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H04N 5/232
Multisensor generator of video images based on optoelectronic converters comprises a lightproof box-type housing, a front wall of which has a lengthwise slot for visible light passing-through, and a positioned behind said wall block of formers of fragmentary analogous video signals about released parts of an observable object. These formers must use in number no less than three and locate oppositely to the slot on one level in one row fan-like. Each former has a multiple-lens objective and an optoelectronic converter. Viewing fields of adjoining objectives overlap partly each other. Electric outlets of optoelectronic converters are capable for connection to an external system for generation of integral digital video signals contained on-line information about an entire observable object at definite points of time. Such structure allows simultaneous observing any extensive objects, length of which exceeds substantially their width, from one location at long distances.

2. WO/2017/044065 REFRIGERANT COOLING SYSTEMWO16.03.2017
F24F 1/02
PCT/UA2016/000098KOTURBACH, Ivan IvanovichKOTURBACH, Ivan Ivanovich
The invention relates to refrigerant cooling technology and can be used in air conditioning and cooling systems and in refrigerating units. The present refrigerant cooling system comprises a housing, which is provided with an air cooler and an evaporator, a compressor and a two-loop high speed-type plate heat exchanger, to the second loop of which a fluid is supplied from a closed circulating heat-retaining device, wherein said fluid is circulated by a pump and is cooled, without contact, by running water, which is fed to the heat-retaining device and through a loop inside the heat-retaining device.

F01C 1/356
PCT/UA2015/000097DUBYNSKYI, Igor MykolaiovychDUBYNSKYI, Igor Mykolaiovych
The invention relates to mechanical engineering. The present device for obtaining mechanical work from a non-thermal energy source comprises a cylindrical housing, a rotor, a vacuum chamber, movable elements, and systems for the regulated removal and supply of a working fluid. A power shaft is disposed inside the housing. The rotor is fastened to the shaft and is provided with blades. The chamber is formed by the outside surface of the bladed rotor and the inside surface of the housing. The movable elements are mounted in diametric opposition inside the housing of the device and divide the chamber into equal parts. The working fluid removal system comprises outlet ports. The working fluid supply system comprises inlet ports. The shaft and blades of the rotor are hollow. The inlet ports are provided in the surfaces of the rotor blades. In one variant, the outlet ports are provided in the housing of the device. In another variant, the outlet ports are provided in the surfaces of the rotor blades. A driving motor is connected to the driving end of the rotor shaft. A load in the form of an electric generator or other power load device is connected to the end of a power take-off shaft of the rotor. The technical result is an increase in the output, efficiency and environmental friendliness of the device, together with a simplified design.

H01H 9/40
PCT/UA2015/000079PANCHENKO, Denis YuriyovichPANCHENKO, Denis Yuriyovich
A system for protecting relay contacts and monitoring overcurrent relates to the field of electrical engineering, and specifically to switching devices, and has an input and output for connecting to a load supply gap, and contains a protection circuit, the protection circuit using a bidirectional triode thyristor (TRIAC) installed in-parallel to the relay, and also a TRIAC control circuit. The system allows for minimizing switching barriers in AC circuits and also for extending the service life of a relay.

5. WO/2017/034503 PLAIN BEARINGWO02.03.2017
F16C 17/10
PCT/UA2015/000087KRIVCHIKOV, Viktor IvanovichKRIVCHIKOV, Viktor Ivanovich
Use: in bearing assemblies which are subject to high loads and have large dimensions. Essence: a plain bearing containing outer and inner housing rings made of a structural material, one of which has a two-sided conical surface which interacts with a conical surface of two rings made of an anti-friction material, wherein the gap between the contacting conical surfaces of the housing rings and anti-friction rings can be adjusted by tightening the anti-friction rings by means of a threaded connection, such as a bolt or threaded rod. Technical advantages: simplified design and maintenance.

F03B 7/00
PCT/UA2015/000088KRIVCHIKOV, Viktor IvanovichKRIVCHIKOV, Viktor Ivanovich
A damless hydroelectric power plant can be used in installations for converting the kinetic energy of a gravity flow of water into electrical energy. A part of the housing of the hydroelectric power plant, in which an impeller wheel is arranged, is in the form of an annular tunnel. Supporting annular runners on which the impeller wheel is supported are fixed in a plurality of rows on vertical struts of the tunnel inside the latter on both sides. The annular structure of the tunnel is connected to a central hub by tie rods and to containers, some of which contain a constant volume of air, while others contain an adjustable volume of air. In each wheel sector, the impeller wheel contains: a plurality of rows of roller supports, which are fixed on the vertical struts on the external sides of an outer and an inner wheel rim, said roller supports having horizontal and vertical axes of rotation and being equipped with springs, by means of which the wheel interacts with the supporting annular runners of the tunnel; and also toothed sectors, which are fixed on each wheel sector on vertical struts of the outer wheel rim, are arranged in a plurality of rows and are used, upon rotation of the impeller wheel, to pull chains which are kinematically connected to a revolution multiplier and to an electrical energy generator.

7. WO/2017/030518 HEAT ENGINEWO23.02.2017
F01K 11/02
PCT/UA2016/000013BRUSOV, Andrii IgorovychBRUSOV, Andrii Igorovych
A heat engine consisting of two reservoirs which are arranged in areas with a different environmental temperature, said reservoirs containing a working fluid, the boiling point of which is lower than the temperature of the environment in which the first reservoir is located and higher than the temperature of the environment in which the second reservoir is located; furthermore, at least one connecting pipe with a different inlet and outlet diameter and at least one rebound valve is located between the reservoirs; furthermore, at least one turbine is located in the reservoirs, the rotor of which turbine is kinematically connected to at least one device which is arranged outside the reservoirs and is intended for solving a specific task; and a heat-insulating layer is additionally located between the reservoirs.

8. WO/2017/030519 OVERHEAD LIGHTING SYSTEMWO23.02.2017
E04B 9/00
PCT/UA2016/000061BONDARENKO, Serhii AnatolijovychBONDARENKO, Serhii Anatolijovych
The invention relates to the field of construction, in particular to false ceilings, and specifically to overhead lighting systems. The present overhead lighting system comprising a structure made from rigid profiles, decorative panels and lighting fixtures is characterized in that the decorative panels are arranged so as to form a grid structure and lighting fixtures are arranged in the gaps between the panels, the lighting fixtures being formed from light-emitting-diode strips fastened to projecting elements of the rigid profiles and additionally comprising light diffusers in the form of transparent profiles made from polymeric materials. This design of the overhead lighting system makes it possible to use, during installation, lighting elements preassembled under production conditions on a base of rigid overhead profiles, to eliminate from the technological process a separate operation for mounting the lighting equipment, thus solving the issue of lighting immediately during the installation stage of the actual profile system (structure) of the future ceiling and at the same time substantially reducing the time for bringing the installation into operation and the estimated cost of the installation work.

A63F 3/06
PCT/UA2015/000083APOSTOLOV, Vasyl IvanovychAPOSTOLOV, Vasyl Ivanovych
The invention relates to games, and specifically to a method and devices for determining whether symbols, in changing sequences of symbols, comprise a winning combination indicated on a lottery ticket, and may be used in conducting a lottery. A method includes providing, on lottery tickets, an informational unit of data in the form of a sequence of N symbols, conducting a draw involving sequentially determining each of the N symbols by means of using a mechanical or electronic device containing N windows or sections for visual observation united into an information panel, stopping the changing of the symbols by using a means for canceling the changing of symbols in a window or section on an information panel, wherein the rate of symbol change differs in each window or section, then comparing each symbol in the window or section with the symbol in the informational unit of data on the lottery ticket in accordance with the sequential numbers thereof, and, when a symbol on the information panel matches a corresponding symbol on the lottery ticket, counting the determined symbol match.

A23B 7/005
PCT/UA2016/000040EREMENKO, Dmitriy ValerevichEREMENKO, Dmitriy Valerevich
The present method of producing preserved tomatoes relates to the field of human necessities, and more particularly to the food industry and to techniques for preparing and treating foods and foodstuffs, and even more particularly to methods of preserving foodstuffs, and is intended for preserving vegetables, specifically tomatoes, such as to enhance their properties in terms of usability, nutritional value and taste, and can be used in the food industry, for example in public catering establishments, vegetable processing plants, etc. The method of producing preserved tomatoes involves successively inspecting, washing and comminuting raw vegetable material, placing seasonings and vegetables in a packaging container, preparing a preserving fluid, adding said preserving fluid, and carrying out packaging and sterilization, wherein the packaging container (a can) and the lid of the packaging container are pre-sterilized, then tomatoes and yellow onion are cut into slices having a thickness of 3-6 mm, whereupon seasonings, the chopped vegetables, whole cherry tomatoes and garlic (whole cloves) are placed in the packaging container, then the preserving fluid is prepared, containing (in wt%): 87.56 - 88.61 water; 3.96 salt; 3.3 sugar; 3.3 gelatin; 1.32 vinegar essence (70% acetic acid), and the preserving fluid is added to the packaging container in a vegetable:seasoning:preserving fluid ratio of 64:1:35.

Results 1-10 of 1,479 for Criteria:(ANID:UA* AND CTR:WO) Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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