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C12Q 1/68
PCT/NO2015/050218AQUA GEN AS SANTI, Nina
The present invention relates generally to single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) associated with increased resistance of a rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)to infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN). In particular, the present invention provides methods for predicting increased resistance of a rainbow trout to infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN)and methods for selecting a rainbow trout having increased resistant to infectious pancreatic necrosis. The present invention further provides rainbow trout, rainbow trout cells and populations thereof carrying at least one allele conferring IPN resistance ("IPN resistance allele") in their genome as well as nucleic acid molecules comprising nucleotide sequences associated with the SNPs of the present invention.

2. WO/2016/080842 HULL FOR A VESSELWO26.05.2016
B62D 57/036
PCT/NO2015/050216NILSEN, Ivan NILSEN, Ivan
A hull (1) for a vessel (10) is described, the hull including an elongated body (3) rotatably connected to the vessel (10) and including a first end portion (31) and a second end portion (33), the longitudinal axis (Al) of the elongated body (3) substantially coinciding with the longitudinal axis of the vessel (10) and the elongated body (3) being formed with a helical shape at least in a portion, characterized by the helical portion of the elongated body (3) being provided with a star-shaped cross section.

3. WO/2016/080840 CABLE AND RELATED METHODSWO26.05.2016
H01B 7/04
There is described a cable (10) for use in a wellbore, and related methods. In certain embodiments, the cable (10) comprises armour (80), a conductive core (20) for conducting electrical energy along the cable (10), and a plurality of elongate synthetics fibres (40, 50) arranged along the cable (10) in a layer between the conductive core (20) and the armour (80).

H01F 38/14
PCT/NO2015/050215GYLAND, Geir Olav GYLAND, Geir Olav
The invention relates to a device for wireless transmission of power and communication. The device comprises: i) a ferrite-comprising substrate (12) having a first side (12s1) and a second side (12s2) opposite to the first side; ii) a first coil (14) for wireless power transmission, wherein the first coil (14) is provided at the first side (12s1) of the ferrite-comprising substrate (12), wherein the first coil (14) encloses a centre region (14c), and iii) a first communication channel (15, 15-1) for wireless communication, wherein the first communication channel (15, 15-1) is provided in the centre region (14c) within the first coil (14). The first coil (14) and the communication channel (15, 15-1) have been fixed to the first side ( 12s1) of the substrate (12) using a moulding process.

A63H 23/04
The present invention concerns a longitudinal underwater toy with a density close to or somewhat lower than the density of water. The underwater toy includes a longitudinal body (1) with a nose portion, an aft portion and an elastic element (5). A longitudinal tail (2) with a first end is inserted into a substantially cylindrical portion of the longitudinal body (1). A second end of the longitudinal tail has an ejection opening (9) for water. The first end includes a portion for sealing between the substantially cylindrical portion of the body (1) and the first end of the longitudinal tail. The tail (2) is thereby provided in the body (1) and is movable in a longitudinal direction inside the body. A cavity is defined by the substantially cylindrical portion of the body (1) and the longitudinal tail. The ejection opening (9) for water is in fluid communication with the cavity. An elastic element (5) is attached in the body (1) and in the tail (2). The underwater toy may adopt a short configuration where the tail (2) is completely inserted in the body and an extended configuration with tail pulled out from the body and where the elastic element is tensioned with a force between the body (1) and the tail (2). The invention also includes a method for charging a longitudinal underwater toy including submerging the underwater toy and pulling the longitudinal tail (2) in a direction away from the body.

6. WO/2016/080845 TRAINING BALL WITH LINEWO26.05.2016
A63B 43/00
PCT/NO2015/050219KROKEN, Geir KROKEN, Geir
Ball with line (20) for training purposes where the line (20) is rotatably attached to the ball in a special suspension, the suspension of the line being arranged in a particular cavity (14) arranged in a confined space between the ball's airtight bladder (13) and its outer layer (12). The cavity (14) typically has circular cross section and may include a centre member (21) to which the line is attached and an annular element (24) surrounding this, optionally comprising a battery for providing power to a sensor and optionally to a communication device.

7. WO/2016/076731 BRIDLE BLOCK FOR A DEFLECTORWO19.05.2016
B63B 21/66
A bridle block (17) for a deflector (1), the bridle block (17) including a stem (7) and a rocker arm (18) pivotably attached to each other on a pivot axis (19), the stem (7) having an attachment (20) for a towline (31) from a vessel (3), a forward portion (22) of the rocker arm (18) having an attachment (23) for fore bridle lines (15) of the deflector (1), and an aft portion (24) of the rocker arm (18) having an attachment (25) for aft bridle lines (16) of the deflector (1), and the bridle block (17) including a hydraulic cylinder (30) provided with at least one valve (35, 36), and the hydraulic cylinder (30) being attached to the stem (7) and the rocker arm (18) to hold the stem (7) and the rocker arm (18) in a chosen relative position, wherein the at least one valve (35, 36) is operated directly or indirectly by an electric control signal from a control unit (99), and the at least one valve (35, 36) takes an open position when a control signal is missing, so that there is an open fluid connection between the piston side (38) of a piston (37) and a reservoir (51) for hydraulic oil (58) or an open fluid connection between the piston-rod side (39) of the piston (37) and the reservoir (51). A method of using the bridle block (17) to passively guide a deflector (1) into a known angle of attack relative to water when the deflector (1) is being towed through the water is described as well.

8. WO/2016/076728 BOLT WITH LOCKED NUTWO19.05.2016
F16B 35/00
PCT/NO2015/050203VIK, Oddmund VIK, Oddmund
The invention relates to a fastening assembly (1) comprising a bolt (10) and a locking nut assembly (20), wherein the locking nut assembly (20) comprises a first nut (22) and a second nut (24). The bolt (10) comprises a first threaded section (12) having a first diameter (d12), wherein the bolt (10) further comprises a second threaded section (14) having a second diameter (d14), wherein the second diameter (d14) is smaller than the first diameter (d12), and in that the first nut (22) matches with the first threaded section (12) and the second nut (24) matches with the second threaded section (14). The invention further relates to the bolt and the locking nut assembly as such. The invention provides an improved locking effect of the nuts on the bolt, which is advantageous in strongly vibrating parts.

9. WO/2016/076730 A DEVICE FOR WELL INTERVENTIONWO19.05.2016
E21B 19/22
PCT/NO2015/050209DWELLOP AS NESSE, Kjetil
A device (3) for well intervention by means of a coiled tubing (40) and a wireline (41). The device comprises a cantilever (12) adapted to be arranged on a vessel (1) that is configured to be brought to a petroleum well (16) at sea. The device further comprises a displacement arrangement (35), a first feeding device (38a) for feeding the coiled tubing (40) and a second feeding device (38b) for feeding the wireline (41). The first feeding device and the second feeding device are arranged in engagement with said displacement arrangement. The displacement arrangement is adapted to displace the first feeding device and the second feeding device horizontally in relation to the cantilever so that one of the first feeding device and the second feeding device is positioned at the petroleum well for enabling well intervention by the coiled tubing or the wireline.

B63H 19/06
PCT/NO2015/000028LAMBERG, Vemund LAMBERG, Vemund
There is disclosed a sail for producing propulsive power or lift in a fluid, where the sail comprises a first layer and a second layer where the first layer and the second layer are connected along at least one corresponding side, and the first layer and the second layer define a cross-sectional shape of the sail substantially perpendicular to a longitudinal direction of the sail. The shape of the first layer is adjustable and/or the shape of the second layer is adjustable such that the cross-sectional shape of the sail is adjustable. There is also disclosed a vessel or a sailboat comprising such a sail.

Results 1-10 of 9,656 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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