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F01B 27/04
PCT/UA2013/000139SIDORENKO, Yuri GrygorovychSIDORENKO, Yuri Grygorovych
The invention relates to vehicle design elements, and specifically to a device for producing a draft of exhaust gases in the exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle. The device, according to the invention, is carried out in the form of a jet ejector which includes an air turbine having an electric drive, the inlet of which turbine being intended for connecting to the surrounding atmosphere, and a nozzle being installed at the outlet of the air turbine, said nozzle being positioned in the cavity of the exhaust pipe with the ability to mix streams of exhaust gas with air from the air turbine. The proposed device is also characterized in that it is supplemented by a system for activating/deactivating the air turbine electric drive. At the foundation of the present invention is the goal of developing a device which has increased efficiency by means of creating conditions for forcedly diluting exhaust gas in an exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle, and which would not be dependent on the speed of oncoming air flowing over the vehicle, thus allowing for increasing the draft of exhaust gases in the exhaust pipe and for improving the ventilation of engine cylinders in various operating modes.

E21B 43/24
PCT/UA2014/000036TROTSENKO, Eduard AnatolievichTROTSENKO, Eduard Anatolievich
The invention relates to methods for gasifying hydrocarbons. The present method involves drilling at least two production wells, having vertical-horizontal bores which pass through an underground formation, and at least one gas extraction well, positioning electrodes in the vertical-horizontal wellbores, heating the formation, producing a vapor/gas mixture and extracting same via the gas extraction well. The present invention is novel in that the formation is heated in consecutive thermo-zoned areas; the first area is heated by applying voltage to two electrodes which are positioned in horizontal wellbores; the formation of an electric arc is initiated between said electrodes and is maintained until a thermal breakdown in the inter-electrode zone of the well surface layer is produced and a resistance heating channel is formed between the electrodes in said layer. Subsequent areas of the formation are heated by adjusting the strength of the current fed to the electrodes while simultaneously oppositely displacing the electrodes within the horizontal wellbores at a rate of 1.0-2.5 meters per day. The technical result consists in increasing the specific yield of the produced vapor/gas mixture.

F24H 1/00
PCT/UA2014/000048TYMOSCHUK, Valeriy VladimirovichTYMOSCHUK, Valeriy Vladimirovich
The device relates to power engineering and can be used in heating boilers for providing heat to public utility and industrial installations. The essence of the invention consists in that a rear wall of the convection portion of a boiler is inclined, and fluid channels are inclined, the fluid channels being made to be different lengths, said lengths increasing with proximity to the rear wall, and the upper and lower edges of the channels being positioned in a step-like formation, with the width of the gas channels decreasing with proximity to the rear wall. Such an arrangement allows for turbulent motion of combustion gases along the gas channels at a significant angle of incidence. The invention allows for achieving a high level of efficiency.

4. WO/2015/053733 CASE FOR TRUNK OF VEHICLEWO16.04.2015
A45C 5/00
PCT/UA2014/000110POLIAKOV, Serhii EvhenovychPOLIAKOV, Serhii Evhenovych
The utility model relates to means for storing and transporting various objects, accessories, food, etc., and can be used for equipping vehicles. Proposed is a case for the trunk of a vehicle, said case containing a hollow housing having walls, a bottom, a hinged lid, means for affixing the lid on the housing, and at least one handle, which is connected to the front wall of the housing, wherein the housing and the lid are made of a polymeric material and are each cast in a single piece, the walls of the housing and/or the bottom and/or the lid are provided with at least one outer or inner reinforcing rib, and the means for affixing the lid on the housing consist of at least two latches, and wherein the outer dimensions of the case are smaller than the dimensions of the trunk of the vehicle.

5. WO/2015/053734 ENERGY DEVICEWO16.04.2015
F03B 7/00
PCT/UA2014/000111REMIZOV, Pavel PavlovichREMIZOV, Pavel Pavlovich
The invention relates to power engineering, more particularly to hydro and wind power engineering, and even more particularly to an energy device.

6. WO/2015/050523 MINERAL-WINNING SYSTEMWO09.04.2015
E21C 25/00
1. Technical field: mechanical engineering. 2. Direct application: in mining machinery for forming installation roadways during longwall preparation. 3. Essence of the utility model: the housing (7) of a winning machine displacement actuator is connected, along a conveyor, to a base (1) by means of at least one releasable mortise-type connection (9). 4. Technical result: simpler assembly and disassembly of an actuator for longitudinal displacement of a winning machine along a conveyor during servicing of the mineral-winning system.

7. WO/2015/050524 MECHANIZED SUPPORT SECTIONWO09.04.2015
E21D 23/08
1. Technical field: mechanical engineering. 2. Direct application: mechanizing roof support and control processes during the underground mining of mineral resources. 3. Essence of the proposed technical solution: additionally introducing a rocker arm (10) which is pivotally connected to a second end of a hydraulic jack (7) of a section displacement mechanism (8) and to a section base (2), with the ability to come into contact with the latter. 4. Technical result: eliminating the effect of the operation of a base (2) raising mechanism (5) on a rod of the hydraulic jack (7) of the section displacement mechanism (8), the rod of the hydraulic jack (7) remaining stationary relative to a cylinder as the base is raised and maintaining a full range of motion. Practical advantages: providing the increment of displacement of the section, which is claimed by the producer as a technical characteristic of said section, and, as a result, obviating the need for any extra displacements of a longwall system.

8. WO/2015/047206 COMPUTER KEYBOARDWO02.04.2015
G06F 3/02
PCT/UA2013/000118ANIKEENKO, OleksandrANIKEENKO, Oleksandr
The utility model relates to computer technology, and more particularly to devices for inputting information into computing machines, and can be used in professional and home personal computers for the rapid collection and transfer of information. Proposed is a computer keyboard consisting of a keypad which comprises multifunctional keys of an alphanumeric part and function keys, arranged in logical groups, a microcontroller and a cable for connecting to a system unit with an operating system, wherein the working surfaces of the multifunctional keys and of the function keys are marked with different colours, the working surfaces of the keys within each group are the same colour, and there are at least two groups of keys, the keyboard being designed so that the settings for the illumination of the working surface of the keys can be adjusted.

G09B 21/00
Upon a user first installing, first launching, or otherwise first using a software application, a visual test may be provided that determines a desirable font size (i.e., size of text) to use throughout some or all user interfaces of that application or applicable device for that user. Based on prompts to the user regarding readability of the sample text of different font sizes and the responses received from the user, the system for font size selection may then select a default font size specifically for that user. The user's computing device may be in communication with a remote device or other server that that stores the selected fonts in a corresponding user profile, and then applies a corresponding font size selection to other connected devices of the user depending of the type of device and other user selectable options.

10. WO/2015/047207 SHOT SHELL "LUMAN"WO02.04.2015
F42B 7/04
PCT/UA2014/000035LYTYNSKYI, lurii TimofeevichLYTYNSKYI, lurii Timofeevich
A shot shell contains a wad container (1) in the form of a cup (2), besides an upper part of a wad container's cup is cut into parts, and also a shock absorber (3) and an obturator (4). A shot charger is equipped with an additional container (5), made in a form of metal unopened hollow bottomless shell of an aerodynamic form with a central through axial hole in a spout.

Results 1-10 of 1,245 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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