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An introduction
What is PATENTSCOPE, what is included in its database and how to access it.
How to create a WIPO account and the benefits of such an account.
Results / Documents downloading
How to download individual documents and the result list.
Easy search
Search by keyword, number, inventor/company name...
Field combination
How to use and combine many predefined fields to build more complex queries.
Advanced search
How to use search fields, operators and criteria to build advanced queries from scratch.
Chemical information
How to search for chemical information.
Substructure search
How to use the chemical search feature to search for substructure information.
Lowering the language barrier in patent searches
How to use CLIR to add synonyms and their translations to your query in order to search in collections disclosed in a foreign language.
Supervised mode of CLIR
How to use the supervised mode of CLIR in order to find relevant results.
The search result list
How to read the results list returned by your query.
Documents: access & details
How to access the different types of documents such as the drawings, the bibliographic data, the correspondence, etc...
Analysis of the results
How to use the analytical feature of the results.
Patent Families
How to use the patent family information in PATENTSCOPE.
IPC Statistics
Discover IPC statistics related to published PCT applications.
Patenting activity overview
How to build a patenting activity using PATENTSCOPE.