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1. WO/2016/013917 WATER FLOW DELIVERY SYSTEMWO28.01.2016
E03C 1/02
PCT/LY2015/000002HADIA, Ali AbdulahHADIA, Ali Abdulah
A system for supplying water to a user at a wash basin from a main water line, the system including a splitter having a main water intake, a high flow output port and a lower flow output port. The high flow port is coupled to a high flow water line and a high flow outlet while the low flow port is coupled to a low flow water line and a low flow water outlet. First and second electrically controlled valves control the flow of water out of the high flow and low flow ports, respectively. A control unit is coupled to the first and second valves. The control unit is further configured to close both valves and to switch which of the valves is open and which of the valves is closed so that only one valve is open at a time.

2. WO/2010/137929 SHIELD MEANS FOR WIND TURBINEWO02.12.2010
F03D 3/04
PCT/LY2009/000001DABBAB, Abuzed NagiDABBAB, Abuzed Nagi
The windshield means for a wind turbine with vertical axis (A) consists of a cylindrically shaped cover (e) with air inlet and air outlet. The cover (e) protects the back running blades from the wind. The cover (e) can rotate with respect to the rotor (e). A fin (g) fixed to the cover (e) orientates the cover (e) relatively to the wind. Several rotor-cover-assemblies can be mounted in a base frame (B, C) above each other.

Results 1-10 of 2 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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