or any image by means of etching. According to the invention, a prepared sheet of glass is placed on an image, after which the image located under the lower side of the sheet is rendered in the body of the glass, from the top side of the sheet, by means of creating grooves with finely-carved inner edges and etching the material formed in the creation of the grooves, then forming workpieces, which have a certain background color or set of colors and which are applied to a substrate, and connecting the substrate and workpieces, prepared in this way, to the lower side of the sheet of glass. The present method significantly enhances the quality of a produced image.

7. WO/2017/061976 CIGARETTE TUBEWO13.04.2017
A24D 1/00
PCT/UA2015/000108KUSHVARA, Oleh MykhaylovychKUSHVARA, Oleh Mykhaylovych
A cigarette tube comprising a cylindrical mouthpiece made of cardboard with a casing arranged thereon, which is made of cigarette paper and is longer than the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece end, which is closest to the smoking blend filling side, is somewhat compressed inwards and is configured to partially bridge the mouthpiece cavity, and, from the other end of the mouthpiece, a cardboard rod is inserted into the middle which is twisted twice lengthwise.

F16L 11/16
PCT/UA2016/000034BEREZIN, Oleksandr MykolayovychBEREZIN, Oleksandr Mykolayovych
The invention relates to production of long spiral-welded large polymer products, as required for pipelines production, chemical, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, agricultural complex and utility services. The object of the invention is to create variants of spiral-welded polymer product with a cellular wall, having the internal or external, or internal and external uniform smooth walls with little material consumption, weight and cost. It should allow making products on site due the use of a thin-walled, lightweight, flexible profile. The object is solved owing to fact that a long hollow thermoplastic profile is used in spiral-welded polymer products, wherein the cross-section of the profile has a form of a closed geometric figure with a convex part having essentially the semi-ring shape and flat part that are connected each other, forming the convex and flat parts of the external surface of the profile, respectively.

9. WO/2017/061978 ANTI-SLIP DEVICEWO13.04.2017
A43C 15/14
PCT/UA2016/000117KARELIN, Oleksandr VolodymyrovychKARELIN, Oleksandr Volodymyrovych
An anti-slip device intended to prevent footwear soles, vehicle wheels, crutches and walking sticks from slipping on ice, snow or other slippery material, thus preventing possible injury. The device comprises a movable stopper with feathered edges, said stopper being mounted in a cavity in a base (1) or between protuberances on the base (1) and being able to pivot about the point at which it is fastened when the feathered edges engage with a slippery surface until the stopper comes into contact with the walls of the cavity (4) in the base (1) or between protuberances on the base (1). The angle between the walls of the cavity (4) in the base (1) or between tangents thereto, between which the stopper is mounted, is 50-245°, preferably 90-160°. At each point along the axis of the cavity (4) in the base (1) or between protuberances on the base (1), the ratio of the distance between the nearest points on the inside surface of the cavity (4) and the maximum size of the stopper (2) in a plane across the face thereof is 2.6-1.2, preferably 2.0-1.4. The feathered edges of the stopper are situated at the same level as the surface of the base (1), which contacts with the slippery surface, or are situated close to this level inside or outside the cavity (4) in the base (1) or between protuberances on the base (1).

10. WO/2017/052484 “AFW” VEHICLE SUSPENSIONWO30.03.2017
B60G 21/04
PCT/UA2015/000089BEYLIN, Georgiy VolodimirovichBEYLIN, Georgiy Volodimirovich
The invention relates to suspension design. A vehicle suspension comprises a frame, four identical arms adapted for connection to the hubs of corresponding wheels, four torsion bars arranged in pairs in a horizontal plane and connected to said arms, and primary and additional connecting arms and linear actuators, which are mounted such as to allow a simultaneous change in the length thereof. The torsion bars are mounted such as to be freely rotatable with a 1-5° angle of twist under load and form a front and rear axle. The torsion bars are fastened to the frame via bearing assemblies and are mounted in parallel. The middle of each torsion bar is connected to a tie rod via an additional connecting arm, which is mounted such as to be freely rotatable on the torsion bar. All of the additional connecting arms are parallel, identically oriented and interconnected by corresponding tie rods. The arms of the respective motive members of one axle are fastened to the ends of the corresponding torsion bars, are mounted in parallel and are oriented in opposite directions towards each other. This creates conditions for all four wheels to be in contact with the road simultaneously both when travelling in a straight line and when passing over obstacles.

Results 1-10 of 1,492 for Criteria:(ANID:UA* AND CTR:WO) Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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