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A61K 35/64
PCT/EG2013/000042IBRAHEM, Zeinb Mohammed MohammedIBRAHEM, Zeinb Mohammed Mohammed
The application discloses drugs to treat diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chest allergy, cancer of all types, myopia and other diseases. The drugs comprise a combination of green plants and herbs, amino acids derived from animal proteins and a mixture of honey, olive oil and green lemon. The method of preparation comprises three different groups of processes, namely the extracting amino acids from the serum of animals, the mixing bee honey with lemon juice and olive oil and the pressing and filtering of green plants and herbs. These three groups are finally added together to serve as a medicine.

A63B 69/00
PCT/EG2013/000038EWAIS, Samy Mohamed IbrahimEWAIS, Samy Mohamed Ibrahim
It's an invented sportive device for a portable beach volleyball court its metallic rods can be transferred into speed ball device which is used in any place containing sand. It consists of 3 metal bars with different diameters and they are fitted into each other which produces one bar its length is 120 cm when all bars and equipment are in the device bag which is used to fix the net post after it was filled with sand and the bag is used as a device holder after closing both of its ends by a nylon strips their length is 120 cm and width 5 cm the strips can be used as hand to hold the bag of the device after attach it to the ring bolt on the upper side of bar 3 and the other side of the strip is attached to the ring bolt on the lower side of bar 1 so it can be carried on shoulder or by hands or on back. And it's characterized by the following :- ( weight about 17 KG) - Helping the professional players to initiate the court on any place with sand to do their practice at any weather conditions because it's easy to install, uninstall.store and carry - Any amateur person can install it on (beach-desert-tourism-villages-private areas -tours...) - Easy to be manufactured and lower cost)

3. WO/2015/070886 HYDRAULIC MOTORWO21.05.2015
F03G 7/00
PCT/EG2014/000035SALEH, Walid Mohammed FarghaliSALEH, Walid Mohammed Farghali

4. WO/2015/070884 BI-TERNARY LOGICWO21.05.2015
G06F 7/49
PCT/EG2013/000039ABO WARDA, Magdi Al Saeed AhmedABO WARDA, Magdi Al Saeed Ahmed
Characters of (Brain - Processor) language are numbers. We were dealing with computer machine language composed of two characters (0 and 1) Now we could use a new machine language consists of three characters (00, 10 and 11) OR (00, 01 and 11) thus make the computer with (two processors). The first processor is to receive and analysis data. The second processor is to compare and decision-making. (AS HUMAN) (two lobes), as well as we were dealing with logic of reading from left to right now our logic will be from right to left. So we add a third case of assumption. Thumbs Uncertainty to thought or that the data is incomplete and the consequent possibility of computer in comparison and deduction (Thinking process). Well if we want to compare the new logic, Bi- Ternary Logic and Binary Logic there is a big difference in their potential for example, the 64 bits in Binary logic symbols a number consists of 20 digits either the Bi- Ternary logic 64 (Bi-TQUBIT) symbols a number consists of 31 digits. Usefulness of the logic of reading from right to left quite simply is entering the data in the logic of combining so we don't need to shift register to process data then to shift register the result, plus saving the time to do so and others. Possible implementation of all logic gates circuits, half, sub, full adders, transmission and storage data circuits. All results are correct and confirmed. Possible implementation a memory circuit if seven (Bi-TQUBIT) can possible transmits or store (4.782.969) address while the memory circuit of seven (bits) of binary logic can possible store (128) address only. This leads to high speed transmission and storage of data. As well as the logic of reading from right to left allows to divide the processor (works where needed) which will solve heating problem or the possibility to add the highest potential. We can manufacture a computer that can think, select the right data or combination of data and 3D.

F03G 6/00
PCT/EG2013/000035ABDO, Taher Mohamed FathyABDO, Taher Mohamed Fathy
The invented system T25J based on alternated motion that resulted from focusing the solar light thermal energy by parabolic mirrors on a two metal rods with two phases of heating /cooling process that will causing expansion /shrinkage energy. This alternated motion process that producing a mechanical energy that can be changed to others energy.

F03G 7/06
PCT/EG2013/000036ABDO, Taher Mohamed FathyABDO, Taher Mohamed Fathy
The invention based on the following: Expansion /shrinkage that causing big force resulted from two phases of thermal effects, *1st is expansion, resulting when inject any hot fluid (HTF heat transfer fluid) inside a metal pipe, to do expansion. *2nd shrinking, when it is cool by inject any cooled HTF. When applied this alternatively heat/cool thermal process for these metal rods pipes as described in shown mechanism in Fig 3 this will producing alternated two linear kinds of forces. Each of these metal rods pipes shown in mechanism fig. 3 have internal own expansion at heating ΔL.once we have n: numbers of rods then we got summation of lengths from (ΔL1 to ΔLn). The invention application as following: - Vertical metal expansion/shrinkage engine as fig. 2 - Horizontal metal expansion/shrinkage engine as fig. 3 -Engine Modules in fig. 2 shown many engine as a slides. Those can using when required certain more than one unit power. - Expansion/shrinkage engine cycle as fig.(31-C).

E21B 31/12
PCT/EG2014/000034HAMED, Arafat Mohamed Abdl Hamied HamedHAMED, Arafat Mohamed Abdl Hamied Hamed
The new design will allow in using conventional deployment methods in such operations,as using the advanced methods is extremely expensive with long time to deploy So it will help in saving cost and time. Also we can use conventional slick line units to convey the tool and perform the operations successfully and generating multiple time of normal rated pulling weight The tool is considered is non explosive, not hazard classification unlike equivalent ones. On the other hand the technology utilized is much cost and utilize another and different techniques to perform same operations with extra high cost, also my tool can perform multiple jobs with same just you need to change the conversion kit for another applications as it can used as setting tool and tubing punch as replacement for explosives and hazardous one, easy dress easy charge is very important parameter on my tool.

C07D 213/68
PCT/EG2013/000028FAWZY, Iten MamdouhFAWZY, Iten Mamdouh
Novel Curcumin analogs were designed, synthesized with 1, 5-diaryl-3-oxo-1,4-pentadienyl pharmacophore and evaluated for their antitumor activities in 5 different cell lines; [ovarian cancer (A2780), renal adenocarcinoma (ACHN), prostate cancer (PC-3), colorectal cancer (Hct-116) and a leukemic monocyte lymphoma (U937-GTB)]. Compounds VII and IV exhibited highly potent cytotoxic activity with IC50 values in 1-2.5 μΜ and 11.4-23.2 μM ranges respectively. Also in silico molecular docking study was carried out using Podophyllotoxin-tubulin complex as template to predict the binding affinity of the target compounds to the receptor. On the other hand, in vitro tubulin polymerization assay was performed to both analogs to test their effect on tubulin and results showed that both analogs IV and VII stabilize microtubules with 79.8 % and 60.6 % respectively causing cancer cell apoptosis with the same mechanism as Paclitaxel which it was compared to during the assay.

F03G 3/00
PCT/EG2013/000030ABDO, Taher Mohamed FathyABDO, Taher Mohamed Fathy
The invented system based on storage the energy in phase of potential energy, by using pressured air gas in large volume cylinder as shown in Fig (1) with raise-up very heavy wait to free piston, that can come down by gravity to affect continues fixed pressure air gas that can draw out continually as per power generation unit requirements.

C02F 1/04
PCT/EG2013/000031ABDO, Taher Mohamed FathyABDO, Taher Mohamed Fathy
The invented system is based on storing and recycling the used heat for a desalination plant in closed cycle. The invention aims at overcoming previous losses in the water desalination and relative high costs, heat losses, low efficiency, fuel and thus money losses and high project economic production costs. It comprises: • *Full system thermal insulation for reducing heat losses. • *Thermal exchange to recuperate the heat, which was used in water evaporation and boiling, air exhausting and draining high concentration salty water. • *Use of tide energy and water head to transfer the salty water from water without pumps. • *Condensation of the steam by means of a horizontal metal condenser duct run through inside passages of the cold raw water. • *Efficiency rising. The fuel saving accomplishes costs reduction. *the system is designed to work with any kind of energy as solar, petrol fuel or any heating source.

Results 1-10 of 431 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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