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PCT/AZ2013/000006KHALILOV, Elchin Nusrat oglyKHALILOV, Elchin Nusrat ogly
The present invention relates to the problem of quantum gravity, and more particularly to registering quantum gravitational radiation. The essence of the proposed invention is that a non-spherical proof mass is prepared from a non-magnetic dielectric material. Said proof mass is periodically weighed, under maximum possible isolation from the effect of the surrounding environment on the weighing results, at various angles of inclination to a horizontal plane. The weight of the proof mass is monitored at a maximum possible sampling rate over a period of time that provides a statistically valid result. The difference in the weight of the proof mass depending upon the angle of inclination thereof is measured, on the basis of which the energy and wavelength of the registered background quantum gravitational radiation is judged. Pulses of change in the weight of the proof mass at different angles of inclination are detected, on the basis of which the frequency characteristics of the registered quantum gravitational radiation in the pulses is judged. By weighing, under equal weighing conditions, proof masses of the same shape and dimensions, made from different materials, the effect of the properties of different materials on a change in quantum effects is judged. By successively adjusting the angle of inclination and the azimuth of the proof mass, pulses of quantum gravitational radiation with a maximum amplitude are registered, on the basis of which the radiation source direction is determined.

G01C 11/00
PCT/AZ2013/000004KHALILOV, Elchin Nusrat oglyKHALILOV, Elchin Nusrat ogly
The invention relates to the production of stereo space images of the Earth's surface, specifically to the problem of the remote sounding of the Earth (RSE). The essence of the proposed invention consists in that, in order to generate a stereo image of the Earth's surface a conventional photograph of the Earth's surface taken with the aid of a spacecraft (SC) is used. The elevation above sea level of each minimum point (pixel) of the relief of a digital image of the locality is measured. For this, a digital elevation model (DEM) is used, which can be generated using a radar image or an existing digital topographical map of the locality. On the basis of the photograph of the Earth's surface and the DEM, a three-dimensional digital model of the relief of the locality is produced. Then, with the aid of special programs (for example ERDAS 11.0), the flight of an aircraft over the three-dimensional model of the locality along a trajectory with set parameters (direction and flight altitude) is modelled on a computer. During the process of modelling the aircraft flight, photography of the locality at two set angles is modelled and, on the basis of the photographs taken, a stereogram is generated, from which a stereo image of the locality with set parameters is produced. The stereo image of the Earth's surface produced is as close as possible to the stereo image which was produced with real photography of the Earth's surface with the aid of a spacecraft moving along a set trajectory.

E04B 1/98
PCT/AZ2013/000003KHALILOV, Elchin Nusrat oglyKHALILOV, Elchin Nusrat ogly
The invention relates to the field of earthquake engineering and preparing building materials. The essence of the proposed invention consists in that, in order to improve the damping characteristics of parts of seismic blocks which are in contact and the securing of seismic blocks to one another, the body of a seismic block is in the form of a casing made of damping material and is filled with a solidifying filler. The surface of the projections and/or recesses of the casing is in the form of alternating convex damping elements and spaces between same. For securing the seismic blocks to one another, affixing units are provided on the surface of the damping elements of the projections, said affixing units being in the form of a flange and/or notch which mimic in form the coaxially positioned notch and/or flange of the affixing units on the surface of the damping elements of the recesses. In connecting two seismic blocks, pressure is applied to same along the direction of the axes of the projections and recesses, and, because of the elasticity of the damping elements, the flanges of the affixing units of the projections of the first seismic block and of the recesses of the second seismic block are resiliently pressed together and freely enter into, situated coaxially with same, the notches of the affixing units of the projections of the first seismic block and of the recesses of the second seismic block, after which the flanges return to their previous form, leading to the seismic blocks being secured to one another.

A23F 3/08
PCT/AZ2013/000002PASHAYEV, Arif MirjalalPASHAYEV, Arif Mirjalal
The invention relates to the food industry, to medicine and to agriculture, and specifically to a tea fermentation process for use in the processing of cultivated and wild plant raw material. The fermentation method includes subjecting the raw material to an ozone-air mixture, having an ozone concentration of 0.03-0.04 ppm (0.06-0.08 mg/m), at a relative humidity of 95-98% and a temperature of 22-24°С for a period of 40-50 minutes under conditions of operational control over the condition of the product. The device for implementing the fermentation method comprises coaxially arranged electrodes connected to a high voltage source and, between said electrodes, a dielectric barrier in the form of a tubular ozonizer, flexible tubing for inputting the ozone-air mixture, and a humidifying temperature controller which provides for the relative humidity and temperature in the fermentation chamber. Subjecting the raw material to the ozone-air mixture results in an increase in fermentation process output and in the qualitative indicators of the final product.

H02K 33/00
PCT/AZ2012/000005AHMADOV, Balashirin Agasan oglyAHMADOV, Balashirin Agasan ogly
The invention relates to electrical engineering and to linear electromagnetic drives. The technical result consists in improving the design, and increasing efficiency and reliability. The electromagnetic drive comprises two moveable electromagnets in the form of ring segments having identical dimensions and weight which are arranged in parallel in a semicircular housing. The electromagnets are arcuate and are kept in their initial state by elastic elements which are fixed in a central wall and a rear wall of the housing. Curvilinear ribs are attached to the extreme surfaces of the electromagnets. Shock absorbers are mounted on a front wall of the housing. Windings of the electromagnets are connected to a control system arranged in a partition between the front wall and the central wall of the housing. The winding of the upper electromagnet is connected directly to a relay mechanism, and that of the lower electromagnet is attached rigidly, from the centre, to a rod which is mounted on a controller fitted above a base.

G01V 7/06
PCT/AZ2011/000016KHALILOV, Elchin Nusrat oglyKHALILOV, Elchin Nusrat ogly
The invention relates to short-term earthquake prediction. The essence of the invention is that anomalous variations in the values of the gravitational constant prior to strong earthquakes are recorded in four directions at an angle of 45° to one another, as well as the force of gravity and the slope of the Earth's surface at a minimum of three recording sites. The recorded gravitational anomalies are equated to the propagation of tectonic waves beneath the recording sites and, on the basis of the parameters of the anomalies and the kinematics of the tectonic waves, the location of the epicentre is determined together with the magnitude, onset time and number of predicted earthquakes. The earthquake prediction device comprises a vacuum chamber with a pair of perpendicular rocker arms suspended on threads therein and having small weights at the ends, two large weights disposed between the rocker arms, a gravimeter, a system for recording the deviations of the rocker arms and the gravimeter, and a second pair of rocker arms suspended on threads and having small weights at the ends and two large weights disposed therebetween, wherein the system consisting of the second pair of rocker arms and large weights is offset at an angle of 45° to the first pair of rocker arms with large weights therebetween, and a tiltmeter is mounted on the base of the device.

B64F 5/00
Способ относится к области авиации, в частности, к структурированию MEL (Minimum Equipment List, перечень минимального оборудования) - документа, регламентирующего лётную эксплуатацию конкретного воздушного судна при наличии допустимых неисправностей. MEL имеет сквозную нумерацию страниц и включает в себя оглавление, перечень действующих страниц, листы регистрации изменений и соответствующие разделы с титульным листом, общим техническим описанием важнейших компонентов воздушного судна на белых листах. При этом с учетом хронологии определения статуса вылета на жёлтых листах представлен перечень условий вылета с ограничениями, а на дополнительно введённых листах зелёного и красного цвета - соответственно статуса разрешенного и запрещённого вылетов. Каждый раздел начинается с листа- закладки с указанием в центре листа наименования раздела («Фюзеляж»), номера страниц на последующих листах-закладках располагают ступенчато, по аналогии с телефонным справочником с алфавитной нумерацией. Цвета листов, содержащих наиболее важную информацию об условиях вылета и номера страниц на колонтитулах, позволяют пользователю оперативно найти нужный перечень, что повышает эффективность использования документа.

G06F 17/30
PCT/AZ2011/000015MAGERRAMOV, Tarlan Tofik oglyMAGERRAMOV, Tarlan Tofik ogly
The invention relates to methods for building a social network database, processing relevant data and subsequently displaying same on the pages of a website. In the proposed method, which involves a registered user accessing his/her personal page on a website, selecting or creating a section of the website database which corresponds to the theme of a recordable event and inputting information about said event into the section of the database according to the date or the date and time of occurrence of the event, and the subsequent display of this information on a page of the website, information about an event is input in digital form in the form of a rating of the event in question based on a scale given on the website, for example from +10 to -10, and the inputted information is displayed in graphic form, for example in a system of X and Y coordinates, where X is the date or the date and time of occurrence of the event, and Y is the value of the rating of the event, wherein the following are generated and displayed on the user’s personal page: a personal graph, and a collective graph pertaining to website users participating in the building of a database for the event in question via their personal pages of the website, said collective graph showing the average rating of the event.

9. WO/2013/029120 UNIVERSAL VESSELWO07.03.2013
B63B 25/02
PCT/AZ2011/000014RUSTAMOV, Zakir Ali Aga ogluRUSTAMOV, Zakir Ali Aga oglu
What is proposed is a vessel, comprising a hull and a tank (hold) which is mounted inside said hull and is provided with a hermetically insulating, flexible bulkhead fixed along the tank (hold) perimeter and surrounding a required portion of the tank (hold) volume so as to be capable of butting against one of the sides of said tank (hold), or taking up a required position in said tank (hold) depending on the filling (loading) direction and dividing the tank (hold) into insulated compartments for the free arrangement of different consignments. The universal vessel makes it possible to expand the range of transportable consignments, to shorten the time the vessel spends being loaded and unloaded, to reduce the metal content of the vessel, and to improve the technical and economic and the ecological characteristics of the vessel.

G01S 19/03
PCT/AZ2011/000011ABBASOV, Ali MagomedABBASOV, Ali Magomed
The invention relates to communication systems and can be used for transmitting information to emergency zones. The essence of the invention is that a receiving device obtains its coordinates from a satellite navigation system (for example, GPS) and uses the coordinate values (longitude and latitude) to generate its own personal activation code and format (information decoding algorithm) for receiving information on the relevant standard radio frequency. For the transmission of information to designated subscribers depending on their location, an emergency region and individual ares thereof to which information is to be transmitted are first chosen and demarcated, and then on the area of the chosen region a grid is generated, each cell of which has coordinates. After this, packets of information intended for the subscribers of the chosen area are generated. An information transmission activation code is attached to the start of the packet, said code being generated on the basis of the coordinates of each individual grid cell and being identical to the activation code of the receiving device of the subscriber. Thereafter, the packet of information is transmitted for all the grid cells from a ground station to one or more radio satellites, the operational range of which encompasses the territory of the emergency zone. The radio satellites transmit the packets of information on a standard radio frequency in a format based on the coordinate values of the receiving device. The receiving device is activated upon receipt of an activation code corresponding to the personal activation code generated thereby, and starts to receive and record information transmitted in the respective format. The data may be of any type, for example text, audio, video, or graphics, etc.

Results 1-10 of 71 for Criteria: Office(s):all Language:EN Stemming: true
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