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1. WO/2016/064306 PROTECTIVE PISTONWO28.04.2016
B60D 1/00
PCT/SA2015/000004ALFHIED, Abdulrahman الفهيد عبد الرحمنALFHIED, Abdulrahman الفهيد عبد الرحمن
The invention presents a number of features: protection against the theft of a vehicle when it is left running; protection against the vehicle overturning when ascending or descending slopes, by acting as an emergency brake; protection against tyre theft; protection against the detachment of the tyre due to the loosening of poorly fastened nuts; and easy removal of the tyre. The invention allows the nuts to be dispensed with.

2. WO/2016/043632 SAFETEX PLUS WIPES (4 IN 1)WO24.03.2016
A61K 8/37
PCT/SA2015/050002ARABI, Osama ARABI, Osama
Prepackaged wipes are becoming the standard of bathing patients, especially the bed ridden. The comprehensive skin care, especially in the ICU, deals with cleaning the skin, stopping infections and preventing skin lesions due to incontinence. For that, the wipes should include the following four elements: 2% Chlorhexidine, no-rinse surfactant, moisturizer and skin protectant (3% Dimethicone). All in a balance solution of PH = 5.5: (Safetex Plus - 4 in 1).

A43B 3/00
PCT/SA2015/000011AL NAWAB, Abdulkafi آل نواب، عبدالكافيAL NAWAB, Abdulkafi آل نواب، عبدالكافي
The invention relates to a product for pilgrims performing the rites of hajj and 'umrah, used to reduce the crushes resulting from pilgrims colliding because, for example, pilgrims places their shoes close to the gate from which they entered thinking that it will be easy to return to the same place once they have performed the rites of circumambulation (tawaf) and running (saʿīy). However, in reality, the pilgrims must walk against the flow, causing collisions and severe crushes, or he is forced to leave his shoes behind, which is a burden for cleaning staff, looks untidy, and is a nuisance for pilgrims.

4. WO/2015/187065 SMART PILLOWWO10.12.2015
PCT/SA2015/000001ALFURAIH, Adeeb Abdullah M. الفريح، أديب بن عبد الله بن محمدALFURAIH, Adeeb Abdullah M. الفريح، أديب بن عبد الله بن محمد
The smart pillow is a comfortable pillow equipped with a group of sensors and an electronic system. This pillow introduces a set of functions to the user by communicating with smart phone and to a group of home devices. One of the major functions of the pillow is to awaken the user through a set of actions at a predetermined time or when the pillow smoke detector activates a fire alarm this will save the user life in case of fire while he is sleeping. According to the user settings the pillow can control (ON/OFF) at a predetermined time schedule a group of home devices like coffee machine, air conditioner, lighting sources, TV's...etc. This smart pillow contains WIFI module built in it so that smart phones can control different pillow functions remotely. The pillow has micro SD card (with a group of sound files stored on it), vibrators, light source and small water tank. Playing sound files, activating vibrators, turning ON the room light, turning OFF the air conditioner and spraying water over the user's face are the pillow actions used in order to waking up the user. The pillow has also a sound recording system to enable the user to record his favorite sound files. It has also a side zipper pod to save personal belongings such as wallets, keys...etc. It has also a napkin packet holder.

B60B 19/00
PCT/SA2015/000010MADKHALI, Rostom مدخلي, رستمMADKHALI, Rostom مدخلي, رستم
The present invention relates to easily installable and removable metal wheels comprising a toothed wheel and a lock at the centre thereof. The wheel can be made of any metal and can generally take the form of any current car wheel. The invention consists of a wheel comprising two parts (a mounting base and a central lock), which are secured to the wheel hub and fit securely in the hollow at the centre of the wheel. The central hollow in the wheel comprises a sliding toothed wheel comprising lateral slots for the lock teeth, and to which corresponds reciprocally a sliding toothed wheel with lateral slots for the teeth of the lock which is secured within the mounting base, such that the mounting lock can be unlocked with a special key and the security teeth of the lock come out of opposing slots in the mounting base and the hollow at the centre of the wheel. When the security teeth enter the slots, the wheel can be removed only after it has been unlocked and the security teeth retracted from the opposing lateral slots. The special key can be the ignition key (switch) itself or a similar key. Therefore, the user can easily remove and install the wheel without using a traditional wheel brace, thereby greatly reducing the time and effort involved in replacing a punctured tyre (Figure 1).

F16H 61/26
PCT/SA2015/000007EL GHAMIDI, Salih الغامدي، صالحEL GHAMIDI, Salih الغامدي، صالح

7. WO/2015/171022 PORTABLE INCENSE BURNERWO12.11.2015
A61L 9/02
PCT/SA2015/000009AL SAUD, Aljoharah آل سعود، الجوهرةAL SAUD, Aljoharah آل سعود، الجوهرة
The present invention relates to a modern version of the incense burners used for diffusing incense in customs and traditions in most societies, particularly in the Gulf states and the majority of Arab states. Said burners use solid incense, such as raw "oud" (which is used by men) and processed "ma'moul" (which is used by women), or perfumed liquids, which require a degree of heat to burn and diffuse their scent. The incense burner of the present invention is characterised in that it can be in a variety of sizes, including a small pen-sized version for personal use and a large version for use at celebrations, and in that it is easy to use and does not require charcoal to be burnt or electricity. The burner is also autonomous and can be used in any location. It saves on the amount of perfumed substances used and greatly increases the benefit of this social custom, keeping homes and public spaces free from the pollution produced by burning charcoal.

G01N 3/00
PCT/SA2015/000006ALSOBHI, Soud صبحي سعودALSOBHI, Soud صبحي سعود
The invention relates to a method allowing a user to determine the degree of fastness of colours in textiles and sheets displayed for sale, owing to the fact that some textiles bleed as a result of rubbing or perspiration. The device according to the invention is easy to use and compact and can be slipped into the pocket. It consists of a rectangular case (17), having a water container (3) in the lower part thereof, and a reel on which a fabric tape (5) is wound. The fabric tape is unwound over a cylindrical pulley (2) and is wound up again on the reel after use.

PCT/SA2015/000003ALTHUMAYRI, Bassam الثميري بسامALTHUMAYRI, Bassam الثميري بسام
The invention relates to a undergravel filter for an aquarium. The filter is disposed at the bottom of the aquarium and draws in all types of impurities, inter alia, before expelling them towards the external filter. The filter comprises: two funnels for each part of the filter such that they each form a container which directs all the matter which slips thereinto to the discharge aperture, at the base of each funnel (10). The discharge tube is triangular (11) and is located between the two funnels from which it draws in water and the impurities via the discharge aperture at the base of the funnels, on the wall of the tube. A further, wider, tube (23) draws in water and the impurities from the discharge tube and directs them towards the suction tube.

F03G 7/10
PCT/SA2015/000005ALMAMY, Hamad المامي، حمدALMAMY, Hamad المامي، حمد
The invention relates to a method of producing electrical energy which consists simply in allowing a mass to fall vertically from top to bottom on a surface connected to a sensor, under the effect of gravity, which draws the mass to the ground. The fall of the mass causes the rotation of the drive shaft, which is connected to the other end of the pulley cable, which unwinds in the opposite sense, the effect of which is to tension the spring secured to the pulley and activate the gearbox such that the motor speed is decoupled and energy is generated. When the mass rises again, the spring retains the excess latent energy. The signal received from the sensor enables at most 40 % of the energy generated by the main motor to be used to help the spring to release the latent energy and convert it into kinetic energy, thus enabling the mass to rise. The secondary motor, which is connected to the main motor, compensates the loss of energy used to raise the mass. Unlike the main motor, which generates energy and uses the amount thereof necessary to raise the mass, the secondary motor generates energy in both directions of movement of the mass owing to the fact that it rotates clockwise and anticlockwise. The motors used are connected in series to a device for storing the energy generated (battery).

Results 1-10 of 10 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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