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G06F 3/0346
PCT/UA2016/000031ZHARKOV, Oleksii ValeriiovychZHARKOV, Oleksii Valeriiovych
The proposed group of inventions relates to programme control devices and can be used as a control element (foot-operated manipulator) for controlling electronic devices. The claimed manipulator for controlling an electronic device contains a body with surfaces for supporting an operator's feet and with projecting surfaces which are intended to be mounted on a horizontal surface; wherein the body incorporates a unit for processing and receiving/transmitting data to an electronic device, said unit being connected to said electronic device by means of a wired or wireless connection; the body is designed in the form of a hollow pipe, which is closed at both ends; the projecting surfaces, which are intended to be mounted on a horizontal surface, are designed in the form of rolling wheels which are rigidly fastened outside the body symmetrically in relation to the centre of the body, between the surfaces for supporting the operator's feet or in the centre of the body; wherein a cavity of the body additionally has mounted therein a sensor unit for detecting motion of the body, said sensor unit being functionally connected to the unit for processing and receiving/transmitting data to the electronic device; and the manipulator is designed so as to be capable of rolling and/or tilting relative to a horizontal axis.

B07B 4/02
The invention can be used in various branches of industry in which the processing of bulk materials, in particular grain, is required. A separator comprises an air blower; a separation chamber with two inlets and two outlets; a loading hopper; at least one discharge channel; a return air duct with a series of curved portions; and at least one residue collection chamber. The sequentially connected air blower, separation chamber and return air duct form a recirculation channel. The return air duct comprises at least one horizontally flared portion, to which one of the aforementioned residue collection chambers is connected via an opening in the lower wall of the air duct. The separator is designed such that air can be injected into the separation chamber via the discharge channels. The first horizontally flared portion in the direction of flow has a downwardly curved lower wall. An opening into a residue collection chamber is situated within the region of a smooth curve from the flared portion to the first portion having an upward curve. The opening into the residue collection chamber is the only opening in the return air duct which constantly connects the return air duct to the external environment. The technical result is improved purification of fractions and better operational and environmental characteristics.

3. WO/2016/190836 WIND-DRIVEN POWER PLANTWO01.12.2016
F03D 9/20
PCT/UA2016/000093LEVINA, Liudmyla MykolaivnaLEVINA, Liudmyla Mykolaivna
A wind-driven power plant contains at least one main high-voltage generator, which consists of a rotor in the form of two discs with permanent magnets secured equidistantly in a circle on the periphery thereof such as to alternate in an axial direction and to be positioned with opposite poles facing each other; and a disc stator with coreless armature coils, which is arranged with an air gap between the discs of the rotor. Furthermore, the power plant has at least one low-voltage generator, which is secured in series below the main high-voltage generator, wherein the stators thereof are secured on the same shaft; and two or more blades, which are secured by means of brackets to the rotor of the main high-voltage generator using spring-type flange mountings. In addition, the power plant is equipped with an electronic module for synchronising and mixing the voltages of the two above-mentioned types of generators, wherein the mass of one or more main high-voltage generators is greater than the mass of one or more additional synchronous low-voltage generators.

4. WO/2016/186601 "VUSABO" FOOD PASTEWO24.11.2016
A23L 27/10
PCT/UA2015/000116HASYMOV, Vusal Abilfat OhlyHASYMOV, Vusal Abilfat Ohly
Subject matter of the invention: "Vusabo" food paste. Field of the invention: the invention relates to the food industry, more particularly to technology for producing food products, and even more particularly to food pastes, and may be used for individual consumption or in public catering when producing garlic-based food pastes having a long shelf life for use in meat dishes and hot soups. The present food paste contains garlic and vegetable oil, wherein said ingredients are taken in the following ratio by mass percent: garlic: 59-63; vegetable oil: 38-41. The invention provides for the improved organoleptic characteristics of a paste, while decreasing the unpleasant notes of garlic and simultaneously providing an improved beneficial effect and an extended shelf life.

F24H 1/00
PCT/UA2015/000070STANCHEV, Vadym GrygorovychSTANCHEV, Vadym Grygorovych
A long-burning water-heating solid fuel boiler, containing a housing with a double wall for filling with water, and, positioned therein, a combustion chamber, two air conduits, one of which contains an air intake duct connected to an air feeding device installed with the ability to be raised and lowered for immersion in fuel, and the other air conduit being capable of feeding air under the fuel, wherein a portion of the air conduit for feeding air under the fuel is positioned outside of the boiler housing and is provided with a cooled-airflow feed regulator. The technical result consists in forming an airflow cooling zone.

E04F 21/16
PCT/UA2016/000016KAPATSII, AndriiKAPATSII, Andrii
Use: for applying construction markings to surfaces of various curvature in construction and mining. Essence: a laser level is equipped with a reservoir with a photosensitive substance capable of changing the color thereof under the influence of light radiation from the laser level; an atomizer for applying the photosensitive substance onto laser marking lines; and a pole/extender for bringing the atomizer closer to the laser marking lines. When applying the photosensitive substance from the atomizer onto the visible laser marking lines, the color of the photosensitive substance changes in those places where particles of the photosensitive substance are applied onto the laser lines. After the color of the photosensitive substance has changed, the laser level may be turned-off. The marking lines will remain colored and will be located in those places where the laser marking lines had previously been. The ability to apply the photosensitive substance from a distance obviates the need for working at height when applying construction markings. Technical advantages: increasing the convenience of marking operations using a laser level; decreasing the cost of marking ceilings and walls, and various curved surfaces.

C05F 3/00
PCT/UA2016/000074MINERALOV, Oleh IvanovychMINERALOV, Oleh Ivanovych
The invention relates to agriculture, more particularly to poultry farming, and even more particularly to producing an organic fertilizer from poultry manure or pig farming waste, and can be used as fertilizer for crops. According to the present method, first of all, chicken manure or pig farming waste is mixed with alkali metal hydroxides of the general formula MeOH, where Me = K, Na, in an amount of up to 1-6% of the mass of the manure, until a pH of 8.0-11.0 is reached. Next, the resultant mixture is mixed with special-purpose additives in the form of a mixture of the tribasic acids citric acid and boric acid, and dried at a temperature of 60-65°С under stirring, with water being removed until the water content of the fertilizer is from 20 to 25%. The quality of the organic fertilizer is improved as a result of an increase in the amount of potassium in the organic fertilizer composition, and an increase in the water solubility of the nutrients in the manure, thus increasing the speed with which they are absorbed by plants.

G06Q 30/02
Techniques, systems, methods and devices, such as television receivers, are described that are useful for displaying contextual and/or personalized video advertisements to viewers that take into consideration the viewers' personal attributes, such as biological characteristics or mental characteristics, including stress levels. Optionally, this is achieved by use of one or more sensors, including thermal sensors, electrical sensors, optical sensors, acoustic sensors, biosensors, etc., to determine a stress level of the viewer and then matching the viewer's stress level to an appropriately tagged advertisement.

9. WO/2016/175732 GARMENT EDGING METHODWO03.11.2016
D04B 1/22
PCT/UA2016/000048IEGOROVA, TetianaIEGOROVA, Tetiana
A garment edging method for use in hand knitting with needles, in which the stitches of the last row are bound off from left to right. Technical result: improved quality, appearance and robustness of a hand-knitted article.

A61K 36/899
PCT/UA2015/000101ATAMANIUK, VictorATAMANIUK, Victor
The invention relates to pharmacology and may be used for producing medicinal agents for treating and preventing viral diseases caused by the herpes, influenza and hepatitis B and C viruses, and also virus-induced immunodeficiencies. A biologically active substance having a polypharmacological effect is made from the green portions and spikelets of cereal plants of the family Gramineae, genus Calamagrostis Adans and/or genus Deschampsia Beauv, and contains flavonoids, specifically aglycones of the flavonoids tricin, apigenin, luteolin, quercetin and rhamnazin, and/or flavonoid glycosides of tricin, apigenin, luteolin, quercetin, and rhamnazin, and excipients, and has the following composition by mass percent: tricin flavonoid aglycone and/or tricin flavonoid glycosides: 0.016-2.062%; apigenin flavonoid aglycone and/or apigenin flavonoid glycosides: 0.010-1.393%; luteolin flavonoid aglycone and/or luteolin flavonoid glycosides: 0.01-4.979%; quercetin flavonoid aglycone and/or quercetin flavonoid glycosides: 0.001-0.771%; rhamnazin flavonoid aglycone and/or rhamnazin flavonoid glycosides: 0.104-0.203%; excipients: 99.867-90.592%. In this way, the biologically active substance is perfected by determining the specific compositions of the active ingredients thereof, and the physical, chemical and biological characteristics thereof, resulting in the invention of an optimal composition (Fig. 1) for achieving an anti-viral effect with regard to specific viruses, and dosages when creating medicinal forms. In addition, it has been determined that the biologically active substance is an inducer of a type-y endogenous interferon, displays an apoptosis-modulating effect, has antioxidant properties and enhances cell resistance to free radical stress. The anti-viral effect with regard to specific viruses has been established to be an anti-viral effect with regard to the type 2 herpes simplex virus, the influenza virus, and the bovine viral diarrhea virus (hepatitis C virus).

Results 1-10 of 1,444 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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